Sep 26, 2019

Finding The Right Aesthetic For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning a wedding, like anything, a nice aesthetic should be one of the main considerations you consider. Of course, even if you show up to your wedding in normal, comfortable clothes, without a big ceremony, or without a huge amount of pomp and circumstance, you will find that none of this actually matters provided the connection between you, your partner and your family is loving and whole. This is the most important thing.

That being said, it’s not truthful to ignore that many wish to design their best wedding, to enjoy a wonderful ceremony and keep in touch of how everything will go. It’s one of the most unique days of your life, so curating it a little can be a worthwhile and loving eventuality. But how do you find that right aesthetic for your wedding day? How on earth do you even begin to take inspiration for that? Is there a common theme, or a couple of simple tricks you can follow?

How might you progress from there?

With all this involved, you will likely find potential in the following:

Consider What You’d Like To Represent

What would you like to represent? Pure tradition? Fantastic. Would you like to perhaps wear a suit alongside your partner due to your same sex marriage? Also fantastic. Perhaps you’d like to go for a nautical theme because of coming from a long line of sailors, or maybe you and your partner are artists and wish to go for something just a little more bohemian than perhaps the couple next door might find appropriate.

It’s all up to you, but whatever you hope to go for, consider designing it ahead of time. Breaking convention without any good purpose can often just lead you into bad taste, and so while tradition is not always the default you may want to follow, it can serve as a nice baseline to help guide your unsure and disparate ideas right now. Remember, planning a wedding is a learning process. You needn’t have absolutely everything you know you would like achieved within the first week of planning. This is what this process is for, and why (hopefully) you have a good amount of time between accepting the engagement and actually standing in front of the person tasked with legitimizing your wedding.

Connecting To Your Roots

Perhaps you’d like to connect to your roots and give all of yourself through that process. To some, this can be an extremely freeing enterprise. If that sounds like you, it’s important to know what those roots might symbolize. Would you prefer to have a truly Jewish wedding adhering to all of the customs? How about a wedding ceremony from another culture, dressed in the attire that your ancestors once wore? Of course, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that you or your partner needs to share some connection to the culture you wish to represent when connecting to their roots.

While some feel cultural appropriation is a real issue and many others feel cultures complimenting and appreciating one another is a vital step towards world peace, going for a full Native American-themed wedding procession when no one in your entire wedding party and much less you share absolutely anything to do with this culture? It may not be illegal per se, but it can be in bad taste. That being said, paying respect to cultural roots can work well for some people, especially if they wish to acknowledge their family tree.

It’s More Than Just The Clothes

A wedding aesthetic isn’t just what you wear or how nicely you decorate the functional hall. It’s also in how you craft beautiful DIY wedding invites, or what language you use to invite someone to the wedding with. It’s in the music you select for your wedding entertainment, the seating plan you design for your wedding meal, or what you choose for your first song to dance to.

It’s also in what honeymoon you may wish to select, or what approach you wish to take to receiving wedding gifts in the first place from your attendees. All of this is much more than just the clothes. It’s how you craft the entire experience to your tastes and the tastes of your partner to help celebrate the coming together of two people. In that frame of mind, these efforts are truly beautiful and not a small amount of wholesome.

We hope that this advice can help you find the best result possible.

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