Oct 7, 2019

Foodie: McDonald's Ebi Burger with Twister Fries

McDonald's has a new meal on its menu which the "Flavors of Japan." I tried the Ebi Burger meal with Twister Fries. Honestly, I didn't really like that much. Maybe it's just new to me to eat a burger that has a patty that is made of seafood. I also didn't like the Fuji Apple McFreeze that much. It tastes similar to other brands and I was expecting something more. 

Anyways, I love the Twister Fries. As always, I enjoyed eating them. It's my favorite in McDonald's. I hope McDonald's won't get mad at me. It's just my honest opinion. 

I will still eat in McDonald's and maybe will try the other variant which is the Teriyaki Samurai Burger. 

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