Nov 24, 2019

Three Golden Rules For Finding Love Online

We are living in a fairly modern world, which means that there are a lot of practices that have drifted further from the traditional and have become tangled up in all things modern. One such practice that has dramatically changed has been dating. 

There was once a time that people would court; as in, they’d meet at a dance or a bar and they’d dance and sway before going for meals and eventually - if the person was right - getting married and having children. The world has changed a little since then. People have a lot less time to go out dancing and meeting each other in bars these days, which means that we must get with the times and go online. 

Online dating, to some, is a four letter word and shouldn't be allowed. They think it’s a sad idea, with anyone needing to go to the internet to get a date is lacking somewhere. Here’s the thing about that: they’re wrong. Online dating is modern, it’s on trend, it’s safe (if you do it right!) and it’s a great way to expand your horizons beyond the local bar. That doesn't mean that there aren't rules that must be followed, though. Dating in general can be hazardous (hello, Ted Bundy.) and you have to ensure that you are looking for love in the right places. Whether you are interested in Muslim dating online or you want to give online chat rooms a go, you have to follow the golden rules. Safety is key, and you want it to be the best possible experience that you can have. Without further ado, let’s talk through the golden rules for finding love online.

Man and Woman Having a Tea Conversation

  • Rule 1: Don’t Meet Privately
Remember we talked about safely? Well, when you are meeting someone online, you are meeting a computer screen with a personality. The TV show Catfish is one of the best ways to see how people aren’t themselves online. That’s not to put you off, it just means that if you hit it off with someone online, you need to meet in a public and open place - don’t go to a stranger’s house! You don't know them properly, so you need to ensure that you are meeting you are as safe as possible.

  • Rule 2: Don’t Drink
You need your wits about you for a date, and you’re not really you if you are under the influence of a drink. Not only that, but your decision making skills are pretty rubbish when you have a wine or two in your system. Stick to sparkling drinks to match your sparkling personality.

  • Rule 3: Don’t Get Physical (Physical)
It’s not about slut shaming or talking about when to have sex, it’s about sexual safety! You could meet someone and sleep with them on the first date should you wish, but do you really want to do that? It’s not all that fun to grab and go, and possibly have no clue what’s next for your future together. Slow it down and get to know them first; it’s far more fun!

Take heed, internet peeps; the online world is a big and scary place sometimes and the search for love isn’t all that easy!

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