Nov 20, 2019

Your Soulmate Won't Appear By Magic

The idea that a person is waiting for you to meet and love them is inaccurate. Love is a long and complicated journey, at the end of which you know that you’ve found your one. As such, finding your soulmate goes nothing like in your favourite fairy tales! Indeed, the truth is that you’re unlikely to stumble upon a sleeping princess in an empty castle… similarly, for women, chances that you’re going to be woken up by the kiss of your future darling are low. As such, you need to forget about the fairy tales world and consider the most realistic ways of meeting your sweetheart. 

You need to look for them where you feel comfortable

Love has no shape, colour, or language. However, you might find it more convenient to meet people who understand your cultural values and aspirations. That’s precisely why dedicated Arab dating or Asian meetup sites, for instance, are a popular place to get to know new people. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable to build a relationship with someone. If comfort for you is all about your community, you could find specialist dating sites a helpful platform. Admittedly, meeting online is not a guarantee of falling in love, but it’s a good as any place to start. 
You need to make a friend first
Whether you meet your meaningful other online or offline makes to difference. In the long term, you need to build a trustworthy bond. To fall into clich├ęs, you need to become friends before you can be lovers. Friendship is an essential part of your relationship. Whether you choose to write to each other before meeting in real life or to spend a lot of time talking and enjoying each other's company, it’s up to you. Your friendship is a sign of mutual trust and respect, which anchor your bond. The more you get to know each other, perhaps the more likely the relationship will evolve into something more intimate. But at the start of every meaningful love story, there are two friends. 
You need to have shared values 
There’s a big difference between common values and common interests. Most people tend to get confused between the two. You don’t need to enjoy the same hobbies and passions with your soulmate. However, your relationship should have a common ground such as your shared sense of humour and interest in each other. Aside from a cultural background, this commonality plays at a deeper and more intimate level. It’s about how you treat each other and what you expect from the relationship. 

You’re equals in your relationship
Last but not least, a love story is an exchange between two people. If you want your couple to grow together, you need to establish from the beginning a fair and mutual bond. It would be foolish for one of the partners to think of themselves as being better than the other. You are on equal grounds. It’s the best position if you want to build a stable future together. 

Your soulmate isn’t going to suddenly land in your life without any warning. It takes time and effort to develop a relationship and discover that you’ve found your other half. 

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