Dec 26, 2019

Movie and Coffee Date with my Friend

In spite of my very hectic schedule, I always try to find time to meet my close friend either by spending time together in the house eating and drinking some beer or soju or going out to watch a movie and eat.

We decided to go to the mall to watch a movie. My friend invited me to watch "Unbreakable," starring Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban. We've heard that this is a good movie.

We're so thankful that we've watched the movie after a few weeks from its premiere because there were only a few people inside the cinema. I loved the ambiance because it was quiet.

After watching the movie, we've headed to "Dark" coffee shop. To my surprise, I got a coffee and cake treat.

 It's actually my first time to visit this coffee shop and I can say that I like it here. Hopefully I could visit this coffee shop again by next year. This is located in SM North in Onesimus. I don't know exactly as I rarely visit SM North.

My friend and I had really good time eating a slice of cake and drinking our coffee while catching up. By the way, it's here sister who made the treat. She works in this coffee shop and we were also waiting for her to finish work then we would go home together. I had the hot Vanilla Macchiato while my friend opted the cold one. 

I loved it so much! I am now a coffee love. I remember I used to hate it because I could palpitate with the caffein but I got immune to it when I started working in Saudi since most of my colleagues are drinking coffee. I even now love drinking black coffee and of course Turkish coffee.

We may not see each other frequently that's why we make the most out of it when we see each other. Friends for keeps indeed.

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