Feb 20, 2020

Coffee Blossoms

I think this is the first time that I saw coffee blossoms that's why I was so amazed at its beauty and its scent. I really loved the smell. The coffee blossoms smell like Rosal flower. They said that the flowers smell even better in the morning. I wish one of these days I could one morning in Cavite just to experience it.

The weather was really pleasant that day and we could see from the sky. It wind breeze was cool and the sky was so blue. It was really indeed a very relaxing day.

So I walked around the farm to see the coffee plants and took some instagramable pictures. I really enjoyed looking at the coffee blossoms.

Coffee blossoms everywhere. I really love nature and I really dream of owning a farm in the future so I can place various types of plants and trees. Nothing beats the plant produce that's from your own farm/garden.

I am looking forward on harvesting the coffee fruits in a few weeks/months or so.

And get to taste our own produce. I am sure it will really taste good 'coz it's organic.

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