Mar 2, 2020


'Alukon' or 'Hambaba-o' in Tagalog is a common Ilocano food. It is usually cooked as 'pinakbet' or mixed with other veggies like in 'dinengdeng' or in 'monggo.' It is my favorite food and it excites me everytime a relative brings a bag of 'alukon' for us. To my surprise, our uncle brought a lot of 'alukon' when he came to Manila. So we immediately cooked some of it the same day our uncle brought it. 

These are the flowers of the 'Alukon' tree. For some they don't look attractive but they are delicious and nutritious. I barely see 'alukon' here in Manila but in our province, they are everywhere. But they are hard to pick that sometimes the branches of the 'alukon' tree had to be cut down in order to pick its flowers. Because this tree is usually high.

I cooked 'buridibod' that night and we partnered it with lechon, which was a leftover that we kept in the freezer. It was so good that I ate a lot. Ilocanos love to eat veggies.

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