Mar 16, 2020

First and Last Boodlefight in Saudi Arabia

As far as I can remember, this was the very first party I have attended with workmates in Saudi Arabia. This was around January 2015. I was staying for about 6 months at that time. So I was that new there and I was starting to meet new people. That's why this was one of the most memorable events during my stay in the Kingdom. 

I was still slim at that time. Hahaha! Most of the Filipino gatherings here are about eating which I believe that's one of the reason why I gained a lot of weight after 4 years of working in KSA. We enjoy eating together with our close friends or co-workers.

Of course we love to take pictures. I have saved a lot of memorable pictures of the different places in Riyadh KSA, with workmates and of course with close friends. They are really priceless for me since they have been part of my life. 

By the way, during the boodlefight we ate grilled seafoods like squids, bangus and tilapia. We also had grilled eggplants. The food was really great with matching soy sauce dip and off course rice.

If you would notice, the quality of the pictures were kind of not so good since this was already 5 years ago.  

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