Mar 26, 2020

My Life as a Nurse Trainee

To be honest, I don't know what kind of title should  I write on this post. I just want to share some good old memories.

Those were the days when I enrolled in a tertiary hospital as a nurse trainee. I've learned a lot of things and of course, I've met a lot of different people. I can still remember how pressured I was during those days because my father just died. I pretended that I was okay but I wasn't. I just concealed my real feelings by smiling and laughing. Nobody knows that I was grieving.

I consider these days as "The Dark Period" of my life. It was those days that I could not focus no matter how I wanted to. We had quizzes, practical exams and case studies. Too bad I did really bad at that time. You know, those feelings that you wanted to stop doing something but you have to because you have no choice. If I did not continue with my training, then fee paid for it will also be forfeited which is kinda expensive. Besides, it's better to be busy to keep me preoccupied than staying at home. At least I met these wonderful friends who made my hard times a little bit easy.

I still managed to smile once in a while. It just sucks when I became alone like when I was in my bedroom. I couldn't hold my tears to fall on my pillow. 

One of my friends had celebrated her birthday. So we gave here a cake. These moments made me happy once in a while. 

One of the things that I will never forget while I was in this hospital was the place where we ate our lunch. We called it "construction." As you can see on the background, it's a 'carenderia' located in a construction site. The food there was affordable and delicious compared to eating in a fast-food.

The training took only 4 months but I felt like it was a very long time. Well, I met a lot of friends and I was able to spend some good times with like eating in a fast food restaurant and drinking beer with them. 

Actually, there was a lot of activities during my training days. We had the Nursing Week, Seminars, Case Studies, Exams, etc. Thank God, I was able to survive. Unfortunately, I did not pursue in applying to become a hired staff nurse or even enrol again to train as Hemodialysis Nurse. 

Sometimes the things that we want in life change. And honestly, I wasn't that okay since I just lost my father that time. But there is nothing I could do about it. I was grieving and really sad. But life must go on.

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