Apr 9, 2020

Disney on Ice

I know that this was a long time ago but this is my first time watching Disney on Ice. My family decided to watch it for our niece to have fun during the Christmas Season. Watching this gives a lot of entertainment for me because I love Disney and it was my childhood dream to become an ice skater. We used to go to Megamall to play ice skating when I was in grade school.

So this show brought back memories for me. I wish I learned more about ice skating. I was really entertained and amazed seeing the Disney characters as they showed different ice skates moves and tricks.

This is just some part of the show. 

I don't know if she already knows what she was watching but she's so adorable. She was really behaved while we were watching because she did not cry and made noise. I hope she had a good time eventhough she was just a baby at that time.

ca. 2012

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