Apr 27, 2020


Photo not mine.

First of all, I want to greet "Ramadan Kareem" to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. This is the holy month of fasting. I think this is a solemn month for them wherein I see them praying and reading the Quran. So we, non-muslims respect this month and we don't eat or drink in front of them during their fasting period. Sometimes I used to fast with my Muslim co-worker and eat with her when it's time to eat. 

This is also the month where me and my friends go out during our free time at night. We went out dining and eating. There was a lot of discount stuff during Ramadan like clothes, shoes, bags, appliances, gadgets, kitchenware, etc. So we visit different stores and malls. My friends and I are scouting for items on sale which we could put in our Balikbayan boxes to send to the Phillippines. 

That's how I was after shopping. My shopping was almost full of a lot of different things like my food stock and the things that I would put inside my Balikbayan box. It's what most of us OFWs do abroad. We do shopping to treat ourselves because we work most of the time and it's our way of enjoying our life away from family and home.

I don't have a sweet tooth but there were times that I bought a donut. I rarely buy a box of it. If so,  share it with my housemates. I bought something sweet after a very tiring shopping.

Somehow I miss Saudi, not just the Ramadan. Actually, there's a lot of things I miss. My workmates, friends, food, shopping, and travels. During Ramadan, our Doctors and workmates would bring us Kabsa at Iftar (break of fast). 

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