May 27, 2020

Villa Antonio de Dave Resort and Leisure Park

It was way back 2014 when we visited this resort. I guess there's already some changes now but I think this resort is worth visiting especially for families since there are a lot of other things they offer other than swimming.

They have a lot of swimming pools which is good during summer time because there are a lot of people during this season. If a resort has only one pool, it will be jam packed and it's not really a good idea to go swimming in it.

They also have some animals here. As far as I can remember, they also have wild boars. Just be careful with the monkey sitting on the tree. I had an unforgettable moment with that. Since I was small, I did not expect that the monkey could grab my hair. So I just passed by under the tree where he is sitting when suddenly the monkey pulled my hair. I really got scared that I yelled so loud. Good thing I was able to let go immediately. Out of panic, my slipper got broken. Hahaha!

I also saw some tents which I think are from the other guests. This is a fun activity especially for children.

Behind me is a fish pond. I'm not just sure if guests can do fishing here.

We checked this Ifugao house and took some selfies. 

For more inquiries, here's their Facebook page: Villa Antonio De Dave Resort and Leisure Farm

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