Jul 3, 2020

Good Old Times with Friends

One of the things I miss if there is no COVID-19 is hanging out with my friends. It's just so ironic because I was very busy doing a lot of important things when there was no pandemic and now that I have a lot of free times, I cannot meet my friends because it's not going to be that safe. I'm just so sad because of this kind of situation.

I always hang out with my friends when I didn't have work yet. We do food tripping and some drinking. But that stopped when I got busy doing my RTW business and until I went abroad. When I went back to the Philippines, I became busy with a lot of stuff  but somehow whenever I have free time I get to meet my close friend for some drinking, food tripping and of course telling stories about random stuff.

I just want to share these old photos during those times when I had a lot of time with friends. Here, we were just having drinks in our house. Our life was so simple then because we had no permanent jobs yet. We just had some drinks and listened to music.

We also played with our dog - Butchie. Sad to say, he's already in heaven. My friends like him so much because he knows some tricks and he's such a sweet doggie.

We also played with my makeups and pretended like we were models. Hahaha!

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