Jul 5, 2020

Taal Vista Hotel

Before I went abroad, I used to visit Tagaytay a little often and went to different places there. I remember the time when I when there and passed by Taal Vista Hotel. Well I didn't spend my night there but I just went there to visit the hotel because it's on of the oldest in Tagaytay. I just stayed there for a few hours to have some drink. I love the weather in Tagaytay specially during -ber months because it is cold and windy there. 

Of course, I took some photos with the hotel's background. I what I really enjoyed there was walking outside the hotel with the Mount Taal's view while having a drink.

And the at the evening, we try other restaurant just to check their food and still enjoy the weather. I forgot the name of the restaurant that I visited but we ordered Paella there. I loved their Paella and I can remember we almost finished it. 

We also ate balot there. There was this vendor who go around the restaurant to sell balot. I love to eat balot on a cold weather. 

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