Jul 30, 2020

When Can I Travel Again?

It’s just so sad that I will not be able to leave the country earlier as I expected to work abroad this year because of the worldwide pandemic called COVID-19. Our plan to travel to Palawan or Boracay before I leave the country has also been cancelled. It’s just so upsetting that I won’t be able to do that as planned. But on the on the other hand, I’m still blessed that I have the chance to go abroad even if COVID-19 is still present in my country since my documents were already processed before the lock down was declared on our country. So that means I must be prepared. I remember the time when I was just a first timer. I was cramming in buying things that I ended up buying things that I really didn’t need since I can buy those stuff when I get to my destination 

My thoughts were so disorganized that I forgot to buy luggage bag for myself so I had no choice but to borrow from my sister because I already had no budget to buy one. So this time, they are first on my list. I learned my lesson well and I should only buy things that I will really need. I am planning to buy samsonite luggage set which is my favorite brand.  I like samsonite bags because they are sturdy and reliable. In fact, my mom is also using that brand of luggage. 

Since it's hard to go the mall these days, I will just check Rakuten for different samsonite luggage designs and color. The best part in buying a luggage set is choosing the color. I don’t want to use the common color which is black because that’s what I always see in the airport. I want my luggage to stand out so that I can easily see them. I used to have purple and I’m thinking of buying pink, baby blue or yellow this time. What do you think guys? 


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