Apr 10, 2021

Thinking About Buying A Puppy? Read These Essential Considerations Before Making A Decision

Welcoming a puppy into your family home can be such an exciting experience, but if you've never previously owned a dog then there are many essential considerations that you must uncover and take on board before you make your decision. Dogs are a huge responsibility, and it can cost a hefty sum to keep your furry friend content and comfortable throughout their many years of life. Luckily, focusing your efforts into a few key areas will ensure that you can find out everything you need to know about puppy care, helping your new dog to settle in fast and begin to thrive in their forever home. So, if you would like to find out more, then simply read on. 

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Finding The Most Suitable Breed 

Finding the most suitable breed of dog is absolutely vital, especially for first-time dog owners with little experience in handling or training puppies. Though it's fair to say that every dog will have its own totally unique personality, there are specific breed traits that you can expect to find from certain types of dog, making them either less or more suitable for your home. For example, golden retrievers are said to be some of the softest, friendliest breeds around, making them a perfect match for a family home with children. On the other hand, a breed such as a lurcher needs considerable exercise and loves nothing more than running for hours on end - this is ideal for an owner that enjoys sports and the great outdoors, as they make for the perfect adventure buddy. You can train your dog to avoid performing certain behaviours such as excessive barking and dependence issues through repetition and rewards from a site like Pet-Ness, but breed-specific traits are often hard wired into their DNA making it difficult to get rid of them completely. 

Meeting Care Requirements 

If you have lots of current commitments like full time employment, outdoor hobbies and other out-of-house activities that will leave your dog alone for hours on end, you must think hard before deciding to invest in a puppy. Dogs have serious care requirements ranging from regular feeding to grooming, socialisation and veterinary care, so if you don't have the time to meet these needs then you should think twice before making such a choice. If you feel as though you have the means to provide a pup with a happy life, start off by seeking out the most suitable food. You can pick between dry kibble, canned wet food and even fridge fresh options made with quality ingredients, so trial a few of the best rated brands and see how your dog reacts to each one. Grooming should be your next priority, as your dog should be bathed around twice per month to cleanse their fur and skin. If your pup has long fur, you should aim to brush them frequently (around once per week should be suffice). Allow them to make friends with other fully vaccinated pups and adult dogs early on, as this will support healthy socialisation. 

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