Mar 2, 2023

How To Pack A Car Before A Road Trip

 Packing a car for a road trip isn't as simple as it might seem. After all, you’ve got to manage the weight, ensure there’s enough room for all your suitcases, and prepare the car for long distance travel. All in all, it’s a real headache when you’ve never done it before! But a road trip is supposed to be fun, and knowing you’ve packed well for it will help you to relax and enjoy yourself out on the road. So let’s go through a little checklist below that’ll help you to make the best of the space you’ve got. 

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Measure Your Car Properly

You’ve only got so much space to work with, and beyond that, you need to be road worthy. That means you can’t put too many heavy items in the back; it’ll cost you so much fuel you’ll barely get anywhere! So get your tape measure out and check the dimensions, and also read the owner’s manual. You’ll find plenty of information in there about the fuel economy of your vehicle as well as the total weight it can handle. 

Double Check Your Spare Tire and Repair Kit

If there’s a spare tire in the back of your car, make sure it’s sturdy and there are no holes. If there’s no tire in the back, check for a repair kit that’ll allow you to patch up a puncture if one occurs. If there’s nothing of the sort, buy one for the trip! 

Of course, any big repairs need doing long before you set off. Visiting a mechanic like Platinum Wheel Repairs at least a week before you leave will ensure your vehicle is in the best condition it can be for the distance you’re going. So see what rates you can get and book in! 

Make a Priority List

Now it’s time to get to the packing! You should separate anything you want to bring into two categories: priority and niceties. The priority column should be filled with things you absolutely need to come with you, such as any medication, your phone charger, as well as clothing and food and drink to keep your energy up. Then you should put things like fashion accessories, travel games and portable consoles, and anything else you can use to pass the time when stopped in the second column. 

Keep Your Must-Haves within Reach

Then you need to pack strategically. The things you need to have on hand at all times should be either in the front with you or just behind the opposite seat, to ensure you can reach it easily. Everything else can be packed in the back where you don’t need them, until you’re either stopped to camp or checked into a hotel. Never just chuck things in carelessly to fill spaces where you can. Take your time, and try not to rush the morning of. 

A road trip takes some serious planning. Pack the car right and it’ll be smooth cruising the way ahead. 

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