Apr 22, 2008

Shitty! I cannot Upload Pictures

My bluetooth device is broken...

So, no pictures for now on my Friendster, Myspace, Blog, etc...

Apr 1, 2008

Going Back to Isabela

I thought that I will never be able to come to Isabela again. But sadly and happily I'm gonna go back today but this time I'm with my brother. Thank God I'm not gonna travel alone again. Sadly, because it's regarding with my birth certificate. According to the civil registrar, I have to get my corrected birth certificate personally. Imagine, I have to travel for about 8 hours again just to get my documents fixed. But hopefully, it will be fine when we get there. Happily, because I'm gonna be able to visit the place where I was born again.

Oh boy, I don't have much sleep today. I had to work hard 'coz I'm gonna be out for about 2 to 3 days. My boyfriend wanted to come with us but his Grandma will come back from the States and they have to pick her up in the air port. Oh, he made 'tampo' on me but we had no choice. I think I'm gonna have a good sleep at home since I don't have much sleep today.


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