May 29, 2015

Classical Music

These past few months, I got burned up and and over fatigued with work because we are experiencing with staff shortage in the hospital. We had less sleep and less time for relaxation. So during my rest day, I get to pamper myself to get refreshed for my next duty. I get a good sleep, eat good meal and listen to nice music. In that case I listen to classical music so I can sleep soundly and peacefully. Once in a while, I listen to baroque musicians that I found on the internet and social media.  Music is a great way to relax, a lot of people use it to destress, share their feelings through others words and some even make their own music with the help of places like

And honestly, it's good! I feel relaxed and well rested even just for a few hours. I get to forget all the problems and sadness that I have recently. Well, if you have a taste in old music, you will appreciate it too.

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