Dec 5, 2016

My Beauty Haul Before Going Back to KSA

I got super busy during my vacation in the Philippines that even buying make-up made it very hard for me. Yes, I haven't had an ample 'ME' time just to stroll in the mall or even eat alone (I used to do that when I was in the Philippines. LOL) There's a part of me who wants to be alone once in a while. 

Anyways, I made a last minute shopping the night before my flight. I couldn't even go to the nearest mall because it was already late night that time. Around 8 p.m. So I just went to Zabarte Mall. It was really rush shopping since the mall would close in a few minutes. I arrive there at around 8:30 p.m. I wasn't able to buy the make-up brands that I was planning to buy. So I just bought what I can from SM Supermarket and Mercury Drug. So these are the stuff that I was able to buy: 

1. Chic Nail Polish(P35 each/ .70 USD) 2. San San Eyebrow Powder Duo (P150 / 3 USD) 3. Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara (P85 / 1.71 USD) 4. Careline Color Pencil (P55 / 1.10 USD) 5. Ever Bilena Lip & Cheeck Tint (P75 / 1.51 USD) 6. Ever Bilena Supreme Lipstick in Hot Pink Matte (P195 / 4 USD) 

I have yet to try them, so I'll try my best to make a review on some of the products I bought. I can't tell if I'm happy with the things I bought but at least I bought them because make-ups are very expensive in Saudi. I think they are a good brand in the Philippines so I guess I should not worry a lot. I'm so excited to use the San San Eyebrow Duo 'coz I've been wanting to own one for a long time.

All in all, I've spent only P665 or around 15 USD. Not bad if you're on a budget, right?

Nov 30, 2016

Chic & Cheap: Uber Cheap Bra from H & M

November was a blast! And there are many blessings to be thankful for. I just got back from my Philippine vacation a few weeks ago, I got transferred to another department at work and my brother's health is getting better. So just today, I went out with my friend to Sahara Mall, one of the nearest mall in our place to unwind and do some window shopping. It's what we usually do here to divert our attention from work once in a while. 

Guess what? I got SAR 5 (around $1.33) worth of bra from H & M which is really a good a price. So without thinking twice, I immediately paid them since its my size. I felt so lucky. Hihi,,

I think they are the last stock left. They come with extra 2 pairs of straps. 

I also bought a lip gloss for my daily use which costs only SAR 7 (around $1.86) 

For me, it's a good shade since I'm going to use it at work. The color is just right since I'm in a conservative country. ;) 

Anyways, we were not able to visit many stores since we lacked the time to do so and both of us have work tomorrow. Besides, there wasn't much sale today.

Nov 21, 2016

Amplifier for Electric Guitar

Lately, my brother is hooked with his old hobby which is playing the guitar. Well, he has now enough time to do so since he has been staying at home for almost 2 years now. Anyways, during my vacation in the Philippines I always hear him play his electric guitar. So I suggested him to buy a crown cdi1000 amplifier. In that way, he'll enjoy the sound better.

Buying a New Set of Guitar

I was the only one who was not able to learn how to play an instrument among the three of us (siblings). My brother and sister know how to play a guitar especially my brother who until now considers it as his favourite pastime. He even bought one when he was working abroad. And now, it seems like he wants another one ‘coz he keeps on looking on some guitar models online like in guitar center nashua hours. I hope he'll find the good one. Something that is unique and worth the money.

Nov 17, 2016

What Made me Decide To Work Abroad?

This is the question that I sometimes ask myself. Before I went abroad, I used to have a part time online job and had also put up a small business. So why did I opted to work abroad? Well, I have many reasons for that. One. Income is not stable. Two. I ain't getting any younger anymore. Three. I wanted to practice my profession since owning a business doesn't have an age limit unlike on pursuing my career. So I realized if I have the opportunity to work abroad, I would give it a try. "Nasa huli ang pagsisi" (Regrets are felt when it's just too late.) as they say. But I weighed everything before finalizing my decision you know, the pros and cons of everything.

For me, it's a once in lifetime experience to work abroad as a nurse. So while I'm still young, I want to take this opportunity and set aside my business for a while. Having a business doesn't have an age limit and I can start anytime I want as long as I have enough money for it unlike on being a nurse. If I get older, I might not be qualified to work abroad anymore. But it took me quite some time to decide.

Well, working abroad is not a bad idea for me as long as you love your work, everything's going to be okay. It's not easy but somehow I enjoyed it 'coz I learned and realized a lot of things in life. I grew up as a person and I become more motivated to do better.

So my advice for those who wanted to give it a try to wok abroad is that there's nothing wrong in trying as long as you are really 100% decided because there are also not so good things that you will encounter like homesickness, crab mentality (if you are working abroad, you know what I mean), dealing with different types of people, etc. In short, you have to be physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared. But salary wise, you'll be able to save (if you know how to budget your money) and help your family in the Philippines; you'll also be able to get to different places from the country where you're working and experience their culture.

So, good luck to your endeavors in life.

Jan 25, 2016

Rock On!

Are you familiar with the popular animated TV show of rock band? If so, I’m sure this would sound good to you. From animation to reality, now you can jam with your friends or band mate with dethklok thunderhorse electric guitar. For musicians, they can now play this electric guitar with their own hand. It looks great and sounds great too. This is a jack of all trades rock guitar that sports awesome looks to boot just like what we see from the animated phenomenon.

Exploring KSA - Part 2

This is the first time I get to see what's outside Riyadh. I mean this is still part of Riyadh but our place looks literally a city - no desert but mostly buildings and infrastructure. That's why while we were on the road I was amazed how wonderful this place is so I didn't stopped my camera from capturing some stuff, scenery or any random pictures along the way. 

Bus? Why a bus? Well in the main city, I didn't see any bus in there so this is the time I realized from this moment I saw one. Hahaha! 

Sunset. It's best to go out at early morning because when the sun is out, it's really hot and sometimes it hurts on the skin. 

Another thing I've noticed was there wasn't that much vehicles on the road. So the travel was really smooth and fast:

I never thought that Saudi is all desert and partly buildings or infrastructures but I was wrong there are some greenish part:

A bunch of dates trees:

Other wonderful pictures that I took:

It was winter that time so the weather is really perfect for traveling and that's why some of the pictures I took are foggy.

I was really in awe seeing these wonderful things in the Kingdom. Indeed, Saudi is beautiful in its own way. And I can't help but share many pictures with you guys.

Jan 21, 2016

Yahama Speakers

A professional studio monitor you need that would give you an accurate production for you mixes and would also help your mixing become easier. Yamaha hs50m reference monitor has not only got a good performance but also a good and attractive design. It is something that you can use at the comfort of your own home or bring anywhere you want because it’s easy to mount and set it up.

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