Oct 31, 2011

My Very First Kare Kare

This is my first time to cook Kare Kare. I got the recipe from the internet and I couldn't imagine how easy to cook it. It's a little bit messy but I'll do better the next time I cook this dish. This is one of my favorite Filipino dishes because it has lots of veggies in it and of course, bagoong (shrimp paste).

Oct 26, 2011

Goodbye Old Cellphone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since I already have 3 cellular phones and another one is about to arrive, I decided to give my old Nokia phone (I forgot the name of the unit) to my father. I'm going to miss this phone since it is very user friendly but I have to let it go to give way to my soon to be new Android phone. I'm thinking of getting a plan which is very affordable and would cut my present bill in half but it has everything that I need. What about subscribing to Straight Talk? They offer no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. I guess I would really save a lot and be able to spend them on Christmas in buying gifts and clothes. Straight Talk only uses trusted mobile phones like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung which is really what most people use nowadays.

With Straight Talk, you can find the apps and games you need. Offers great smart plan with no contract on smart phones. Also offers unlimited use at only $45/month on Android phones. I would really Feel Richer with Android because of it's great deal!

By the way Straight Talk also offers monthly plans like the "All You Need Plan" for heavy phone users; Unlimited Monthly service for $45; and Unlimited Calls, Text, Picture Messaging and Web for one whole year for $499. No extra charge when you call 411 and activation, reactivation, or termination are all free. There's also Straight Talk International Long Distance Service at low rates that's good for people who have families and friends abroad.

You can also find reconditioned phones at $10 that's perfect for people who are in a budget. The phones have camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth. There are also great smart phones like touch screen phones or app capable phone with voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging and bluetooth. I think my new Android phone have great features which I will really enjoy. That's The power of Android!

To know more about Straight Talk please check these videos:

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

The Straight Talk Image... by LittleBard95

Oh well, I will really miss my old Nokia phone but I have to let it go since I can't own a lot of mobile phones. At least I gave to my father and I think I gave it to the right person. =)
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Oct 24, 2011

GT: My Dream Kitchen

Eversince I learned how to cook, I started to enjoy it that sometimes I cook special foods even if there's no occasion at home. Sometimes, I post the picture of the foods that I cook here on my blog just to share it to my readers. Because of the internet, I was able to learn new recipes and sometimes I do experiment for me to discover what ingredients would fit to the dish. Cooking is really fun and it makes me enjoy it more especially when the people who taste my dish appreciate it. But sad to say, the place where I create all the magic is not something that represents my personality. Though I can't say that I don't like our kitchen. But if I have the chance to renovate it or if I would own a house, my kitchen would definitely be like that on the picture. I want a clean and well organized kitchen. Ayoko ng maraming abubot 'coz our present kitchen is like that and I find it very magulo! Pink is the color I want for my kitchen which is very girly and very ME. =)

I Just Joined BC Bloggers


Recently, I just joined BC Bloggers so I can meet new bloggers and know more about them by reading their blogs. What's good about it is that I'll be able to exchange links with other bloggers. This really gives me another reason to enjoy blogging more in spite of my busy schedule.

If you are interested too, you can join HERE.

Oct 19, 2011

Four (Re)Peat...

I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough... Oh well, sometimes life sucks! This will be my fourth take of IELTS because I wasn't I able to meet the required score from my past 3 exams. I so hate it because this is my first time to take an examination that took me a lot of attempts before I can meet the needed score. It's like I don't wanna take the exam anymore since I'm already sick and tired of it. I just wanna go to Canada. That's all! But I need to have a qualifying IELTS score and that's one of the most important requirement to enter that country. I want it so bad! That's why I'm very frustrated. I'm now scared to take another exam because I feel like I won't be able to make it again. But I won't give up! I guess God has good plans for me... maybe He's just giving me a test... to become stronger, wiser, and more patient so when I get there I would be able to face the different challenges that may come my way. I hope by next year, NURSE is still included on their eligible occupations.

For now, I have to inhale... exhale... take a deep breathe and focus. I know I'm gonna make it! Pero sana last take ko na to at ang mahal ng bayad sa exam. I hope this time God will let me get a higher score.

Oct 13, 2011

My Lappy is Back!

Last Friday night, around 8:00 pm, I was using my laptop with my work thought I usually use my desktop for working when I decided to watch TV for a while leaving my laptop open when I suddenly fell asleep and woke up at around 6 in the morning. I still used my laptop until 9:00 am to check for my email and other websites not realizing that it was already suffering from overheat. When I was done browsing, I turned it off.

After 2 hours, I turned my laptop on but to my surprise I didn't see anything on its screen. It wasn't loading or anything so I tried to remove the battery and put it back then turned it on several times. But to no avail, my laptop wasn't working. So I told Paul about this matter since he has more knowledge with this matter than I do. But he was also clueless about the cause so we ended up brainstorming about it. He brought it to the technician last Monday but they were not sure what should be fixed since they have to open it and it will be charged P1,500.

So just today, we decided to bring it to Gilmore for a second opinion. Luckily, the technician guy that we've approached was sure about the problem of my laptop and he even gave us some tips about its processor. According to him, I should've really avoided using it for long hours since the processor gets easily hot and it's not good for a laptop. He was able to fix my lappy but he told me that I should not overuse it or else it will be totally broken. I was really saddened about it so that means I cannot use it for working anymore to prevent it from overheating. The technician said that I can only use my laptop for about 3 hours to maintain it.

But somehow I was happy that my lappy was already fixed. I thinks that's the most practical thing to do. To have it repaired to Gilmore than having the chipset (I don't exactly know the name) replaced which costs more or less P8,000 because the technician gave us two options and I chose the cheaper one. I only spent P1,500 on it. I think it's better to buy a new laptop than spending P8,000 since my laptop is already more than 3 years old.

Afterwards, we headed to Timog to find a place to eat since it was already 1:00 pm. We were supposed to eat at Yellow Cab coz I've been craving for their pizza but while driving around the place, Paul saw Max's Restaurant so we just decided to eat there since I suddenly craved for their chicken.

While we were waiting for our order, we saw Lito Atienza with his son (I think) eating there, too.

Potato salad with beer on the side. Yes, we are drinking 1 bottle of beer in the afternoon. Hahaha!!!

Tofu with lechon...

Max's fried chicken. The main reason why we're here!

We were able to finish all of the food. I really felt good since I don't have to worry with my laptop anymore. Kaya ginanahan akong kumain. LOL

So here's my lappy. Jaraaannnn!!!
This is an old model of MSi laptop. But hey! It might not be the best lappy in the world but for me this has sentimental value because it was given to me by my sister just last year. I've been using it for a year now. Too bad, I overused it. From now on, I will really take care of it. I even bought a notebook cooler from CDR King, the one with the blue lights underneath it.

GT: Funny/Weird Food Name - Poqui Poqui

Picture from VisitPinas
In December 2008, we visited a friends ancestral house in Vigan, Ilocos Sur and that friends' relatives served us different Ilocano specialty dishes like Vigan longganisa, empanada, kilawing balat ng baka, etc. I can say that all of them are delicious. One of the dishes that caught my attention while we were eating breakfast was this sauteed grilled eggplant with onions, tomatoes and egg. The lady who served the dish told me. "Do you know the name of that dish?" I said, "I have no idea." Then she answered, "We call it Poqui Poqui." I really laughed about the name because I was little bit green-minded that time. But it was really delicious. I ate a lot of rice because of it since this dish is good pair with rice. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture of it that time. So I just Googled it so you can see what it looks like.

Oct 8, 2011

Old School: When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is one of my all time favorite singer because of her beautiful songs. I learned to appreciate country songs and I realized that this genre of music is very meaningful and emotional. I started listening to Alison Krauss' music when I was in grade school and until now, I still listen to her songs especially 'When You Say Nothing at All.' I wish I can buy alison krauss concert tickets so I can watch her sing live. Might as well want a luis miguel tickets. What about brian regan comedy tickets if you want to watch something funny? Sometimes it's good to watch concerts or comedy shows so we can relax and enjoy especially when we a stressful work.

Ticketamerica.com has tickets for Alison Krauss concert tickets and Luis Miguel seats as well as the comedian Brian Regan across the country.

Oct 6, 2011

He Loves to Sleep on my Bed

Our spoiled dog loves going on my bed especially when he's on the mood. Sometimes he would make punas his body on my bedsheet. He would take a nap there beside me for a few minutes then he would go down the bed. He's like a living stuffed toy for me. His body and fur is so soft especially if he just took a bath.

Oct 5, 2011

Nightlife at Manila Bay

Paul and I always go to Manila Bay near SM Mall of Asia to eat and drink some. We just choose a place among the small restaurants and voila! We just take a seat and enjoy the night there. Ngayon lang namain napag-tripan mag picture.

Before finding a place, we would take a short walk beside the seawall just enjoying the view and the people around. Sometimes we would just take a site on the seawall but I can't stare at the dark part of sea at night because aside from astrophobia, I'm also afraid of the dark (very very dark).

It's me posing in front of this seashell. Blue kung blue talaga! Hahaha!

We always go there everytime we feel so especially when it's ...ber months because it's cold and we can also drop by at the mall to check out if there's a sale.

Oct 4, 2011

Nail Art: Lady Bug

This is the second nail art that I've made. This is very simple and easy to do. I wish I could do more complicated nail art in the future but I don't have ample time to do so. Besides, plain nail polish is much easier to do. =)

Oct 3, 2011

A Day at Subic

Last May 22, Paul and I decided to go to Subic to unwind and relax. Well, 1 day is not enough, I really wanted to stay more and enjoy the cool breeze of the wind but we had to go back to Manila that same day.

I always enjoy the view in SCTEX:

I spotted this cute yellow VW Beetle. I really love this car.

During the sunset we saw people especially families who were spending their time on the beach walking, playing or simply dipping their feet in the sea. I don't know what street this was but this is the part of Subic where there are restaurants near the beach. Of course, we ate there but we ordered only one dish since we were still full because we ate a lot during lunch at Yellow Club but I wasn't able to take photos there because I was so hungry that time. LOL

We ordered Singaporean Street Noodle (not really sure if that's the exact name). By the way, I forgot the name of the restaurant.

It was cold that time that's why I really enjoyed a bottle of Coors light.

Before going home, I took a shot of the moon. I noticed that it was a bit big which I think not it's usual size.

We wished we could stay more there but we had to go back to Manila so after a few months, we came back there which I will blog in the future.

Oct 2, 2011

Old Skool: Flashdance What A Feeling by Irene Cara


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