Dec 31, 2007

happy new year

Let us celebrate the remaining hours of 2007 and tomorrow will be a brand new year. I wish you a prosperous and productive year.

unproductive again

It was my last day of work at Standby English last Friday. It was very sad but I had to make the right decision. I'm not saying that it wasn't a good decision to stay in that type of work but then I had a different profession that I have to pursue. I am not really a teacher; I am a nurse. I want to follow my dreams. I've worked hard for it for more than four years. Now, it's the right time to make my dreams come true.

I'm gonna miss all of my co-teachers and of course, my boss and the other Korean peeps in that company.

And now, I am unproductive again, I hope I could find a new job soon as a nurse. Oh, things would be a lot different now.

Just Having Fun with Blogging

I myself would definitely admit that I am now an addicted blogger. I just started from writing an online diary until I finally discovered that I can also earn through blogging. And this is what I am doing now with my blog. Thanks to smorty, I can now do what I love and at the same time earn from it.

A blog for money? Yeah... You heard it right. You can get paid for blogging. This is really great for those peeps who love to write about anything. This is also great for those who are not so fond of writing. All it needs is just a little time and effort. But if you want it to make it big, then you need to exert a little more.

Another thing is, you get to meet other people and make friends with them. blog advertising is good for anybody. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. And that's it you can start to earn from blogging after a couple of months.

Dec 27, 2007

farewell to fujiko

Well, Fujiko is our dog. And I feel sad about her death. She passed away yesterday. Yeah... It was Christmas day. It pained me to see her dying. I can see her suffering while she was dying. I hope she's alright now.

Dec 25, 2007

merry christmas everyone

Merry Christmas to all of you guys especially those who devote some of their time reading my blog. A bunch of thanks to all of you guys. Mwuah!!!

I Miss Blogging So Much...

I've been inactive for about nine days. I was so busy that I didn't have enough time to write for my blog. But hey! I'm back. I miss blogging so much that it was part of my everyday routine. I hope this will never happen again. Hehe

Dec 16, 2007


I'm kinda' tired today 'coz we went to Marilao, Bulacan to pray. My sister is a devotee of the Divine Mercy. She's leaving by Thursday. And I feel sad about it. Surely, I'm gonna miss my sister.

I prayed that she would be safe because she's going to Ivory Coast. It's in Africa so I'm not really sure about the place if she's safe or not. And also, if it's infested with viral diseases or plague.

I was really skeptic about it. But I hope I was wrong about these things.

Dec 15, 2007

Whatta Helmet!

My feet was aching because I had to find a helmet for our exchange gift.

My first stop was on Tandang Sora, my co-teacher said there was a store of helmets along the way going to Katipunan. So I decided to take a walk since I didn't have any idea where can I find the shop. Imagine, I was wearing pump shoes! And it was 2inches high. Oh my goodness! It was a very very long way and I couldn't find any shop for that helmet.

Finally! I was able to find one. But the bad thing was, the helmet costs around P900-P1000. Whatta helmet. The budget was only P200. I was very disappointed. So I asked the tricycle driver where can I find a cheap helmet. And you know what the tricycle driver told me? I can find the shop never Ever.

I went to Tandang Sora to find for that helmet. But there you go, I can just find it near our office which was along Ever Commonwealth. But I still had to walk along Commonwealth. Because it was about 2 kilometers away from Ever. I saw the first shop and I asked them if they have a helmet. Luckily, they have one. And it's very cheap. I only bought it for P180. I was able to save P20. hehe

But when I got to our office, my feet were aching. That's really the burden of being a petite.

my last party at SBE

Yeah... Sad to say but it's my last party at Standby English. I had so much fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm gonna miss the SBE peeps and of course my students. Even if some of them gave me a nose bleed, I will still miss them. They've become a part of my life.

Well, enough of the drama. We had so much fun in the party. We had spaghetti, tacos, gimbop (I hope the spelling is correct. It's a Korean food), fish, and of course, fruit salad. I wasn't able to help Teacher Ricky to prepare the fruit salad due to a circumstance. We had a videoke. I was shy to sing so I only sang one song. The song is 'Tell Me Where it Hurts' together with Teacher Jona.

The party ended at about 2 in the morning. I was kinda' sleepy already.

Dec 12, 2007

it's our 9th monthsary!!!

Just wanted to greet my Honey. It's our monthsary today. I'm glad we've gone this far. I wish it will last for a lifetime.

I love you Honey!!!

Dec 10, 2007


I almost lost my documents for my nurse license just a while ago. I was so thankful that Ate from Fruitas kept the brown envelope where I put all the documents including my two IDs; my school ID and driver's license. If Ate did not keep it, I would probably be insane right now. I even forgot to ask her name when I got the envelope. I really panicked and all that was in my mind was to find my brown envelope. Whew!!! I was really thankful to Ate...

Dec 9, 2007

just nothing

It's been quite a long time since I blogged. Well, my brain has been preoccupied with so many things. And aside from that, nothing so special with my life for the past 4 days.

Dec 6, 2007

it's Paris' baptismal

Paris was baptised last December 2. She's my Honey's niece and I am one of the Ninang.

Her name is paris... She's so cute... And chubby... Look at her cheeks... hehe

My Honey, Me, and His Kuya... Kuya Jack
We were taking pictures while we were waiting for the priest...

Picture picture!!! After the baptismal ceremony.

demo teaching

We had a demo teaching last night and it was my turn. I was always nervous whenever I perform or do something in front of many people. What made me more nervous was I didn't use the book that I was supposed to use for the demo. I heard good and bad comments. But I'm so glad I'm done.

Dec 2, 2007

We're Just Trippin'

Me and Honey went to the mall for shopping... ehem... window shopping. I saw this pair of shades in Bayo. And I liked it... Sayang... I don't have moolah that time. Look at the tag price... haha

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