Jan 28, 2015

Organize Your Kitchen

It sucks working around your kitchen when it's somewhat messy and disorderly. For me, it's painful in the eyes and it gives me a headache. So it's best when you have it organized. That's why I love putting cabinets on my kitchen where I should my utensils, pots, spices, stocks, etc. 

I found from www.ovisonline.com some great ideas on how to keep your kitchen clean and presentable. They've got a lot of designs for all your kitchen needs and this is really great for people who love to cook like me. I think I should start saving now so when I get back to the Philippines, I'll be able to build my dream kitchen.


The food that I missed eating a lot is 'pork' since it is not allowed in the Kingdom. I still have a year and half or more before I can taste this food. In the Philippines, I get to eat this anytime I want. LOL
Good thing I got to taste loads of pork while I was in the Philippines. I already anticipated it that I won't be eating this food for more than 2 years. Hahaha!


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