Jul 25, 2014

Electronics for Cars

There are people who love to decorate their cars especially those hobbyists. From the lights, bumpers, sounds, seats, etc., they would customize it according to their taste. Some are good at it and the output is great but some are not fortunate enough. There are now different electronics for cars that are out in the market. I think some of them are really useful for drivers like the GPS systems, radar detectors, sensors, etc. They're not just decoration but they also help the driver to make their driving much easier. For music lovers, they put stereos, subwoofers or amplifiers. Everything is possible nowadays. There are now many car accessories and electronics that are available in the market. It's up to the car owner on how to they make their car look beautiful and more functional.

I Miss Driving

The car that I was using was already sold and I'm missing it a lot. It's from her where I learned how to be confident in driving. She's also the car I've used when I have my business. It's from her where I learned to drive along NLEX, EDSA and other unfamiliar places. In short, we've been through a lot of things. I really miss driving. I enjoy driving while listening to music. I consider driving as my favorite hobby because I never got tired doing it. Well, I'll just buy a new one when I have the budget. If I have the car, I will really put electronics for cars like sounds, lights, etc. But I don't want to exaggerate everything. I just love listening to music while driving. It helps me enjoy my driving. LOL I hope in God's will, I'll be able to get one after a few years. Nothing's impossible.

This Is It!

It's now sinking in, that I'll be leaving the country in just two days. I can't explain what I'm feeling right now. I'm happy and sad, excited and anxious, curious and nervous. I don't know how exactly I feel but I trust everything to God. I know that He's got a better plan for me. I know everything will be alright. I'm really praying to Him to guide me in my new journey in life. I know He will always be here for me. Now I know how it feels when you're going abroad. There's a part of me who can't believe that it's happening but there's also a part of me who's happy because one of my dreams will be achieved.

Household Matters

So since I'm leaving soon, I've instructed everything to our helper on what she should do when I'm away especially on the household chores, laundry, changing of curtains, tablecloths,etc. I've instructed every details so she won't miss doing a thing. I'm very particular with our kitchen 'cause I want it to be clean all the time especially the dining table since there are times that unexpected guests would come. I want the table to presentable and clean especially its natural tablecloth. So for a natural burlap tablecloth, I've instructed her to change and clean it at least once a week. Having a clean natural tablecloth will really impress our guests.

I've also instructed her to clean our fridge everyweek. Well, I can trust her on this matter since she's good at cleaning our house. I'll check her maybe everyweek if I have the time to see if she's doing what she's told. My would also visit the house to check if everything's fine.

Proud Tita

I will really miss this baby big time. Who wouldn't miss her adorable and smiling face? She's our one and only baby in the family. That's why she's a little bit spoiled. We've celebrated her birth day everyday until shed reached 1 year old. I don't know how it's called. LOL

This is my favorite picture of us. I love her smile here. It shows on her face that she's having a good time. She loves swimming just like me. She's not afraid of the water and she's even trying to swim as if she knows how. I bet she'll be a good swimmer when she grows up. I will really miss her. See you after two years, baby Guilliane. =)

Maintaining a Car

My sister and BIL used to lend me their car for my own convenience and safety. It's my first time to own a car and damn! It's not that easy to maintain a car because I don't have any knowledge about it. All I know is to drive it. LOL There are times that I browse some websites like bestbuyautoequipment.com to have an idea. Slowly, and with the help of my brother I was able to learn some things about maintaining and taking care of a car. I think it's best if you have a knowledge about it so just in case you 'll bring your car in an autoshop, they won't charge you much or you can avoid it by just doing it yourself just like what my brother is doing to his car.

Leave Them All Behind

Two days from now, I'll be living in a different world, environment, culture and people. There will be a huge adjustment for me but it's part of working abroad. I think this is also the best for me to move on from all of the troubles in my life - disappointments, failures, heartbreaks, and battle with my own self. It's time to say goodbye to them and start anew. It's time for me to be the best I can be. I know I can do this. After two years when I come back, I know I'll be a different person. The stronger, wiser and better person. I know I can do this. I know I'm just a few steps away from my dreams.

Short Hair Again!

Back to short hair again! I'm more comfortable wearing a bob cut than having my hair long. It's more manageable and much easier to dry. But I will miss my long hair. I guess I'll just wear revlon wigs if I want to have a long hair just for a while. This time I wanted it to be a bit bolder so I had it colored deep red. I loved it and I was really satisfied with my hair cut.

I felt better and stronger when I had my haircut done. I don't know if it's just psychological or not. But I had this strange feeling, something that made me braver. A feeling that I know I can move on, I'll be better, and I'll be happy in God's time.


Since I already passed my Prometric Exam and have submitted all of my documents, I decided to buy the abaya and tarha which I will be wearing when I arrive in Riyadh, KSA. So my sister and I went to Quiapo to buy one. It wasn't that difficult to find an abaya in Quiapo. You can easily find them near the church. They come in different quality and designs. The price start from 500 and above.

This is what I bought. It has a silver lining so it wouldn't be plain black. LOL... As advised, I only bought one pair because they told me that it's a lot cheaper in KSA and the quality is better. I would find it out when I get there.

Guess who wore it first? It's Phokang. LOL....

My Mom's Jewelries

I find this quite funny since I'll be leaving for only few days now, my mom keep on nagging me about her jewelries that I have kept. She's working abroad right now so I kept some of her precious babies. She would always remind me to not bring them. Of course I won't since I don't own them. LOL. She keeps on reminding me to just leave them in my room. I want to bring one of my mothers ring because it's pink but I guess I'll just keep so she will not get mad at me. I guess I'll just buy some jewelries for myself when I leave since I heard that jewelries in the country of my destination is cheap. My mom keeps on telling me that jewelries are a good investment for a woman.

My Prometric Exam Experience

I've been MIA with blogging lately because I really had to focus on other stuff. I had to focus on this because I needed to pass the exam for me to be able to apply for work abroad. I took my Saudi Prometric Exam. Most of my friends told me that this exam was a lot easier compared to other types of Nursing exams. But I don't want to underestimate it so even for a limited time, I tried to study and practiced answering exam questions. I used Saunders and Kaplan NCLEX Q and A as my material since I was told that the exam was similar to NCLEX. Honestly, I wasn't able to review everything. I just practiced answering the questions and read the rationale then did a little review. When I took the exam, I wasn't really that prepared but I can say that I have studied fairly. LOL

The process of applying for the exam was really easy because everything was done online. If you already have an agency, they will give you a step by step procedure which was my case so it was easy for me. But you have to pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). If you don't have one, you can ask your parents, siblings or friends as a favor for that matter. The fee for the exam is $90.

You can choose the date and time of your exam so I opted to take the exam at 1 pm because I was afraid I might get late if I took the exam earlier in the morning since my place is far from the testing area and I anticipated the traffic. So on the day of my exam, I arrived an hour and a half earlier. Better early than sorry. LOL There is a Starbucks in front of the testing area so I stayed there while waiting for my time. I ate my snack and reviewed a little to avoid boredom. But as time goes by, I could feel my nervousness and anxiety. I was really hoping and praying that I would pass the exam and that the questions that would come out are the things that I've reviewed.

 While waiting...

During the exam, my heart was beating so fast. I was really nervous. But I had to contain it and focus on the questions. I tried my best to calm down and relax for me to understand and analyze the questions very well. The last question was really heart stopping because the moment you finished your exam, you know you'll get the results. So when I was done, I really prayed hard.
So when the result came out, I couldn't believe it! I made it!

You'll know that the test taker passed when he/she went out the testing room smiling. And so I did! LOL... I couldn't explain the feeling. All I knew was I was one step closer in reaching my dreams.

After the exam, you'll get a certificate wherein the breakdown of your score was indicated. The total test item was 70 and passing rate for Nurse Technician was 45% and 50% for the Nurse Specialist. On my case, I took the Nurse Technician.

May 27, 2014

Jul 24, 2014

My Customized Closet

My father made me a customized closet. This is really one of my priced possession I can say because he made it for me and this served as my memory from him since he was already with our Creator. My father was really good in assembling cabinets and other stuff in our house. He is really creative and artistic. My closet was made almost 4 years ago but it still looks new. For my drawers, my father used heavy duty drawer slides that's why they are still working great up to now. I'm planning to paint them pink since it's my favorite color. It was really my first choice of color but I opted the light yellow shade to match with the color of my room. I will really miss my closet since I won't be using it for two years.

Dear Nico,

Thanks for being there for me during my troubled times. I must admit that I thought of you as just a temporary companion at first. I didn't realize that our relationship will grow stronger. Just this year, I've realized that you are already part of my system.

Nico, for the past four years we had, it's this year that I've longed for you each and everyday. I wanna be with you first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep. When I get stressed, I miss you more, when I'm said I want to be with you. Even when I'm happy it's you I want.

Much as I want to stay with you, I should bid goodbye. Why do I love you so much when it's you that's making me sick. I love you Nico but this is just not right. Everyday, I'm fighting myself not to see you but I can't resist not to.

Oh, Nico I'm so attached with you that I don't even know how to start living my life without you. I know that someday with effort, I'll be over you but for now, I'll enjoy every moment we have.

Chain Smoker

Jul 22, 2014

Organizing a Nursing Seminar

During my days as a nurse trainee, we had a lot of activities like organizing seminars that has different topics which is related to nursing. Coming up with a topic and organizing the flow of the seminar was really brain draining. We had some debates with groupmates, some arguments, misunderstandings, etc. But at the end of the day we've come up with a final output. We also had to entertain our guests so we had to come up with a special number. It was really a challenge for us because we were the first presenter and we had to be creative with our stage to make it attractive to guests and for that, one of my groupmates suggested to have a unique kind of stage drama. LOL. The premiertablelinens.com for stretch spandex panels was a good idea. It made our stage and the whole auditorium looked unique compared with other groups and gave a lively ambiance because the background was colorful. I guess everyone enjoyed our dance number since most of them clapped their hands and some even screamed. This was a really one of my memorable moment during my training days. I wish we could do that again out of our busy working hours.


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