Feb 28, 2012


Paul bought me a bottle of Jalapeños when we had our Valentine date in Clark, Pampanga. He bought me a bottle of Jalapeños in Puregold Clark. He knows that I love spicy foods so much. 

 So I experimented with my jalapeños so I wouldn't get bored eating them. I mixed some jalapeños with my spaghetti and it tasted well.

I also put some on my liver spread sandwich which completed with the taste. I'm still thinking of other recipes that can get along with jalapeños. I'm thinking of making nachos one of these days when I'm not buys. =)

Feb 27, 2012

Cheers to Myself!

I've been busy working that I've almost forgotten I have a blog. I have to meet my deadline this week as what I've promised to my client. Also, I was busy thinking - whether to still pursue my profession or take the other direction. I'm starting to lose hope already as years has been counted but still, there's no opportunity for me. Besides, my heart is not 100% dedicated to my profession, I feel like I wanna try other stuff. I don't wanna listen to my mom and sister bugging me anymore. I just wanna listen to myself. To make my post short, I drank a glass of white wine with some chips while reflecting on some stuffs about my career. Well, I'm very unpredictable and I hate myself for that.

Feb 21, 2012

My Underwater Camera

Finally! My underwater camera has arrived! The item arrived just yesterday. I bought this for myself as a reward since I've been working so hard for the past few weeks. Besides, summer is just around the corner. =)

I got my Kodak C123 12MP Waterproof Digital Camera for only Php3,499.50. It was 50% off from Great Value Plus, a seller from ebay.ph. The camera was originally priced at Php6,999.00 so it is really a great deal since I have no plans on spending much on gadgets for now. I don't expect much on my camera since it is cheap but I hope it would really work under the water. I have read lots of positive feedback as well as negative in the internet so I hope my new travel buddy will be as reliable as my Fujifilm camera.

Feb 20, 2012

Burnt Onion Rings

It's my first time to cook onion rings so I hope that's a good excuse why I burnt it. LOL... Next time I'll do better (hopefully). Well, we still ate it along with a bottle of Tanduay Ice for me and a beer for Paul. He loves onions that's why he ate the raw ones. He just dipped them in soy sauce and voila! It's now a pulutan. Well, they said onions are a good antioxidant.

Feb 19, 2012

Goofing Around with my Dog

Took these pictures out of boredom. My dog hates it but he had no choice. LOL

He's behaved in this picture.

Mwuah.... I know he's already mad but it's cute. ^_^

Feb 17, 2012

Mexican Food and Korean Food

We went to Clark and decided dine on our favorite Mexican restaurant there. We've been there for the nth time and the waitresses already recognize us. They already know where we usually sit and what we usually order. LOL We had our lunch there.

They served our drinks first. Their margarita is the best! And it's worth the price for 160 pesos only which includes the small glass on  the side. They are very generous in serving their margarita. The service is great no matter how many customers are eating and they never failed since the very first time we ate here.

Our all time favorite Quesadilla with salsa and jalapeño on the side. We love their salsa because it has a very distinct taste that cannot be compared with others. I guess that's because of the herbs that they put in there. It's really yummy that I can eat it alone. I can feel the chunks of tomatoes while it's inside my mouth. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the jalapeño, we both love it. It's not too spicy compared to 'siling labuyo' that sometimes we just munch it like chips. LOL

I love decorating  my food before eating it. It looks appealing to me.

We also ordered Burritos - the cheese and bean one since I don't like the ones with beef or chicken. We left the resto with a full tummy.

At dinner, we had Samgyeopsal. I like their kimchi. It tastes sweet and very spicy. What I like with Korean Restaurants is that they give a free refill when you ask for a kimchi. Their Samgyeopsal is very affordable for only 170 pesos compared with what we had in Quezon City but to be fair, the meat in Quezon City (I forgot the name of the resto) is sliced thinly like bacons unlike here as what you can see on the picture.

There's so much other restos that we wanna visit in Clark especially the original sisig but everytime we get there, we crave for mexican food. It's like we've already incorporated Clark with Iguana's that everytime we go there, paying a visit is a must. LOL

Feb 12, 2012

One Sunday Afternoon

Drinking a bottle of ice cold beer with left-over Shawarma and Chicharong Bulaklak dipped in pinakurat vinegar while watching UAAP women's volleyball this Sunday afternoon. How about you? Do you also watch the game? What is your favorite team and which team do you want to be the champion? 

Photo from: FEU WVT Lady Tamaraws FB
Of course, if you would ask me, I will be a bit bias. I'll go for the FEU Lady Tamaraws, they're my all time favorite volleyball team and it's my Alma Mater. LOL They're just sophomore but they are already a threat to the top playing teams like La Salle, Ateneo and UST. They are a promising team. Who knows, they might be on the top 2 next season. 

For now, I just hope that they could win and beat the Adamson University for them to join the Final 4 (Sorry Lady Falconsn=( ). See, it's just their second playing year and they're already a fighter. They have great attackers (spikers), setter, and libero. Kudos to their coaching staff without them, these young girls' skills wouldn't be honed this way.

By the way, let's pray for the fast recovery of Mayjorie Roxas, one of the best spikers of Lady Tamaraws who was injured during their game with Ateneo De Manila.

Feb 7, 2012

His Favorite Spot

He loves to sleep in this part of our house. Maybe it's cold there.

Nagulat sa flash ng camera. ^_^

Zzzz... Do not disturb.

Feb 6, 2012

Dinner Date in Tagaytay

Last week was a stressful week for me as I've been so busy so it's a great idea for us to go to Tagaytay to relax and unwind. We keep on coming back to Tagaytay because we love the weather and it didn't fail us when we arrived there. It was colder than we expected.

We had a merienda first at Tagaytay Econo Hotel's restaurant but it was already past 7 in the evening. LOL We were supposed to order balot and penoy but balot was not available that time so we just had penoy.

We also ordered chicharong bulaklak since we both love this as pulutan. It was just so-so. I like the one that we eat in Timog better than this.

While looking for a bar resto, we saw this bar that is very famous in Timog. We were surprised that they already have a branch here. According to the bouncer that we asked, they just opened last December 2011. In Timog, we were intrigued why this restaurant was always full of customers that we can't even find a parking space. So it's now our chance to discover what's with Tides.

The waiters are lively and sometimes they dance along with the music. Speaking of music, they have nice sounds here mostly RNB which teenagers and young adults would really enjoy listening to. Some groups would sing and dance along with the song everytime the resto will play a popular song. The service is good here. The crew people are nice and polite. 

We ordered their Frozen Lime Margarita. I was a bit disappointed at first when the waiter said that they don't put Cuervo tequila for the Margarita. But when I tasted it I was surprised that it was really delicious. It's like I was just drinking a lime flavored shake. I can't barely taste the alcohol which is what I like with mix drinks. When I finished the whole glass, I really turned red which means that this is somehow strong. 

We ordered their French Fries Overload (I forgot it's exact name). It has the same toppings with nachos. It really tasted like nachos. But it was really delicious. I enjoyed munching it while drinking my margarita. We wanted to order other food but we were still full that time. We really want to come back here the next time we visit Tagaytay. It was a little bit "bitin" for us 'coz we just stayed in Tagaytay in for a few hours.

Feb 5, 2012


Last Monday, my friend and I went to Divisoria to do some shopping. Divisoria is really one of my go to places when buying fashion clothes because they are cheap but still trendy. We spent the whole day looking around the 168 Mall for clothes and other stuffs that we might like. Good thing my friend brought a shopping bag at napuno ko siya. LOL...

I only spent around P1,700 for 14 items. That's a lot! 'Coz if I shop at the mall, I would've bought only few items. I bought some stuff for my work out, a pair of swim suit, some tops, 1 jeggins, 1 short, a  polo and shirt for Paul, a dress and some accessories.  I really wanted to go back next month if my budget permits. I still have a lot of stuffs to buy there like dresses and tops.

Feb 3, 2012

Frances Cassandra's First Giveaway

I joined another giveaway. This is applicable internationally so anyone can join.

You can visit her blog here: Frances Cassandra

Feb 2, 2012

Choose Hapiness' First Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

I just joined Nuna's blog giveaway. She's got wonderful prices for the winner.



You too can join. Just visit her site here: Choose Happiness


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