Jul 30, 2020

When Can I Travel Again?

It’s just so sad that I will not be able to leave the country earlier as I expected to work abroad this year because of the worldwide pandemic called COVID-19. Our plan to travel to Palawan or Boracay before I leave the country has also been cancelled. It’s just so upsetting that I won’t be able to do that as planned. But on the on the other hand, I’m still blessed that I have the chance to go abroad even if COVID-19 is still present in my country since my documents were already processed before the lock down was declared on our country. So that means I must be prepared. I remember the time when I was just a first timer. I was cramming in buying things that I ended up buying things that I really didn’t need since I can buy those stuff when I get to my destination 

My thoughts were so disorganized that I forgot to buy luggage bag for myself so I had no choice but to borrow from my sister because I already had no budget to buy one. So this time, they are first on my list. I learned my lesson well and I should only buy things that I will really need. I am planning to buy samsonite luggage set which is my favorite brand.  I like samsonite bags because they are sturdy and reliable. In fact, my mom is also using that brand of luggage. 

Since it's hard to go the mall these days, I will just check Rakuten for different samsonite luggage designs and color. The best part in buying a luggage set is choosing the color. I don’t want to use the common color which is black because that’s what I always see in the airport. I want my luggage to stand out so that I can easily see them. I used to have purple and I’m thinking of buying pink, baby blue or yellow this time. What do you think guys? 


Jul 6, 2020

Just Do Good No Matter What

I know this is not new anymore but it's really a slap to the face when it happened to me. Indeed it's true that I shouldn't have expected something in return if I'm nice to someone because we'll never know if they would also the same way as we are doing for them. In spite of that, I hope and pray to God that He would guide me to continue doing good to others and no to think of the bad thing that the person had done to me. I pray that I would move on and release this negativity that I am feeling right now. I know that everything happens for a reason. Amen...

Jul 5, 2020

Taal Vista Hotel

Before I went abroad, I used to visit Tagaytay a little often and went to different places there. I remember the time when I when there and passed by Taal Vista Hotel. Well I didn't spend my night there but I just went there to visit the hotel because it's on of the oldest in Tagaytay. I just stayed there for a few hours to have some drink. I love the weather in Tagaytay specially during -ber months because it is cold and windy there. 

Of course, I took some photos with the hotel's background. I what I really enjoyed there was walking outside the hotel with the Mount Taal's view while having a drink.

And the at the evening, we try other restaurant just to check their food and still enjoy the weather. I forgot the name of the restaurant that I visited but we ordered Paella there. I loved their Paella and I can remember we almost finished it. 

We also ate balot there. There was this vendor who go around the restaurant to sell balot. I love to eat balot on a cold weather. 

Jul 3, 2020


Post: http://www.pinkyjhaney.com/2020/03/i-think-i-should-start-reading-again.html

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Good Old Times with Friends

One of the things I miss if there is no COVID-19 is hanging out with my friends. It's just so ironic because I was very busy doing a lot of important things when there was no pandemic and now that I have a lot of free times, I cannot meet my friends because it's not going to be that safe. I'm just so sad because of this kind of situation.

I always hang out with my friends when I didn't have work yet. We do food tripping and some drinking. But that stopped when I got busy doing my RTW business and until I went abroad. When I went back to the Philippines, I became busy with a lot of stuff  but somehow whenever I have free time I get to meet my close friend for some drinking, food tripping and of course telling stories about random stuff.

I just want to share these old photos during those times when I had a lot of time with friends. Here, we were just having drinks in our house. Our life was so simple then because we had no permanent jobs yet. We just had some drinks and listened to music.

We also played with our dog - Butchie. Sad to say, he's already in heaven. My friends like him so much because he knows some tricks and he's such a sweet doggie.

We also played with my makeups and pretended like we were models. Hahaha!


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