Aug 9, 2020

I Miss Eating Mango and Singkamas

There were those times wherein I used to buy mango and 'singkamas' (turnip) everytime I go to the mall. I just love eating sour fruits like mango and the 'singkamas' will balance the sourness that's why I eat both of them. But I don't always buy them at the mall because it's more expensive. I always buy at the market so I could get more. 

Unfortunately, during this period of pandemic, I can't go out anytime I want since some of the markets have flocked with many people and we could be susceptible in contracting the virus. Also, there are no open stores in the mall. How I wish we could be back to normal soon so we could be back to were old normal lives and enjoy the things we used to do. 

Aug 3, 2020

Eating Samgyupsal in an Authentic Korean Restaurant

This was the time when unlimited samgyupsal was not a trend yet. It was served by set with unlimited kimchi. 

I believe this is an authentic Korean restaurant since the menu has Hangul and I saw a Korean serving food.

They served thinly slice pork meat because it is easier to chew. 

What I like about eating in an authentic Korean restaurant is that the side dish are really korean and the soup was included. The food was really delicious.


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