Oct 11, 2012

Writing Services

I really hate writing essays, thesis, articles, etc. except on my blog. It takes a lot of talent to produce a quality article. Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent and it takes a lot of effort for me to write a short one. I know some of you can relate especially those graduating students who need to finish their thesis before they can finish their college. 

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I can still remember during our college days when we had our hard times researching and writing our thesis. It was really difficult especially when I hate writing. It was really stressful and nerve wracking. It would be really helpful to have the services of http://custom-writing.org/.

Oct 9, 2012

The Preparation

It was really a tiring day when we did our preparation for the nursing seminar. We, the trainees were required to organize a seminar. It was a bit hard to think for a gimmick to make our topic interesting and memorable. Our group was the first to present and we were really pressured if we would be able to deliver it in a memorable way. 

Our topic was about Palliative Care. So we had to think a theme that would match our topic. Decorating was a bit tiring especially when there were lots of suggestions and we didn't whom to follow. LOL 

Busy in preparing the decorations... 

Busy preparing for the powerpoint presentation... 

Balloons as part of our decorations... 

In spite of our cramming, we still managed to smile... 

My group camwhoring for the camera. This was the start of my group's bonding... 

We were thankful that we were able to finish decorating and rehearsing for tomorrow's presentation. We had to extend our time in order to accomplish what we had to accomplish that day. Everyone was nervous about the presentation. Fingers crossed that we would be able to deliver it smoothly and with no problems. Hehe

Date: October 8, 2012


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