Apr 28, 2009

How's the Weather Today?

For the past few days, it has been raining here in Manila. The weather is about 84 degrees. It was always cloudy and it was raining so we didn't have the chance to play volleyball outside the house. I just stayed inside the house and stay in front of the computer and chat with my cousin. She lives in Arizona and when we talked about the weather she told me that the weather was about 80 degrees there. Oh, the weather was almost the same. I wish I could be with her in Arizona. I love the weather there. It's not too cold and it's breezy. Another thing that I like is the Arizona landscapes. I am a plant lover and I always appreciate any kind of plants especially when they are landscaped. My cousin sent me some pictures of her landscaped garden and all I can is wow! I am really looking forward to living in Arizona and have some bonding with my cousins.

What Will I Be at 24?

May is really near and next to that is June, which is my birthday. I'll be turning 24, and I'm still jobless. I haven't found any hospital to work with yet. I've been a volunteer nurse just year for six months and I used to be an English instructor to Korean students for almost 6 months on 2007. I've been wanting to have a stable job. A job that is related to my profession which is a Nurse. I am already a licensed nurse but what's the use of it if I don't practice my profession?

Some of my friends who are also nurses are lucky enough to get a job as a staff nurse in a hospital but some are like me. Sometimes, I just wanna think that somehow I'm lucky to have my online job as a source of income since I don't get any allowance from my parents anymore. But it's so frustrating to be living like this. The more I stay at home the more I think about my situation.

I know there are a lot of other opportunities out there. Maybe I'm not just lucky enough... or maybe I don't exert much effort. But no matter how the so called recession affects the Filipino nurses right now, I don't lose hope. I know I'll be able to find a job for me may it be here or abroad. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I don't wanna for too long and for now, I'm left with the question - WHAT WILL I BE AT 24?

Apr 23, 2009

New Web Hosting Service

I've been thinking of having my own domain name. I feel that it has more advantage if I get my own domain name. As a blogger, my blogs would be more competent and I could get more opportunities when it comes to advertising. I've been asking my friends which web hosting service has a great deal and has a reasonable price. And they suggested me to try web hosting rating. According to them, this site will give me an idea to which web hosting service will suit my preference. Web hosting rating has rated the top ten best Web Hosting Providers and I think readers like me who also can't decide to which service they will subscribe to might get an enlightenment on which is the best Web Hosting Provider. You can also read each Providers' review and rating. In that way, you'll see which Provider is better. You can also view which Provider has received awards like Best Blog Hosting, Best Budget Hosting and others. I think these are really helpful in finding your own Web Hosting Service. I'm able to find great deals and great plans and I guess I might be able to get my own domain name on this site. I'm really excited about this since I've been wanting to have my own domain name for my blog.


I started playing volleyball when I was in 4th grade and until now, I'm still in love with this sport. I'm not really a professional player nor the star player in the team but I love doing the spiking thing. Everytime I make a sharp spike, I feel good inside. I used to be a varsity player when I was in 5th or 6th grade (I don't remember exactly). I can still remember, I just stayed in the bench waiting for my turn to play on the court. Because I wasn't really that good that time. But I was glad I was part of the team. But in high school, I was able to be on the first six.

Who could forget these two lovely volleyball players from Brazil? Leila Barros have touched many people's heart with her charm and skills when it comes to spikes. Erika Coimbra is also my favorite in team Brazil. She can give a mean spike to her opponents and a fantastic jump serve.

Right now, I'm still playing with my best buddy when it comes to volleyball. We just play for fun and sometimes we play with other neighborhood who plays this kind of sport as well and we sometimes have a small amount of bet. It is really fun and exciting.

Apr 15, 2009

Online Shopping

I love online shopping, I feel like my week is not complete without spending a day browsing the internet for some good stuffs. I love to purchase girly stuffs from the internet because most of them are unique and can't be found from the malls. I love to have unique things such as shoes and bags. In ShopWiki, I was able to find unique styles of shoes. I love wearing Stilettos and everytime I see a design that looks elegant, I feel like I want to buy it immediately.

It's where I also buy gifts for my nieces and nephews. I feel happy to see them wearing the clothes or using the things that I gave them. In ShopWiki, everthing is in there. I'm sure you would find the things that you are looking for. Especially when you are having a hard time looking for a gift for your special someone.

Before the week ends, I'll do some online shopping first. I'm sure there are new great finds and I don't want to miss those precious things.

Apr 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!!! 'Hope everyone's going to have a happy Easter especially the kids. Don't forget to attend the mass and thank God for all the blessings that He's giving to us.

Apr 11, 2009

Western Funitures

My mom and I are thinking of having a nice and comfy western furniture for my room. I am planning to change my room's concept. I want to design my room from nothing to something. Since our house is Western inspired, why not match it with my room? I researched all over the internet to get an idea on what kind of style and design should I put on my room and I found this nice picture. I find this set of furniture interesting to have in my room because they are unique and elegant. I really love it's rustic theme since it's almost the shade of gold and I love the color of gold. I think gold wouldn't be nice to look at inside my room so I think that the rusty color fits better for my room. It is very appealing to the eyes - not too dark and not too much light. I am a very organized person and having cabinets on my room would really help me in organizing my things. The western furniture concept is a wonderful idea! I'll start renovating my room now so I could achieve a room like this.

Apr 9, 2009


I just signed up on Plurk because I feel like I'm the only techie person who doesn't have an account. I find it very addicting and it's fun to keep on track on what's going on with myself. I'm excited for tomorrow to see my Plurk. I hope many Plurkers will add me.

Happpy PLURKING!!!


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