Sep 27, 2017

87th Saudi National Day

Last September 25, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated their 87th National Day. For years of my stay in the Kingdom, it was the first time I've experienced their celebration because they celebrated a part of it in the Four Seasons Hotel or the Kingdom Tower which is just a few meters away from my workplace. I've seen the Kingdom Tower's big screen display on its building and their amazing fireworks; there were many people gathered around the area to see this which lead to heavy traffic on the street. 

I am amazed how patriotic the Saudi people are. The city is colored in green which is the color of their flag. The locals wear something green and wave their flags. Some even put flags on their cars. Below are the video and picture I took from my workplace: 

I was not able to see the whole event but it was really superb and looks very fun. Here are other wonderful pictures I saw from Riyadh Freaks:

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