Nov 30, 2007

happy birthday!

Yesterday was my sister's birthday and I forgot to give her a little space on my blog. So here it is, although it's kinda little late. 'Hope she still appreciates it.

Nov 29, 2007

coup d'etat

Our country is in tension today, and I am now aware of it. Oh my goodness, I didn't know that there's a coup d'etat happenig somewhere in Makati. You know what, my boss is more aware about it and he's a Korean. Right now, I'm kinda worried, about what is happening outside, because I'm really clueless about it. My boss allowed us to go home early because there was a curfew. I hope I'm gonna be able to go home safely


day, I'm going to claim my Nurse License. When I was waiting for it, my name was called... I thought I was gonna get my license but the registrar told me that there was a discrepancy on my records. My date of birth was not the same. Whaaattt??? I have to go back to the records section again to fix the discrepancy??? Oh my goodness, I was so excited about it.

It wasn't my fault if the date of my birth is not the same with the other form. It wasn't me who wrote it was one of the registrars before. It wasn't even my handwriting so I'm really sure about it. Oh... The man on the records section told me that they will fix the problem by next week since the Nursing Licensure Exam is scheduled this Sunday so it means they don't have time for this matter.

But I think it's unfair because as far as I know it wouldn't be a long process to fix the problem, it was just written incorrectly. Life is really unfair. I hope I would be able to claim my license by next week. HOPEFULLY...


When I was finished with my license thing, me and my Honey went to Tutuban to buy tights and accessories for me. I'm going to be the Ninang of her niece, Paris. It will be her baptismal on Sunday. Of course, I have to dress beautifully because I'm a FASHIONISTA... Hehehe... Honey bought a shirt for himself, too. But I don't have money now... The problem is... will I be able to buy a gift for Paris? Hopefully...

Nov 27, 2007

Why is He Like That?

Are men really womanizer in nature? I don't know why most men are like that... They can't stay with just one woman. Aren't they satisfied having just one partner??? There are so many questions bugging my mind right now. And I can't even make the right decision. I've been planning to break him up but I can't. I feel like we should fix things rather than breakin up. But sometimes I feel that what he is doing to me is too much. Imagine, I wasn't aware that he has two other girlfriends. I already read the text messages of these two girls and there he is keep on denying about them. He only told me that the other girl was just his textmate. But the other one was nothing; it was his friends girlfriend, but when I talked to this girl, she sounds like guilty. I don't know if I'm going to trust him again... I was hurt and until now, I keep on thinking about what he did to me.

I don't want to pretend that everything's fine after the fight, I wanted to know the truth. Sometimes, I'm thinking about doing the same thing as he did to me... REVENGE... But the question is... Does that make me happy?

Nov 23, 2007

i'm so lazy!!!

Because of laziness my plans are always ruined. I've been planning to get my EON card last Monday and until now, I still haven't got it. It's now Friday. I've got some other plans like going to my school to get my diploma, buy something, clean my room, etc... etc... That's how lazy I am.

Nov 22, 2007


My co-teacher asked me to view this video. Kakahiya I almost yelled when I saw this. Kakagulat kasi.

Enjoy watching!!!

Nov 21, 2007

salary day!

I just got my salary from my boss... hehe not a big amount though, but I'm still happy for it. It's still a blessing... aight??? I hope I could also earn hundreds of dollars like the other bloggers are. I envy them... huhuhu... Well... Patience is a virtue so I have to wait... Time will come for me. (Please agree... hehe)

C'est la vie!!!

Nov 20, 2007

It Bothers Me

I keep on thinking about what he said to me. He compared me to his ex-girlfriend. He told me that his ex was able to buy him this and that and blah... blah... blah... And supposed to be he was the one who has that kind of cellphone and the PSP thing. I know I wasn't able to provide him those things. But are those things really important to keep our relationship going? Even though he tells me that he's afraid of losing me, I still feel bothered about what he has said to me.

Nov 19, 2007

Money Matters

My boyfriend and I just had a fight about money matters last night. He was asking me where my monthly salary goes. And I wasn't able to give him a reason. I really don't know where my money goes. As long as I can remember, it goes to my fare going to my work, sometimes I treat him at a fastfood resto, some of my money goes to my personal needs like toiletries and some goes to my pets. I'm only working as a part time tutor. My salary is only about 7 thou a month. And for me that's a few amount if I have a lot of expenses. I don't know how to explain these things to him. He thinks that I'm not spending my money wisely but I think I am. I was able to save almost 2 thou for the past weeks. I was just allocating it for something else. I am applying for an online job and it needs a fee.

Well... Honey sorry if I wasn't able to save money. But I think I did. I just need your patience and understanding. I know there will be a time that I'm gonna be able to buy you something out of my money but all I need is time.

Nov 18, 2007

a car of my own

I just read ANAPS' blog about having a vehicle of her own. And it triggers my wanting to have my own car,too. We already got a car. My mom bought it for us, her children. But sad to say, I cannot drive it everyday. There are many limitations because it's not just me who owns it but my brother and sister. That's why I'm hoping that my blog will be approved by payperpost. I'm also looking for another online job.

Damn, I've been dreaming of having a car since I was in high school. I am now a college graduate but I haven't got my own car yet. I'm not into a brand new car thing. A Honda Civic Esi is ok for me. I want to pimp it and color it pink or red or black or whatever... as long as I can have my own ESi.

Actually, that was our first car before, but I havent enjoyed driving it. As I've told you there were lots of limitations. So to get rid of those limitations, why not buy a car of my own. But the only thing needed is a moohlah... Yeah... that's the most important thing to have a car of your own. That's why I'm working hard right to buy my ESi one of these days. I will be needing it when I work in the hospital as a nurse and later on as a clinical instructor.

It's not just a want but a necessity, too!

Nov 16, 2007

welcome to your new home

My brother's girlfriend gave him a puppy. He's so cute. I love dogs so much so the moment that I saw him, I carried and hugged him. I don't know his breed yet but I don't care about it. He loves running around the house. He hates staying inside his cage. But he always pee on our carpet. We already got 4 dogs including him, 2 cats and 6 birds. How's that? Hehe

Nov 14, 2007

the importance of the one you love

You'll never know the importance of someone until he's gone. But in my case, he's not but almost. I never thought that it would hurt me so much to lose someone like him who has been a part of my life for more than 8 months. We both didn't wanna let go.

... hell 'ya it's hard to walk away from the one you love fo' real.

please excuse my... English

Is there any time that you've spoken or written a wrong english grammar? And then suddenly from out of the blue someone made a comment on you that you made a wrong grammar? Hellurrr!!! We're only humans... We do commit mistakes... Ayt??? Even Americans made mistakes, too. No offense...

We are not perfect human beings... And we will make mistakes unintentionally whether we like it or not.

Nov 12, 2007


I was so emotional this day. I couldn't make up my mind. There were a lot of questions that were coming into my mind. And everytime I think about it... Tears were coming out my eyes...Even if I try to stop them, they would still flow out of my eyes.

Should I let go to the one who I was holding on for the past 8 months? Or should I stay with him? Do I still love him? What should I do?

I'm into confusion right now... I couldn't decide... I'm mad at him. I wanna let go but everytime I think of it there's something stopping me.

I cried a lot this day... He didn't call or text me. Is this a sign to hold on? I was thinking to end it up if he called or texted me.

Tomorrow is our 8 monthsary... And it breaks my heart to think about letting go on that day. But I'm hurting a lot... I feel a lot of pains right now...

Nov 6, 2007


Nothing so especial for today, but I feel depressed right now... Next week is my last week on my work and I feel sad because I'm enjoying my work as of the moment. I already got attached with my students especially the kids. But my work is not related to my profession. My mom is already forcing me to resign... mothers know best... as they say... So I'll just listen to her. Besides, she's going to help me about my work... But the saddest part is that I will not have moolah by December (not unless i would be hired as soon as possible as a nurse by one of the hospitals that I applied to). That's my only hope for now...

Nov 4, 2007


After that incidence, my sister and I went to the parlor. She wanted to have a manicure and pedicure. I didn't want to have one because I always do it by myself. When we got to the parlor, the woman asked me if I want to have threading. THREADING... what an interesting word. It was my first time to hear this. Well... according to the woman, instead of shaving your eyebrows, they would use a thread instead. Yes, it is literally a thread. I got curious about it, so I tried. Ouch!!! It hurts a lot. My eyes even teared for it. I really hurts. I feel like I wanted to stop it but the woman already started the procedure. But I was very satisfied when I saw the outcome. It was better than shaving though it really hurts. The woman told me it hurts because it was first time but it doesn't hurt anymore for the second. So, here's my eyebrows right now. Just wanted to share you my pic...

What an Honest Man

My sister accidentally dropped her cellphone just this day. She didn't noticed that her cellphone fell from her pocket. She just noticed it when she arrived to where she was going. She called me and she was quite worried. She asked me if she left her cellphone. I looked all over our house and I can't find her cellphone. So what I did I dialled her number and tried to call. It was ringing. Luckily, a guy answered the phone and he told me that my sister left her cellphone in her tricycle. So, the one who got my sister's cellphone was a tricycle driver.

He was so kind to tell me that he got my sister's cellphone and he even told me where to meet him. I didn't expect that guy would return the cellphone. And when I saw him, I was really thankful to him. I thanked him many times because if other people got it, they would probably just keep it.

What an honest man...

faxioniztaz' blog: it's holiday but i have work

faxioniztaz' blog: it's holiday but i have work

Nov 1, 2007

it's holiday but i have work

Today is holiday but unfortunately, I have to work. Ohhh... I feel like I don't wanna work. I just wanna stay home and watch tv or turn on my computer. Mmmm... I'll just keep in my mind that today is double pay so nothing to be lazy about. I have to work... hehe... SAYANG if I didn't work today. At least there is no work tomorrow so it's still okay. I'm just used to having a vacation when it's holiday. But that's not the case anymore. I was a student before and now I am working and it happens that the company that I'm working to is based in Korea so even if it's holiday in the Philippines, we still have to work. But at least Korea have holidays too. So if it's holiday in Korea, we don't have a work.

happy halloween!!!

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