May 31, 2011

Don't Block the Driveway

Just wanna share my rants about this neighbor of mine who is very inconsiderate and selfish. Just this morning, he just parked his vehicle in front of our gate without even asking us if we will be using our car. What angered me more is that he fixed his car's engine on that area and just left it there overnight. What if there might be an emergency in our house and we need to use our car? Of course, we will not be able to drive our car out of the garage right away because we still have to wake him up to move his car.

I really hate the owner of that car because he always parks his vehicle in front our house (not the area shown on the picture, he always parks on the left part of our front house) without asking permission from us. I know there's no law that we follow regarding that matter but as far as I'm concerned, he should have respect and courtesy to his neighbor. 

I'm just concerned for our safety because there were some people who stay there at night (strangers) and we were scared that they might do something we will not like. People can easily climb our gate especially when that vehicle is parked because they won't be easily seen. 

I can still remember when my brother got really mad because he saw a human poop on that part. Well some people can hide there and do something because of that vehicle. I even caught the owner of that vehicle peeing on our water meter.  That's so rude of him! I wish I could take a picture of him while he's doing that so I could post it here on my blog. I really mean it!

I guess you're wondering why should I just talk to him instead of blogging it. Well, I already did. And guess what he told me? We didn't pay that part so why should we prohibit him from parking there. What a narrow minded point of view. So I just decided not to argue with him this time. Besides, it's really hard to argue with narrow minded people. I don't wanna waste my time and energy with that kind of person, ayt?

May 28, 2011

Pinked: I Want a Pink Train Case!

While I was walking inside SM Fairview, I saw a train case display inside the Etude House boutique and my eyes fixed on that item for seconds. Oh my, I've been really wanting to have one but I'm not yet a pro when it comes to makeup stuffs since I'm too busy doing other things (work, review, apply for nursing jobs) though I check some makeup tutorial blogs and videos once in a blue moon. Another thing that prevents me from buying a train case is that I might migrate abroad so I might not be able to bring it so it would be better if I just pursue this when I get there (hopefully). I would really love to have a pink train case so just in case, here's what I saw on the net so far. They're so cute and girly. LOL

May 27, 2011

Scotty McCreery: 2011 American Idol Winner

I'm so happy to hear that Scotty McCreery won the Season 10 of American Idol. At the age of 17, he is noted to be the youngest American Idol winner. He is actually my bet because I'm so in love with his voice. I'm starting to appreciate country songs again. I am looking forward to see more of Scotty. I hope he would have a lot of nice songs in his coming albums.

May 23, 2011

My Bloody Examination Experience

Just this morning, I took the examination for nurse applicants in a government hospital. I was one of the 260 hopefuls wishing to be hired in that hospital. But unfortunately, they will only get 10 applicants for interview. They will base it according to 10 examinees who got the highest scores then they will have the chance to move to the next step which is the interview. What makes it more disappointing is that they will only hire 2 applicants among the 10 for the position of a staff nurse. It was really shocking!!!

I'm really disappointed and the moment I heard that, my hopes and dreams suddenly crashed down. The questions were really difficult. Well, honestly I didn't study too hard. I just scanned and skimmed the things I think might be in the exam since I only had few days to prepare but luck was not on my side. I just received the text message 3 days ago regarding the exam and I have work  The preparation was really short.

Most of the questions asked were not the things I've studied. It's like my brains suffered from severe hemorrhage when I was answering the test. What makes it more difficult is that it is time pressured. We had to answer the test for 1 1/2 hour only. The test consists of: a. 80 items multiple choice, b. 20 items enumerations and c. 10 items drug computations.

When the exam was ended, I felt like I wanna cry 'coz I know that there is a very little chance of getting hired in that hospital. I've been really hoping to get a work as a nurse but it is not that easy getting a nurse job in our country. But that won't let me from giving up. As the saying said, "Try and try until you succeed." =)

May 21, 2011

Cherry Tomato and Sunflower Seeds

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies since I love plants and flowers. It is very therapeutic to me especially when I'm stressed and tired from work and other matters. Recently, I bought two kinds of seeds when I was in Puregold Subic. Each costs only P50 (around $1.20). I was supposed to buy more seeds but I don't have too much time to do the gardening.

I was very glad that I found sunflower seeds since I really love this flower. I don't know why but this flower is very appealing to me. For me, they look like they're smiling and always happy. I wanted to plant lots of sunflower in our yard but our garden is so magulo so I decided to plant them in a pot muna.

I also bought cherry tomato seeds. I just love planting tomatoes. I already have tomatoes in our garden but in different variety so now, I wanted to try cherry tomatoes.

I'm so excited to see them grow especially when they bear fruits and flowers. For now, I have to be patient and take care of them so they'll grow healthy.

May 18, 2011

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

After going to Bangui Windmills, our last stop for that day was in Cape Bojeador Lighthouse located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. This is one of the historical places that can be found in Ilocos. There were many tourists at that time and I even saw some foreigners. Tourists kept coming in though the closing time was just minutes away.

Climbing the lighthouse was really tiring because you have to climb the flights of stairs before you can reach the top where the light is located. But it was worth it even if I have fear of heights, keribels pa rin. LOL... I was very scared when I was on top. Sobrang nakakalula and it was very windy. I saw the view of the sea, the trees, and mountains.

After a week, we saw on TV that Misteryo featured Cape Bojeador Lighthouse on their show. Honestly, I nor my family didn't feel any creepy things in this place. I guess we don't have a third eye that's why.

May 16, 2011

For the Love of Volleyball

Today, we had to solicit money in our area so we can afford the quota fee and uniform that is needed for the Volleyball League that we will be joining to. Damn! It's not easy doing this because we had to deal with different types of people. But that's okay. It's part of the solicitation and besides we cannot please everybody. We were able to collect more that P1,000. Not bad! We will be needing an amount of P2,000 for the quota but I'm not that sure on how much we will need for the uniforms. 

Volleyball has been my favorites eversince I learned to play it. I think I was just on fourth grade when I started playing this sport and until now, I am volleyball enthusiast. If I weren't this short, I could've joined the varsity team in college. Unfortunately, my height is against my dream to become a varsity player. But I least I can play in small leagues since most players there are not that tell.

May 10, 2011

Bangui Windmills

When we went to Ilocos, we tried to visit all the wonderful places there but 3 days is not enough 'coz there are so many beautiful tourist spots both in Ilocos Norte and Sur. After enjoying swimming at Polaris Beach Resort, we headed to Bangui to see the famous windmills.

I was really mesmerized with the place. I used to see those giant windmills through pictures only but now I've finally seen them for real. =)

It was very windy there and I couldn't really manage to fix my hair and it even irritated my eyes because of the sand that was carried by the wind so I really had to wear shades to protect my eyes. The sea was very rocky and the tide was strong so you cannot really go swimming there.

Souvenirs!!! I bought a ref magnet since I'm collecting them. I buy a ref magnet everytime I go to an interesting place. The ones on the picture are pen holders.

I don't know where exactly I was standing when I took this picture. We already left Bangui Windmills that time. We just stopped in that place to buy honey. We were about to go to Cape Bojeador. 

Finally, I've already seen the Ilocos' pride which is the Bangui Wimdmills. When I was there I could really  hear the sound of the giant propellers while they were rotating.  I think they are a great substitute to Nuclear Energy. It has no radiation and it is environment friendly since it only uses the wind as the source of energy.

May 6, 2011

Pinked: My Cheap Waterproof Case

Last Wednesday, I have purchased these two waterproof case from ebay for my digicam. I am not really sure if it's really working but at least it work protect my digicam from water splashes when we go swimming. It only costs Php105 each for a total of Php210 + Php100 shipping fee. I just spent Php310 (more or less $7. I really appreciate the seller's smooth transaction and communication when I bought them. It only took me 2 days for the items to arrive. The pink one is mine and the white one is for my sister's. By the way, the plastic bag is so cute. It's pink and there's a 'thank you' note in there.

May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

On January 29, 2001 the whole world stops for a while to witness the historical wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Everyone was very excited about the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. We can't help but compare Kate's wedding dress to other royal weddings. Well, I just love observing the people's dress on that occasion.

According to some, Kate's wedding dress was inspired by Princess Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

Which do you like more? Princess Diana's wedding dress or Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress?

Pipa Middleton's dress was compared to Cameron Diaz' dress which she wore some time in 2010.

Princess Beatrice' hat really caught my attention.

Some bloggers made fun of her headgear. LOL

The 'frowning flower girl.' Everyone noticed this little girl during the Duke and Duchess' kiss.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their family.

Fairy tales do really come true. I wish I could find my prince charming someday just like Kate Middleton. =)

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