Feb 26, 2009

Let's Talk About Perfumes

Women are really vain! Most of us wanted to wear perfume before we leave our house even if we just stay at home. Well, who can't blame us if there are really lots of good perfumes and colognes out there. I'm not really into the brand of a certain cologne or perfume but I just can't resist the smell of Victoria's Secret-Endless love and my all time favorite which is Cool Water by Daviduff. These are just my two specific brands. I don't have much perfumes but I have a lot of colognes that you can just buy on the grocery store but they do smell good. But recently, I got interested with Talk Perfume wherein I'm able to get reviews of different perfumes and colognes. What I like about this site is that I get to have an idea on which one to buy especially when I'm just buying online.

Be Man Enough!

I hate guys who cannot stand by their decision. I don't really appreciate that! Imagine, he would tell me that he loves me with all his heart but he keeps on hurting me and telling me words that tear my heart into pieces. If you love me then why do you have to tell me those words? Be man enough and don't hurt my feelings!

If you love me then why when we were on the rocks that you would change your decisions every other time? You'll still fight for me and then let's just be friends and still fight for me and then wanna break me up 'coz I hurt you? Which is which? I get so confused that I couldn't decide that time.

If you are man enough why do you have to degrade my self-esteem? You would always compare me to your ex-girlfriends! And I don't think a true man can do that! What hurts me most is that you are obliging me to buy you things I cannot afford. I'm not your mother, not even your wife! And then compare me again to your ex-girlfriend who can afford to buy you all those precious things. Daymn! You don't need a girlfriend! You need a sugar mommy. Another thing that's affecting my self-esteem is when you told me I'm ugly, I'm "pandak" (small), you're girlfriend is prettier, they are richer, and you don't even know why you loved me! What the heck! If it's just a pity then you must really go before I burst out!

And lately, (this just proves that you are not a man) you called me telling me you missed me? What the f*ck, I thought you already gave up? Then what do you mean by that. You even told me that you would still fight for me and then after that day you'd tell me again that you were hurt so much about everything I've done to you and... give up again?

You're driving me crazy!!!

All I can say to you is if you really love me then give your best shot, try to win me back (if you can) and leave your b*tch! But if you really had given up then leave me alone! I'm better off alone with a fake man! This is really a GOODBYE for us. I've got ten thousand reasons why I should dump you and million reasons why I shouldn't stay with you.

*Thanks to my blog 'coz I can show the whole world how much I hate you now.

Feb 22, 2009

Privacy on the Internet

No matter how careful we are in securing our important files and information, some people out there are still good in invading our privacy in the internet. But with vpn they can be safe and rest assured that they're in good hands. Nothing is really safe nowadays in the internet. Good thing I found vpn that can help me with my confidential information.

Feb 20, 2009

I Have To Move On

Well... Those are just part of my memories now. What we had was a really great relationship but had ended so soon. Well, at least I have loved and learned a lot from it. For almost two years of our relationship, I can say that I had loved him with all my life and it's time for me to love myself. Unfortunately, we didn't had a good closure but I'm still quite happy that my sufferings and emotional aches have ended. It's time for me to love another man. I know he's okay now and he's loving a new girl. That's life, we have to stay positive. I know we had made plans on marrying each other and having our own kids but they're just plain memories now. Well, that's life we love and break up and love a new one and might break up again. Life is full of surprises that sometimes we don't understand why someone has to go and ended up with questions. I know time will heal.

Just a part of my memory now.

Feb 18, 2009

Lady Gaga's Hair Style

Have you noticed Lady Gaga's hair style? The one's with the bow made of hair? I wonder if it's her real her but it's cute anyway and it caught my attention. I also noticed that hair style in her music video "Poker Face." I love hairstyles that are catchy like hers. I wish I could also wear hair styles but not exactly the same with Lady Gaga, no that catchy.

Feb 16, 2009


I know I've got two choices whether should I stay or leave. And I have to choose which one would be better for me and have to disregard the one that would hurt me. If I'm hurtin' then why must I stay? If I'm not happy anymore, why should I still stick with it? If it's love that's only left, then why?

Even if I choose either of them, it would still hurt me so I must choose which one would give me pain but will heal as time flies.

It is my love that makes me want to stay with you, but the pain you've caused me wants to leave you.

Feb 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Myspace Graphics

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Feb 12, 2009

First Love

I always hoped that my first love would be my last. But time was so unkind... I was expecting all the way that he would be the one for the rest of my life. I guess the saying that nothing lasts forever was right after all. What's important is that I've learned how to love and I know that I've been happy for the times that we've spent together although they are just part of my memories now. I've learned a lot of things and I know that I'll never forget this such wonderful relationship that we had. Sad to say, it just didn't work out for the two us. Maybe, we're not really meant for each other. Maybe, we have different views in life. Maybe, I fell out of love. And maybe, he's not really meant for me. But I still believe that no matter what happens if we were really meant to be, then no matter how long it takes, we will still be together. But both of us were hurt so badly that I couldn't speak in front of him. Yes, it took me so long to speak out. I'm still hoping for a good closure and happy ending although we couldn't really call this as a happy ending. I wish him all the best and he will always have a place in my heart. Yes, there's no turning back and we gotta move on.

Feb 6, 2009

New Social Netwok Site

I love joining social network sites. In fact, I'm a member of almost all of the known sites in the internet. Right now, I just registered to Acobay. The newest and hippest networking site. What makes this site unique is that you get to share some stuffs like the latest gadgets you have, the cars you drive, movies you love to watch and other things. You'll be able to get ideas and recommendations from other members. Acobay is a unique networking site that you might want to try. I have already registered and I'm able to find new gadgets and other stuffs that I also want to have someday. Thanks for the help of Acobay members.

Butchie's Teeth

This picture was taken when Butchie was just a cute puppy and his permanent teeth are starting to grow. He's teeth looks funny for me. He looks like a donkey. I can't imagine how his teeth grow fast. Before I posted this picture, his teeth are now complete. Woah... It was really faster than I ever thought...

Feb 3, 2009

Treatment Center for Addiction

More and more people get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Some of them will need a rehabilitation and I guess some of them don't want to be rehabilitated. When we think about rehabilitation, we feel as if we will not be comfortable in that place. But rapid opiate rehab is a place where the client is removed from his or her old environment and placed in a safe, supportive environment. You will never feel that you're in a rehabilitation because of its nice ambiance. rapid opiate rehab provides you with what you need and your concerns will be their priority.

Feb 2, 2009

My Friend's Cat

My friend from UK just sent me some of her cat's pictures. Actually, she just wanted to show me the picture of snow in her place since it is already snowing there. But then she also included her cat in the pictures. Hannah the cat, is so cute and cuddly. She's chubby and I love chubby cats!I guess my friend sent me Hannah's picture because she knows that we are both cat lovers. Anyways, here are the pictures that she sent me:
The tree that has no leaves is an apple. I wish I could plant apples on our yard here in the Philippines but too bad they never grow here.
Jaran!!! It's Hannah Banana!
Ooooppppssss!!! I wonder what she's doing in this picture.
Just enjoying herself on the snow.
I wonder how cold in this place right now? But hey! I still wanna try to go to a snowy place like this. I wish I could go there someday. Hehe
Hannah! Look at meehhh!!!!


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