Mar 29, 2009

Craig David's Concert

I'm glad I was able to watch Craig David's Concert at Araneta Coliseum last Friday (March 27). It was really fun although we were seated at the back and I can't see him clearly. I am really addicted to his song which is Insomnia and I always listen to it everytime I work in front of the computer. This is my first to watch a live concert of a foreign singer that's why I was really that excited. Hope you'll enjoy a snapshot of the concert although it wasn't really a good shot since the people in front of my are also having fun.

Mar 20, 2009

Congratulations, Aiza!

I just want to congratulate my friend Aiza, for giving birth to a healthy baby Boy today. I hope I would have the time to see her Baby soon. Who's the Ninangs and Ninongs? Hmmm...
My friends with Aiza (wearing gray blouse, she's still pregnant that time).

Mar 16, 2009

Torn in Between the Two

Guys, as much as I want to avoid fights...
I know I can't...
You both LOVE me...
and I both LOVE you.
I wanna be with him but I also wanna be with you.
I don't wanna hurt your feelings much as I don't wanna hurt him.
I'm afraid of losing him, but I'm afraid of you leaving me.

If I could just bifurcate my heart so I could LOVE you both..
Then why not?
This is a very complicated situation for me...
and as days go by,
it keeps on breaking my heart
To see myself torn between the two of you.

My heart says I love him more
No, heart says I still love you
When I'm with you,
I think about him.
But when I'm with him,
I think about you.
My heart is confused...

I hate your bad ways,
But I still love you.
I like him for being him,
Which makes me love him more and more.
My friends hate you,
but I still love you.
My friends like him,
And I love him for that.

This can't be forever,
But who should I choose?

Mar 6, 2009

A Tribute to Francis Magalona

This is a tribute to Francis Magalona...

This is a shocking news for me. It saddens me to know that I will never see him again in Eat Bulaga. He is a very talented artist and very patriotic. I admire him for staying positive in spite of his illness. This is a big loss in the industry but I know that he had lived a very beautiful life.

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