Dec 6, 2020


Before the 'Plantita' was a thing in our country, I was already into this hobby but most them are fruit bearing plants. While browsing my past photos, I couldn't imagine how many plants we had in our backyard before. So I want to share it on my blog.

I used to be obssessed in planting sunflowers because I saw how beautiful they were in UP Diliman. Unfortunately, I was not able to plant many sunflowers. But I'm still happy since they grew and the flower blossomed. 

Oregano and Santan


I forgot the name of this plant. It has bulb and  I believe this plant belongs to the lily family. But the flowers are really beautiful. Until now, we still have this kind of plant in our yard.

We also had plenty of fruit bearing plants. I love to eat fresh veggies that's been picked from our garden. It's organic and we were able to save a penny.

Here's some of our plants. 

I love spicy foods that's why I always wanted to plant chillies. We still plant chillies until now. As we all know, they can be expensive in the market.

We always have 'malunggay' or moringa in our backyard. They are full of nutrients and can be mixed with a lot of different Filipino dishes like 'monggo', 'ginisang sardinas', 'tinola', or 'dinengdeng'

Not everyone likes the taste of bitter melon but it is healthy and I like eating it's leaves. I just boil the leaves and add a little bit of 'bagoong' and 'calamansi'

Papaya. They're perfect for 'tinola' and 'dinengdeng' or 'inabaw'.

We used to have plantains. They were from Ivory Coast but unfortunately we were not able to maintain them. 

Eating green leafy vegetables are healthy. I also love to eat kamote (leaves) salad mixed with tomatoes and onions. 

We had 'calamansi' plant. It had lots of fruits before I left to work abroad that's why we didn't have to buy to the market. We just pick the fruits when we need it. Calamansi is a good source of Vitamin C. I used to love making calamansi juice or shake.

I also eat okra that is boiled, steamed or fried. I dipped it in bagoong or soy sauce with calamansi.

Lastly, our eggplant. I love to eat eggplant omelet for breakfast. I also like it fried and dipped it in soy sauce with calamansi.

Gardening is really therapeutic and it's a good hobby. We are able to pick fresh fruits from them. Fruits and vegetables are getting expensive so it's better to plant at home even if it's in a small pot. These days, we have to be practical and wise in saving money ang to being healthy. 

Dec 5, 2020

Crabs in Coconut Milk


So my friend and I decided to cook 'ginataang alimango' on the weekend since we were both craving for this dish. I actually love eating this kind of dish once in while. We went to the market nearby to buy crabs and other needed ingredients. 

I find cooking this dish easy. First, I washed the crabs to removed the dirt on their shell. Then I boiled them. Then I started to prepare the string beans, squash, onion, garlic and ginger.

I started cooking by sauteeing the garlic, onion and ginger. After that, added the squash and string beans. When the veggies are a little bit cooked, I added the crabs that I boiled earlier. Then I put the coconut milk. I used the powdered one. I just mixed it warm a cup of warm water before I poured it in. Lastly, I added salt and pepper to taste. That's how easy to cook it. Then we finally ate it. We ate a lot of rice because I enjoy this dish with rice. 

We had sliced pineapples for dessert. They are really sweet.

Unfortunately, I accidentally cut my thumb while peeling the squash. It's really hard peeling this vegetable. A part of of thumb nail was also cut and my thumb bled a lot. As of this writing, my wound is find now. Hahaha!

Dec 2, 2020

4 Things To Know For Your First Visit To Australia

 4 Things to Know for Your First Visit to Australia

Australia is a tourism hotspot for many travellers worldwide and is known for its vibrant cities, breath-taking natural landscapes, and friendly locals. According to Camper Champ, Australia welcomed about 9.3 million tourists in 2019. The travel experience can be quite daunting for anyone - especially first-time travelers - so it’s necessary that you discover helpful insights about your destination. This helps to guide your expectations so you’ll learn how best to take advantage of your experience. So, are you considering a visit to Australia anytime soon? Here are some things you should know about.

  1. Australia is a vast country

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Although Australia might look small on the map, it is the sixth-largest country on earth, with a landmass about 50% greater than Europe! As such, it takes considerable time to get around in the country. Car rentals are popular among tourists, especially those who visit in groups because renting a van is more convenient than public transport. Many travel experts suggest taking advantage of Australia’s vastness to go road-tripping since it is the best way to see the country. Therefore, if you are in the country for a long break and interested in an adventure, you can rent your car and take a classic Aussie road trip to experience Australia first-hand. 

  1. Mind the sun

Did you know that Australia has the highest skin cancer rate globally? Indeed, Australia has a thin ozone layer, making the sun harsher. Therefore, bringing along adequate sun protection is standard advice that travel experts give to people visiting Australia. Take your hat, sunglasses, protective clothing, and sunscreen to prevent sunburn and heatstroke. Also, many parts of the country record above 40°C temperatures several times a year, so it would be best to do some weather-forecast research about the regions you will be visiting to guide your packing. Skin damage is a real threat in Australia, so prioritize sun protection while packing to avoid any health problems after.

  1. Must-see destinations

There are several destinations in Australia that many travel experts and seasoned travellers agree that you should not miss while in the country. From stunning beaches to beautiful rainforests, there is something for every type of traveller. You can visit the Great Barrier Reef to see the world's largest reef and go diving in it as part of your holiday plans. Also, what's a trip to Australia without visiting the Sydney Opera house? With over 40 shows weekly, there's something that would undoubtedly interest you. Uluru, Bondi Beach, Daintree National Park, Sydney Harbour bridge, etc., are other destinations you should consider visiting for a remarkable Aussie experience.

  1. Money matters

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Some travel experts think a daily budget of $100-$200 for food, accommodation, and activities should be your estimation for your Aussie trip, so keep this in mind when drawing your budget. Also, rentals are typically listed weekly and not monthly like in most of Europe, so check with your travel agent before booking accommodation and rentals to avoid oversights that may lead to overpayments. Finally, due to Australia's high minimum wage, Australian services like bars and taxis don't expect tips from you, so you can conserve those tips to fund other areas to enhance your vacation experience.

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