Jan 29, 2017

Choosing a Guitar Store

Before you decide to buy a new set of guitar, make sure that you know what type that best suits you. Like for example, if you are just a beginner who is just starting to learn guitar keys or already familiar with playing a guitar. Anyways, there are many guitar center stores out there to choose from. Just make sure that you like the guitar and won’t make any regrets in the end.

About the Epiphone Wilshire

The Epiphone Wilshire is a type of symmetrical, double-cut, solid body guitar with a square-edged body and two P-90 pickups that was made during 1959 to 1970. The Epiphone was again reissued beginning 2009 until present and several models were made like the MF epiphone Wilshire. Many good reviews were made for the Epiphone that’s why there’s no wonder why until now this model is being used by many musicians.

Jan 4, 2017

Window Shopping and Lunch at Sahara Mall

If time permits, we go out to unwind so my co-worker and I decided to go out to the mall to do some window shopping; this is the usual stuff that we do here in Saudi during our free time. Shopping is the most common thing we do especially when are preparing to send our balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to find on sale items that time. Well, better luck next time. But at least somehow I was able to buy H & M Bras at a very cheap price. 

Usually, we enter every store and check some stuff in there and if we do find a nice item at an affordable price, then we buy them. There are seasons that most malls have sale that ranges from 25% to 75% or sometimes buy 1 take 1 or buy 2 take 1.You'll love shopping here when it's on SALE! 

Anyways, at least we were able to unwind once in a while and eat out. And we enjoyed the food. 

Just like the malls in the Philippines, malls here have also food court and it's where we usually eat.

Prayer Time. All establishments are closed during prayer time so we had to wait until it's finished. I was craving for something Mexican so we decided to wait near this store.

So the long wait is over and here's what I ordered.

Burrito with Crispy Chicken

Nachos. It's sooo cheesy.

Mojito sans the alcohol. Haha! But it's still good.

I think I spent only 28 SAR (around $7). Not bad. I wasn't disappointed with their food. It was delicious and satisfying. I have tried other Mexican food in Danube Mall and I was really disappointed with the taste. It doesn't taste Mexican.

My mandatory selfie before leaving home. LOL

I only go out once in a while especially if I have enough time as life here in abroad is all work and rest. LOL... Maybe it would take a couple months again before I can go out and do some shopping.


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