Aug 27, 2011

Butchie Loves the Water

I discovered this when I was watering the plants when I suddenly noticed that Butchie was trying to chase the water. It was a bit funny to see him doing this. When I was doing the car wash, he did it again. He was trying to bite the water. So let him play with the water. LOL

Butchie also did this when I was bathing him. I don't know why he loves to play with the water so much but I really find it cute.

Aug 19, 2011

Be Careful Sis

My sister and her husband went to a vacation in Boracay. Honestly, I've never been to Boracay so I'm still hoping that someday I can visit that beautiful place so I really envy my sister for that. Just this week, she called me telling me that she got injured by the corals while they were reef walking. She was scared because she doesn't know if she would be needing an anti-tetanus injection. So I made a short discussion to her about the Austin personal injury lawyer at least she would have an idea on what to do if she encounters another accident again. My advice to her is be careful next time and don't get too excited because that's how she got her bruises from Boracay.

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Old Skool: In My Dreams by REO Speedwagon

This is my all time favorite song. I never got sick and tired of listening to it. I love the lyrics and I used to relate to it way back it grade school and high school days. I just love reminiscing with the old days and this song has been a part of my teenage years. Hope you like it also. =)

I Don't Have a Sweet Tooth

I am not that into sweet foods. I don't really know why but some of my friends envy me for that because they just can't resist eating chocolates. I still eat chocolates and other sweets but I can't finish the whole pack. Maybe a bite or two is enough for me. I just crave for chocolates once in a blue moon. So I hope I won't get Diabetes when I get old since I don't eat sweets that much. Having Diabetes is not easy since it is usually associated with other complications and lifelong medications. Speaking of medications, we should be careful of what we are taking especially when we are not aware of the possible side effects which may bring us to cases like the Actos lawsuit wherein the Actos drug (drug for diabetes) might cause serious side effects to our body.

How Do You Like My Bangs?

Well, I had my bangs done last February. I was just too lazy to post this on my blog. I am very inconsistent when it comes to writing posts on my blog. But I really want to share it with you guys since I am very satisfied with the output. I had my haircut at Bench Fix Salon in SM Fairview.

The only thing is that my hair grows so fast so I had to cut my bangs at least once a week.

Trying to do the Korean/Asian pose. Hehe

Well, as I'm writing this blog post, my bangs are already long. I got tired of cutting it in front of the mirror again and again. So I guess I'll just leave it to the hair experts. I'll just go back to the salon to have my bangs cut short again.

Aug 12, 2011

My Very First Nail Art - Strawberry

With the help of Google and Youtube, I was able to find simple instruction on how to make a strawberry nail art.

For beginners like me, I used Bobby Brown and Careline...

With flash...

Without flash...

Hope you liked it ^_^

Aug 8, 2011

Looking for a Date

Sometimes, I miss being single because I get to do whatever I wanted without asking permission from anybody. I can go out anywhere and anytime I want. I can even mingle with anybody. But if I become a single, I will miss having a partner. At least right now, I’m happy with my love life unlike my friend who has been single for her whole 26 years of life and she’s now hoping to find the love of her life. I suggested to her to go on a blind date. But unfortunately, she did not like her date. She’s a little bit choosy. So I gave her another suggestion which is through dating websites. I think this is better that a blind date because she doesn’t have to waste time on finding the right man for her. She can just meet guys through the internet and just start chatting with them. My friend will really like this idea in my opinion because it will be very convenient for her since she’s very busy with her work. I hope she will find the guy that she’s been looking for there. She’s already in her mid 20s but she never had a boyfriend. So I told her that she should not be afraid in taking the risk in having a relationship since we all learn from our past relationships and it helps us to become a better a person. I told my friend to try because it shows the best dating websites that a searcher might find. Who knows, she might be able to find her date there and later on might become her partner in life. We’ll never know but some women were able to find their partner in life through online dating that some really lasted very long. Only future can tell it, right?

Aug 3, 2011

My First IELTS Examination Experience

Last Wednesday (July 27), I had my IELTS speaking test at Makati. I was really nervous that day hoping that I would be able to deliver my answers confidently without stammering. But unfortunately, I failed to do so. I got very nervous during the interview that I wasn't able to express what was on my mind. In my opinion, I did try my very best in order to answer the interviewer's questions in a fluent English. Minalas lang ako at nasira ang zipper ng slacks ko before the interview. Hahaha! I was so thankful that my blouse is a bit long and it was able to cover it.

Then went to Timog to get relaxed. We ate some barbecues and my favorite pulutan - chicharong bulaklak with Tanduay ice.

The exam was not yet over since I still have my writing tests (Listening, Reading and Writing) which I took last Saturday (July 30). I was really thankful that I was really able to wake up early at around 4:00 a.m. and arrived 2 hours before the exam. I got less nervous here since I didn't have to speak (I get uber nervous everytime I have an interview... LOL)

I had my breakfast on Starbucks located just in front of the testing area. I ordered Green Tea Latte 'coz I didn't want to drink coffee since it's a diuretic and I hate going to the restroom everytime. I just want to be relaxed on my seat.

The ambiance was great since the writing test was held on Shangri-La Hotel. Water and candies are provided inside the room. They also provided erasers for the examinees since we will be using pencils. There were around more or less 300 examinees that time. The seating arrangement was by 2' per column. They were strict but that's really common on any testing area, right?

After the exam, it was really a relief. Me and my IELTS review classmates decided to celebrate it by eating to a buffet restaurant near the area. It's in Dad's inside Glorietta mall. I ate a lot of sushi. Honestly, wala akong ganang kumain. I kept on thinking about the exam. I was really crossing my fingers hoping that I was able to reach the scores I need.

Then went to Tagaytay to unwind and relax. Luckily, it was foggy that afternoon. This is what I really enjoy in Tagaytay so we decided to go to Park in the Sky to feel the cold weather and get up close with the fog.

As you can see, I'm all smiles because I just love the weather in this place. Afterwards, we ate Bulalo and I drank avocado shake. Yummy...

I hope I would get good IELTS score. In God's will, everything will be alright. =)

Aug 2, 2011

GT: Best Birthday Ever

Every year, I celebrate my birthday in different ways may it be with great foods or just drinking beer with friends. But there's one thing that I've realized. I've been celebrating my birthdays for 26 years without my mom's presence. She's been working abroad in order to support us (her 3 children) so it's really sad that I never had any birthday celebration with her. I am happy that she finds a way to make me happy 'coz  she never missed giving me gifts either by money or things on my special day. So if that time comes, that would be my best birthday ever. ^_^

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