Feb 19, 2015

Good Morning Riyadh

Everyday, I get to see the beauty of Kingdom Tower which is located near my workplace. You'll appreciate it even more at night. 

This picture was taken after my night shift duty. The sky was bright and the weather was great so why not take a photo of Kingdom Tower? I never got tired looking at this structure. There are really lots of unique design of buildings in Riyadh which I rarely see in our country.

Feb 18, 2015

Bida and Sarap!

In the Philippines, we get to eat Jollibee almost everyday if we want to. But if you are living abroad, thousand miles away like me, you'll miss this famous Filipino fast food chain. So the kid in me is very happy to get a taste of it again. Actually, this is my third time to eat in Jollibee in Riyadh. I just lost the first two pictures. I'm so careless sometimes. 

I rarely get a chance to taste Jollibee here 'coz there's no delivery at work and at home and we go to Batha (where Jollibee is located) once a month only. So even if there are other selection of Pinoy Restos around the area, we still opted to eat at Jollibee.


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