Aug 30, 2019

Why Go On A Cruise?

When going on vacation, you have many different options to choose from. You could opt to go on a safari, you could decide to take a relaxing beach break, or you could go on a cruise! In this blog post, we are going to focus on the last option. If this is something that you have never considered before, you should definitely consider it now. With that being said, read on to discover why everyone should go on a cruise at least once. 

Benefit from amazing value - There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that cruises offer great value for money. A lot of people think that cruises are expensive. However, if you were to travel from location to location via plane, staying in different hotels, you would end up spending much more money. This is why cruises offer exceptional value. You are essentially going to have ten different vacations in one. 

There is a cruise ship for everyone - This is something that a lot of people do not realise. A lot of people assume that cruise ships are all massive in size, with loads of children, and lots of cheesy entertainment options. Of course, if this is the sort of cruise you want, you will be able to easily find it. However, this is not the only option that is available to you. There are plenty of other cruises too, including those on smaller boats and adult-only cruises too. 

See some of the world’s best locations in one trip - Aside from this, another benefit associated with going on a cruise is that you will get to travel to some of the most magical locations. These are some of the locations that would be incredibly difficult to visit while on vacation. For example, you can read these tips to help you choose the best Galapagos cruise for a better understanding of the different options out there. After all, this is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. 

Cruises are family-friendly - Last but not least, another reason why a cruise is something that everyone should consider going on at least once is that cruises are family-friendly. If you have children, you can be sure that there will be plenty of different facilities for you to make the most of. Plus, you may even be able to use daycare facilities so that you can get a bit of time to yourself too. 

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should consider going on a cruise. Not only do cruises offer a lot of value but they are a lot of fun too. After all, you never know, once you go on one cruise, this could become your favorite choice of holiday again, again, and again!

Aug 17, 2019

Celebrating my Brother's Birthday at TongYang

We've decided to just celebrate my brother's birthday in Tong Yang since it's more practical and easier so we will not prepare food. Our family really enjoy buffets especially when you can grill your own food and cook your preferred soup. That's why Tong Yang is our go-to restaurant for that. 

We prefer the Tong Yang in W Mall, Pasay City because we've noticed that it is not that crowded during lunchtime and it's not the first time that we've eaten here. So it's easier to go around the food stations to get some food because there's no line. 

Unfortunately, we've noticed that they did not serve sushis and the salad bar had only few lettuce. Both of these are the most food I always look for in a buffet. The good thing was the fee was lower this time so I think it's fair enough. Otherwise, the food was still good.

At least we enjoyed the food and had fun and got to celebrate my brother's birthday. We seldomly spend time with our family due to work and other engagements in life.

My family
My two nieces actually enjoyed their sweets. =)

Aug 16, 2019

Goodbye KSA

A year ago, I left this country full of worries, anxiety and other things. I was not so sure what was going to happen next for me as I already left my job. It's a risk and at the same time I know I have a better chance for better opportunities for my career as a nurse? But the question that keeps bugging my mind was:

What's next???

As I was sitting in the waiting area, I was full of mixed emotions as I'm going to see my beloved motherland again and I expected that I am going to stay for a couple of months. But I was also stressed that by the succeeding months, I don't have a source of income and I would be relying only on my savings. I was a bit excited on what was going to happen on career. 

My waiting time took so long as there has been a flight delay. The time of my flight was supposed to be at around 12 midnight but the plane took off at around 6 am. Anyways, I think  I should get used to it as an OFW. Hehe....

My stay in KSA was really a very memorable one for me. I have learned a lot not just with my profession as a nurse but as an individual. It changed me in a somehow good way I could say. I have met different types of people. Some I have made real friendship and became like my own family and some... well let's just say that I didn't get along well with. But in the end, it helped me become who I am today.

So, thank you Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, until then...


Aug 11, 2019

The Most Awkward Moments When Moving Home

Moving home is a big step in anyone’s life, whether it be for the first, second, or thousandth time. It’s often a lot harder than choosing the right savings account, or buying the right family car, or even just securing a mortgage. After all, you’ve got to pack up all your stuff and uproot yourself once again, and if you’ve got a family to take with you, you’ve got to unsettle them one more time as well! It’s a difficult period, and it’s rife with stress, and you’re never going to be sure if your moving process will go quite as smoothly as you want it to. 

And because of that, it’s important we know about the most awkward and hard to deal with moments when it comes to moving home. There’s quite a few of them out there, and depending on the type of person you are, some are going to be a lot more trouble than others! But in general, the ones we’ve listed below are the most frustrating to have to take on. 

So, if you’re about to find yourself a new home, or you know you have to relocate in the near future, make sure you’re aware of what could be the most stressful things to get on with. Let’s make sure you’re moving out and back in again with little to no hair ripped out of your head! 

Make sure you don’t trap the dog in any one of those boxes you’ve got to fill up! (Source)

Not Really Knowing Where You’re Headed

Before you move home, you need to be sure you’re aware of where you’re headed. It’s no good trying to relocate your family on a stress free whim; moving home requires another home to move into! And aside from that, you need to be sure of what’s nearby as well, so you can factor convenience into your new home life. 

Amenities make the area you’re moving to. If there’s no corner shop or convenience store nearby, you’re going to be using up a lot of your free time to fill the house with groceries on a regular basis. And not only that - the more you need to move around your new area, the more expensive the move is going to become, overall. When you look at that costly fuel bill whenever you fill up your car, it can be hard to justify the need to find a new home in the first place. 

So, for just a quick example on the crucial importance of knowing your new area, think about sending your kids to a new school. Is there even one in the area? How many students are they already taking? Is there another school you could think about as well? Are either of them suitable for your children’s needs? How far away are they? What will it cost, and how long will it take, to commute there and back again? It’s questions like these you need to keep in mind before you settle on a decision for a new home. 

Getting Your Vehicle in the Right Place

If you do have a car, or you have more than one in your family, it can be tricky to take them along with you. After all, if you’re sitting upfront in the moving truck, providing directions to the driver, you’re not going to be able to drive your own car at the same time! And a lot of people like to hitch a lift inside the vehicle that’s transporting all of their precious goods from one home to another. 

And so, this is a very awkward situation to find yourself in. You’ve got a car that’s still sitting outside of your old place, and you need to be able to go back to get it as soon as possible. And yet, if you go anywhere on your own, you’ll have a family to leave behind, that’ll be in great need of a babysitter - if you take them with you, you’ll be hauling a lot of people back and forth unnecessarily. 

Then you’ve got to plan out how you’ll be able to get back to your car; do you want to spend money on a taxi, or a train, or the bus? If you’ve got the kids as well, how much extra will their tickets be? Do you even have the cash to spare right now? You need to get something in for dinner tonight, after all! 

And if you’re thinking of asking another person to jump in behind the wheel, there’s always a chance your insurance will go up the spout. If an accident occurs, or the person gets pulled over, and they’re not registered to drive your vehicle, you could have a legal headache to deal with in the near future as well. 

Which is why, to remove the headache of needing to traipse back and forth, and to remove the time you’ll waste coming up with an efficient plan to do so, it might be worth it to budget in a car transport company. If you’re going to be moving home, and it’s going to take a lot more time to get your car to come along with you, hiring a professional to move it safely and efficiently is often the most cost effective way forward. 

Damaging the Contents of Your Moving Boxes
Moving home can be very costly in terms of damages, and mostly, in terms of contents damage. After all, you can pack up your items in suitable moving boxes as best as you’re capable, but if they’re being tossed around and dropped all the time, those protective layers aren’t going to last very long. Even bubble wrap will pop all over under repeated pressure. 

The most common damages come in the form of breakages - if you have a box full of kitchen crockery, it’s best to mark ‘FRAGILE’ all over the sides of the box, to ensure it’s handled carefully by anyone who picks it up. If you can, try to mix the items here and there; if you’ve got an heirloom from your grandmother to transport, and you know it’s an incredibly old and fragile piece, put it in one of the living room boxes, especially the one that’s filled with your sofa cushions. 

All in all, your home contents can get damaged during a move, and unpacking a box to find it full of snapped and sharp pieces is the most stressful moment of all. Which means it’s important to know the reputation of the company you’re using, or how responsible and capable the friend or family member you’re relying on is. You need the right support underneath you right now, and if you can’t move all of your items yourself, you’ll have to entrust that burden to someone else.

Most of all, make sure you trust the person who’s loading all of your goods into the back of a moving van or truck, and that you’re sure of the kind of person they are. You can gain a good sense of this through your initial conversations, and the quote they provided you with when you called for their help. Do they seem overly expensive, based on other quotes you’ve gotten or advice you’ve received from loved ones who have moved before? Is their quote relatively cheap in comparison? You need to find a balance between these two extremes if you want peace of mind! 

So, before you start loading up, think of a few questions like these: Are they a friendly in their manner? Do you feel at ease with giving them your packed up boxes? Do they spend time ensuring all of your contents are securely placed in the back of their vehicle? And from what you’ve seen of their driving skills, do you believe they’ll navigate safely and slowly whilst they undergo a job for you? 

How Awkward Can Moving Be For You?

It very much varies, from person to person, and from situation to situation. After all, if you’re currently renting a place, and you’re simply moving to another rented accommodation, a lot of the paperwork is cut out of the process. You just need to finish up a tenancy, make sure your rent is paid, and then pack up and move on. And if it’s just you, you can be in and out within a day! 

But if you’re moving into a home of your own, for the very first time, there’s a lot more to be getting on with. And if you’ve got a family to take with you, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. More than one person to pack for, as well as finalising a sale, paying up all your fees, and then making sure the home you’ve bought is as good as it was when you first surveyed it a couple of months ago. 

All in all, moving home is an awkward process, with few reprieves here and there. Let’s make it less stressful! 

Aug 6, 2019

Hatchback Or Coupe: What Car Should You Buy?

When you are on the lookout for a new car, there’s nothing worse than having to trawl the used car showrooms every weekend. Your whole life tends to be put on hold in the quest to find a new set of wheels. You could go for a sensible hatchback, a sporty little number or even a campervan. Choosing your new car means assessing your lifestyle and finding a vehicle that will be fit for purpose. There’s no point purchasing a large SUV if you’re doing inner city driving every day. But there is so much more to consider than just the looks of a motor. Take a look at this guide to discover which car is best for you.


Rather than focusing on the aesthetics of a vehicle, think about how much the running costs might be in the long term. This is where you need to do your research. You could take a look at your personal budget and work out how much you have to spend on your car annually. You’ll need to factor in insurance costs. You might want that little convertible sitting on your driveway, but if the insurance costs more than the purchase price of the car, is it really worth it. Think about fuel economy and reliability. If you are keen on a gas guzzling monster, it may cost you a fortune in fuel every week.

Check reviews out online and make sure that your prospective motor isn’t recalled every six months. Find yourself a decent garage like Elite Automotive, and ask their advice. They can tell you the cars they see most, and the ones that seem most reliable. You don’t want to be forking out for niggles every few months.


What do you need a car for? If you are doing lots of highway driving and you do a thousand miles a month, you need a car that is comfortable. Spend a bit more money on air con, excellent upholstery and a decent sound system to make your driving more palatable. If you do a ridiculous amount of inner city driving, something small and compact might suffice. Being able to park in the tiniest of spots is a luxury when driving through town. And if you are ferrying the kids to school, and taking them to swimming lessons on a Saturday morning, you’ll want to check out the safety features on any car you buy to ensure that your brood is safe when traveling.


The aesthetics of your new motor should come way down your list of priorities. However, it’s human nature to want something on a driveway that looks attractive. If you are a bit kooky and love your bright colors, a yellow or lime green motor could be a reflection of your personality. If you're more into the sleek black and angular shapes, a boxier chassis might be more up your street. Go with what you love. After all, you’ll be owning it for a few years at least.

Buying a new car is a fickle business. You need to commit to your search, and you need to focus on many aspects of car ownership. Stick to your budget and think about what you need from a car before you buy.

Aug 1, 2019

Relationship Goals: Steps To Create A Lasting Bond

Relationships can cause us to experience extreme emotions. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, many of us have been through both ecstasy and heartache. If you’re in a new relationship, or you’re thinking about taking the next step with your partner, here’s a guide to creating a strong, lasting bond.

Communication is key when you’re in a partnership. Both parties should feel able to talk and open up, to share ideas and opinions, and to get things off their chest. Talk about what you’ve done that day and chat about what’s going on in the news, but don’t gloss over your emotions. You don’t need to have deep heart-to-hearts on a daily basis, but be honest with each other, and support each other. If you’re having a tough time at work, you’re struggling with your mental health, or there are issues that are worrying you, confide in your partner. You might find that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Confront underlying issues
When you have a relationship with somebody, you might find that there are hurdles or problems that prevent you from wanting to commit to that person. If you feel like your relationship is worth fighting for, but there are underlying issues, confront them before you move any further. From money worries and alcohol or sex addiction to complaints about going out too much or habits that drive you crazy, it’s always beneficial to be honest about how you feel and to try and confront issues as a united force. If you can tackle obstacles together, you stand a good chance of getting over them. If your partner has a problem, for example, an addiction, or they’re struggling to find work, or they do things that upset or frustrate you, be there to advise and support them. 

Have fun
People often talk about the honeymoon period in a relationship. This is the stage where you have fun together, you’re getting to know each other, and you’re in your own little bubble. While this rose-tinted vision may not represent real life, there’s no reason why relationships have to become drab, complex, or hard work just because you’ve been together for years. There may be highs and lows, but it’s always important to make time to have fun together. Travel, go to the movies, hang out with friends, catch a show, eat out. Just enjoy the time you have together. 

Don’t compare yourself to others
Often, we have an image of the perfect relationship based on movies and social media. The reality is that no relationship is idyllic. Comparing yourself to others can be damaging, so focus on your own relationship. Remember that movies aren’t real and social media feeds provide an edited snapshot of life. 

Relationships can make us feel incredible, but they can also take their toll on our happiness and wellbeing. If you’re in a relationship, and you want it to last, talk to each other, have fun together, confront problems and hurdles as a pair and don’t get too carried away with the image of the perfect couple. 

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