Dec 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a very simple Christmas celebration this year and we only prepared few dishes since there were only four of us in the house. My sister wanted it to be solemn and private. This year has been a sad Christmas for our country because of the unexpected events that has happened especially the typhoon Sendong that hit Cagayan De Oro and Iligan so I think it's just right for us to have a simple celebration.

Gosh! Terno ang blouse ko sa curtains! Hahaha!

We had kebab with grilled veggies, adobong kambing, chopsuey, lechon paksiw and brownies for Noche Buena. We drank wine too. Though there were only four people in the house, I got really tired afterwards because I helped my sister in preparing the food and cleaning the house. I really had a long hours of sleep after that.

I was very happy with the gifts that I've received this Christmas. They will be very useful for me. ^_^

Paul gave me three gifts and I don't know why.
1. Volleyball. He knows that I'm so stuck with this sports so much.
2. Big drinking class. He also knows that I always and has to drink milk since I already have Osteopenia.
3. Perfume. I don't know why but he told me that he has no idea on what else to give me.

Of course my family also gave me gifts and I was really surprised with what they gave me.
1. Accessory organizer. I got this one from a friend when we had an exchange gift. Now I can put some of my accessories here.
2. Cash. My BIL and mom gave me money. My mom always do give me money during Christmas.
3. Blackberry Curve. This was really a big surprise for me 'coz I didn't expect that my sister will buy me a cellphone. She is very kuripot.
4. Birkenstock. It was also given to me by my sister. She bought this when she visited my mom in Germany. I love this slipper because it's very comfy and stylish.

I've posted this topic late since I've been busy attending celebrations and gatherings most of the time. Time flies so fast and 2012 is just around the corner. Looking forward for a better future for us and our country.

Dec 17, 2011

Family Get-together in Matabungkay, Batangas

This is another late post that I have kept months ago. Our family went to Matabungkay to enjoy our summer. We heard that there are bamboo rafts with huts that we can rent for the whole day there so we did a reservation through a referral. The raft was sailing the whole day at the beach so we brought everything we need in there. The raft has a small hut where we can take a little rest or if we want to change clothes. The scenery was great and the beach water was very clear.

This was not exactly our raft, I just want to show you how it looks like. Ours is bigger than those since there are more than 10 people in our raft. We also also had barbecues while our raft was sailing courtesy of the owner of the raft. They are really accommodating and friendly.

Cool! I saw a man selling ice cream on the beach. His box has a floater so it would just float on the water.

It was really a total relaxation for us since we all just swim and eat the whole day. It was a time wherein we had to forget stress and just enjoy what we're doing. I had fun looking over the different colors and types of fishes and corals. Manong, one of the owners of the raft guided me on the part where I can lots of fishes and corals. Of course I took some pictures of them but too bad my camera is not an underwater camera so I wasn't able to get nice shots. I guess I should buy one since I love going to the beach.

Anyways, I still managed to take some quite nice photos... just a little blurred though:

We saw lots of starfishes here. They come in different sizes and colors.

We saw lots of sea urchins while on our way back to the shore. Scary!

Dec 7, 2011

Reunion with my Former Co-teachers

I used to work as an ESL Teacher to Korean students before. This was my very first work and the kind of work that I really loved doing. I was able to learn a little something about Korean culture, language, etc. I'm a fanatic of Korean drama so I guess that's the reason why teaching worked for me. Sad to say, I had to quit the job to pursue my real profession which is nurse. There are times that I want to go back teaching but I also love being a nurse.

Finally, after almost 3 years I saw my co-teachers again. Some of them are new and just met during the get together. The new teachers are nice and friendly, they share their experience on work and some already resigned as I did. Those who are still working in our company shared a lot of stories at work, some issues and of course happy moments. Honestly, I can't relate to some of them but still it made me laugh.

We ate at a Korean restaurant just few walks away from the work place. The foods they ordered are really delicious. I love the chicken which is like Chicken Buffalo. I wasn't really familiar with the names of the dishes. I was late that time because I had problems with my tummy but I was thankful I was able to make it there.

Nov 28, 2011

Fiesta Somewhere in Cavite

This is a very very late post. Sorry I forgot where exactly in Cavite it was and I've even forgotten the name of their patron saint since this was months ago. It's my brother in law's officemate. My sister invited me to come with them and since it's fiesta, I agreed immediately. They prepared a lot of food but it was this oyster that we enjoyed eating.

It tasted good especially when we dipped it into pinakurat (a visayan vinegar). We ate about 2 to 3 small buckets of oysters. I think they got this near the beach since the beach was a few walks away. While eating oysters, we drank a bottle of wine and it was really awesome!

After eating, the owner of the house accompanied us to the beach since we all wanted to see it. While on our way to the beach, I took a picture around the area and some are weird signage.

I know my English is not perfect, too. But quite funny, ayt?

Another one, this resort is located just a little bit behind BIL's officemate's house. Why do have to go to Florida when Miami is just located in Cavite? Just kidding...

My sister and I both love taking pictures. So we took some pictures while we where on the beach. The beach wasn't that clear. It was dark. We didn't go swimming since we didn't bring extra clothes. We didn't have any idea that the beach was this near from their house.

Candid shot care of my sister. Love it! You can see on this picture on how the beach looks.

As what my sister told me, 'mag-pose sa bangka!' So I did and it looked good.

 From that day on, I started to appreciate eating oyster. I used to hate eating baked oysters but because of this experience, I start liking it and making it as one of my favorite foods. I even tried the Rockefeller in Oyster Boy and it was really yummy. 

Twin Eggplant

I saw this eggplant while I was buying veggies so I decided to buy it and share it to your guys. It's my first to see a twin eggplant. =)

Nov 25, 2011

That is Stealing!

I heard a noise outside our house so I tried to peep on our window to check it out and to my surprise, I saw our neighbor harvesting the fruits of our mango tree! If I'm not mistaken, they were able to get a bunch of mango fruits about more or less 2 big plastic bags. That's a lot! It's not that I don't want to give them but they should have asked permission from the owner first. It's a sign of disrespect to neighbor.

Our neighbor together with her panungkit! So rude! She just kept on harvesting the fruits without our permission. Actually, her whole family are harvesting. What a great way to spend time with the family.

So after a couple of months, we decided to cut the tree down to avoid many issues. I will really miss our mango tree especially now that it's supposed to start bearing flowers. No more fresh mango tree for me. =(

Nov 24, 2011

First Time at Ocean Adventure

This is actually a late post. We were supposed to go swimming in Subic that time but my sister had changed her mind when we reached Subic when she saw the 'To Ocean Adventure Sign.' No one objected since we were all first timers. We arrived there at almost 12:00 noon so we hurriedly took our lunch there since the second set of shows will start by 1:00 pm.

Just wanna share this to you just in case you wanna know the entrance fee.

The Eco Theater is the first stop. Here are the pictures:

The two Aetas are demonstrating on how to make fire out of bamboo but they failed to do it so assuming na lang na may fire. ^_^

I saw this guy on TV5. He was interviewed regarding the bats in Subic.

Seaside Stadium...

This is my favorite. This creature is huge. I forgot what kind of creature he is but he is not a dolphin. He was trying to imitate the shark and he looks so cute there.
I was I could be a dolphin trainer too so I can do the same. Kakainggit... =)

I forgot the name of this show already. Memory gap?
There are two guys who are doing some exhibitions.

Olongapo Jones and Pawee the cute mascot =)

Another cute mascot, Leila =)

This was the last show...

Belat!!! What a cute sea lion.

I want a kiss, too.

Sea lions waving goodbye...

Close encounter with the dolphin.

This kid is really funny. He's making fun of us while taking pictures. He was scolded by his mom afterwards. LOL

We went to Zoobic Safari afterwards because they had a 'Night Safari' that time but unfortunately, my camera's battery was dead already.


Next time, my camera will always be ready 'coz I bought a spare battery for it. It was an unexpected tour. We all thought that we were just go swimming in Subic but sometimes the unplanned activities will be more fun and enjoyable.

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