Mar 31, 2020

Padi's Point with Friends

After going exploring and eating lunch, my friends and I decided to have some drinks at Padi's Point. This is the first and last time (as of the moment) that I went here. This is place is famous for gimmicks and drinking.

I could say that we really had a great time together. We really had fun drinking and laughing, enjoying our time together.

After that, we did some strolling at the mall then we headed home. It was really a tiring day but full of fun and enjoyment. These are some of the fond memories that I will forever treasure which is meeting good friends.


Mar 30, 2020

Fond Memories with Friends

Another unforgettable memory that I had during my training days in this hospital was spending time with my friends wherein we went exploring some things around the area. So in spite of what I was going through during those days, I still manage to be somehow happy and have some fond memories with my new found friends.

We loved to get a hot chocolate drink from the vendo-machine. I was not drinking coffee yet at that time that's why I always preferred a hot chocolate drink. We used to buy almost every day. I think it's one of our favorite hobby and sometimes we would go to the hospital canteen to take a seat and to eat and sometimes eat a snack.

As far as I can remember we finished our duty early so we decided to go to Quezon City Hall to check out the bazaar in there. We just actually wanted to explore.

Afterwards, we headed to the mall and took a lunch at Shakey's. We enjoyed the food and our funny chitchats.

Although we only spent a few months together, we had a lot of bonding moments. I can remember that we also went to Mang Larry's in UP Diliman to try their barbecue. Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures. But I can say that their barbecue is really delicious.


Mar 29, 2020

Papa's 40th Day

On the 40th day of my father's death, we offered a prayer for my father's soul attended by our relatives and neighbors. My siblings and mother were not there because they already came back abroad.

We solemnly prayed for my father's soul with the help of the elders from our neighborhood.

After praying, we had a simple meal.

Afterwards, we burned the prayer materials and other stuff used during the funeral of my father as advised by my family and elders.


Mar 26, 2020

My Life as a Nurse Trainee

To be honest, I don't know what kind of title should  I write on this post. I just want to share some good old memories.

Those were the days when I enrolled in a tertiary hospital as a nurse trainee. I've learned a lot of things and of course, I've met a lot of different people. I can still remember how pressured I was during those days because my father just died. I pretended that I was okay but I wasn't. I just concealed my real feelings by smiling and laughing. Nobody knows that I was grieving.

I consider these days as "The Dark Period" of my life. It was those days that I could not focus no matter how I wanted to. We had quizzes, practical exams and case studies. Too bad I did really bad at that time. You know, those feelings that you wanted to stop doing something but you have to because you have no choice. If I did not continue with my training, then fee paid for it will also be forfeited which is kinda expensive. Besides, it's better to be busy to keep me preoccupied than staying at home. At least I met these wonderful friends who made my hard times a little bit easy.

I still managed to smile once in a while. It just sucks when I became alone like when I was in my bedroom. I couldn't hold my tears to fall on my pillow. 

One of my friends had celebrated her birthday. So we gave here a cake. These moments made me happy once in a while. 

One of the things that I will never forget while I was in this hospital was the place where we ate our lunch. We called it "construction." As you can see on the background, it's a 'carenderia' located in a construction site. The food there was affordable and delicious compared to eating in a fast-food.

The training took only 4 months but I felt like it was a very long time. Well, I met a lot of friends and I was able to spend some good times with like eating in a fast food restaurant and drinking beer with them. 

Actually, there was a lot of activities during my training days. We had the Nursing Week, Seminars, Case Studies, Exams, etc. Thank God, I was able to survive. Unfortunately, I did not pursue in applying to become a hired staff nurse or even enrol again to train as Hemodialysis Nurse. 

Sometimes the things that we want in life change. And honestly, I wasn't that okay since I just lost my father that time. But there is nothing I could do about it. I was grieving and really sad. But life must go on.

Mar 18, 2020

I Think I Should Start Reading Again

I was browsing through my pictures in my laptop because I need to transfer them all before my laptop totally crashes down. Better late than sorry because it's already showing signs and symptoms that. 

I guess this is the advantage of this COVID19, to reflect on ourselves and maybe think of the things that we should do like futures plans and some stuff that we've already forgotten to do. Please don't get me wrong. I am not happy that there is corona virus all over the world. I wish and pray that it would be gone soon and all of us are going to be back to our normal lives again. But for now, let us make the most out of it. Let us cooperate to our government in order to eradicate this virus and to avoid further spread.

Anyways, since I am just at home these days, I am able to do the things I can't do when I was super busy like browsing my photos here in my laptop and of course writing on my blog. 

One of the things that I love doing that I wasn't doing anymore was reading books. So I felt kinda sad that these books were just sitting in my room. I think haven't read some of them yet. I still got other books that are not in the photo that I haven't read yet. So I hope I would be able to read them while I have enough time.

I believe reading is important in order for us to learn new things. Knowledge is power as they say. 

Mar 16, 2020

First and Last Boodlefight in Saudi Arabia

As far as I can remember, this was the very first party I have attended with workmates in Saudi Arabia. This was around January 2015. I was staying for about 6 months at that time. So I was that new there and I was starting to meet new people. That's why this was one of the most memorable events during my stay in the Kingdom. 

I was still slim at that time. Hahaha! Most of the Filipino gatherings here are about eating which I believe that's one of the reason why I gained a lot of weight after 4 years of working in KSA. We enjoy eating together with our close friends or co-workers.

Of course we love to take pictures. I have saved a lot of memorable pictures of the different places in Riyadh KSA, with workmates and of course with close friends. They are really priceless for me since they have been part of my life. 

By the way, during the boodlefight we ate grilled seafoods like squids, bangus and tilapia. We also had grilled eggplants. The food was really great with matching soy sauce dip and off course rice.

If you would notice, the quality of the pictures were kind of not so good since this was already 5 years ago.  

Mar 2, 2020


'Alukon' or 'Hambaba-o' in Tagalog is a common Ilocano food. It is usually cooked as 'pinakbet' or mixed with other veggies like in 'dinengdeng' or in 'monggo.' It is my favorite food and it excites me everytime a relative brings a bag of 'alukon' for us. To my surprise, our uncle brought a lot of 'alukon' when he came to Manila. So we immediately cooked some of it the same day our uncle brought it. 

These are the flowers of the 'Alukon' tree. For some they don't look attractive but they are delicious and nutritious. I barely see 'alukon' here in Manila but in our province, they are everywhere. But they are hard to pick that sometimes the branches of the 'alukon' tree had to be cut down in order to pick its flowers. Because this tree is usually high.

I cooked 'buridibod' that night and we partnered it with lechon, which was a leftover that we kept in the freezer. It was so good that I ate a lot. Ilocanos love to eat veggies.

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