Apr 28, 2012

Mexican Lunch at Clark, Pampanga

Well if you read my blog, it's not already new to you that we always go to Clark, Pampanga to eat in a Mexican Restaurant which is the Iguana's.

Yes, we never got sick and tired eating here almost every month especially their quesadillas, salsa, jalapeños and their margarita.

Para maiba naman, we tried their Chicken Mexicana. I love their mexican rice and beans except for the chicken 'coz it's not that tender but the barbecue sauce is delicious.

Apr 27, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Nike Multicourt Shoes for Women

I have joined a volleyball league this summer and I was a bit excited about it since the teams who will be joining will be representing the different universities in the Philippines. Our team we'll be representing UST (University of Santo Tomas). I'm very excited to wear a UST replica jersey =). I mentioned about this to Paul and he is also excited so he bought me a pair of rubber shoes from the Nike Outlet store located at NLEX Shell Station. We don't really buy Nike shoes from it's original price. We usually wait for a sale to get a discounted price or better yet go to an outlet store. The shoes was at %30 discount Its original price is P2895 ($67) and Paul got it for only P1995 ($46) and he saved almost P1000 ($23). Not bad, right? And how did I know it? He didn't removed the price tag. Hahaha!!! I think this is a good volleyball shoes since it says Multicourt shoes and I really love the design and color. By the way, it is a size 6 but my feet fits well in it. I think it only has a half inch allowance and I was surprised since I have a very small feet. Anyways, at least it's not too big for my feet and I'm sure it will be very comfortable to wear.

Apr 25, 2012

Worldless Wednesday: Smile!

Apr 23, 2012

NODT: Blue and Yellow Stripes

I only do a little nail art once in a blue moon. I'm not that creative when it comes to that matter but when I'm in the mood, I'm able to come up with a simple design. Thanks to nail art bloggers coz I'm able to get ideas from them.

I used Sassy in yellow with nail art brush and San San in warm blue. I had the Sassy for almost a year now and it's my first time to use it. Stupid me, I bought it in Watson without reading the label so when I opened it at home, I was surprised to see that it has a thin brush. That's when I realized it's for nail art. LOL... I also bought a green one which I'll use in the future if I have the time again.

Taaddaaaa!!! Here's the outcome. It's a little bit messy but I'm glad it's only minimal. Maybe I'm learning now to apply the nail polish. Before, it was super duper messy. Hope you liked it! =)

Apr 22, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Denim Shorts

Last Wednesday, I went to Ortigas with my friend and dropped by at Edsa Central Mall. I was amazed to see that there are some clothes that are really cheap so I decided to buy one even if it was out of my plan. I saw a stall that sells pants and shorts for only 100 pesos each so it was really a great deal but you really have to be patient in finding the nice piece. I was glad I did find this denim shorts.

Cheese Sticks with a Twist

One fine afternoon, I was craving for cheese sticks but I don't want to buy from the vendor near house because it doesn't taste good and I can't even taste the cheese in it. So I decided to make my own version so I can enjoy my merienda. I put cheddar cheese and added some jalapeños, then wrapped them. It's very easy and I bet everyone can do this. LOL... I mixed mayonnaise and ketchup for the dip and it's ready! I really enjoyed it that I forgot my diet.I will surely cook it again and share with my friends. =)

Apr 20, 2012

Weekend Cookout

Before the Holy Week started, Paul and I decided to cook pizza. I finally figured out how to use our oven so I might be trying to bake cupcakes, muffins, etc. in the future if time permits. Hehe... The pizza was really overloaded with lots of toppings and of course, I added some jalapeños. We paired it with red wine. It was really good. =)

New Zealand

Traveling the world is one of my dreams, it's something that gives me a different kind of fulfillment and one of those places I wanna visit is New Zealand. I heard a lot of good things about this country especially its breathtaking sceneries. I'm a nature lover so I would definitely enjoy my stay here when the time comes I would be able to afford to go here. Anyways, I would probably get a new zealand car hire to be able to go around different places and to save energy and time from walking. I'm sure one day isn't enough to see all the beautiful places of New Zealand. Oh boy, how I wish my dream would come true.

Apr 18, 2012

Playing with His Favorite Toy

He looks very happy while playing and I was even able to get a good shot of him. He's so cute in this picture so I had to share this on my blog. =)

Night Swimming with Friends on Holy Week

One of my friends celebrated her birthday during Holy Week. The swimming party was really "biglaan" so I was thankful I was free that time. Of course, I used my Kodak underwater camera again. But too bad it doesn't have a good resolution in the dark.

With the birthday celebrant. "Ang lapad na ng katawan ko." LOL

Doing this jumpshot wasn't easy at all. We had to do this a couple of times to get a nice shot. "Ang sakit sa ilong!"

The younger ones played around the pool but my friend and I just preferred to swim and take pictures of them. Everyone was really enjoying.

They also did pyramid building. They attempted a lot of times to build a nice pyramid. I wasn't that good photographer yet so I wasn't able to get a good shot.

My underwater shot.

The resort was just near our village so it wasn't really a big hassle on going there and since it wasn't planned. 

Apr 13, 2012

Scuba Diving

It's really a dream for me to try scuba diving. I want to see the world underneath the water. I want to see different types and colors of fishes, the colorful corals, and other creatures just like what you can see on the video. Scuba diving is a fun and exciting activity for me though it's kinda pricey. We almost tried it last year but Paul was still scared.

Apr 6, 2012

Car Insurance

Car napping is rampant in the city nowadays and you’ll never if you’ll be the next victim especially when you have a brand new car. I know that most people bought their cars with their own sweat and money. They’ve been working hard just to afford a nice and comfortable car for their own convenience. A vehicle insurance would somehow help you if this incident happens to you. But make it sure to choose the right insurance company that would suit what you want and need. We really have to take care our priced possessions after all; we don’t want to work hard for nothing, right?

Apr 5, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Swimsuit from Divisoria

Would you believe it if I say I only spent more or less 100 pesos on my swimming outfit? Yes it's true it's just that I can't remember exactly how it cost; I think the tankini costs around 50 pesos and the boyleg bikini is around 30 pesos (just an estimate). I got them from Divisoria when we had some shopping there. It wasn't really a pair, I just chose these two and paired them. Patience is really needed in order to find cheap and good finds inside the 168 mall. My friend and I were both lucky to see a stall that has sale items. I guess those items were not sold or... reject?? 'coz some have damages and some have tags. 

But who cares? At least we found good stuffs there. I bought around 5 items there which cost more than 200 pesos only. It was really cheap. I loved my swimsuit and worn them twice already. I feel comfortable with it since I love boyleg swimswear and besides, it hides my flabby tummy except my back with bilbil. LOL

Apr 4, 2012

Pacific Waves Resort

We planned to go to Mt. Batulao but we changed our mind because we know that we would just suffer from heavy traffic so we just decided to go swimming. Since it was "biglaan," we just searched the internet for a resort located in Bulacan, somewhere that's near our place to avoid any traffic. Paul was the one who chose the resort. So we hit on the road and we were both excited to swim since the weather was very hot. 

It was our first time to reach this far in Bulacan. It was somewhere in Norzagaray. We love exploring new places so we really enjoyed the ride. It took us more or less than an hour to reach the place.

The resort has their own version of Eiffel Tower. It's where they do the rappelling. Unfortunately, we were kinda' disappointed by the flock of people swimming in the pool though it was already expected since it's already summer. It was crowded already and Paul was a bit "maarte." We already paid for the entrance and we were lucky that they allowed us to refund our money.

So we decided to just go to Pacific Waves Resorts since it was very near our place and we've already seen the resort before, it's located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. 

We arrived at the place at 5pm already so we had a night swimming and it was raining a bit. There were 2 swimming pools here 1 for adults (5ft.) and the other one are for kids (3 ft.). Both pools are medium sized and we were glad that there only few people there. The place was clean and it has a nice ambiance.

Swimming time! I was excited to use my Kodak underwater camera. Paul was a bit paranoid when I dipped it in the water. We were both glad that nothing happened. It was working fine and I really love my new gadget. =)

Enjoying the splash of the fountain. Having an underwater camera is really a good investment if you love swimming just like me. Too bad my camera got scratches 'coz it fell on the rocky part of the part. Paul wasn't able to grab it when I handed it to him. It was our first time to use the camera. At least it was just scratches and nothing worse happened.

We drank beer and margarita after swimming. The resort have a mini restaurant. 

We enjoyed eating their pizza. It was really yummy and cheesy. =)

I got really tired and I fell asleep right away when I got inside the car. I just woke up when we arrived at our house. By the way, all of the pictures taken here were courtesy of my Kodak C123 12MP Waterproof Digital Camera. Just in case you want to see the quality of the pictures.

Is Electronic Cigarette a Good Alternative for Smokers?

Most people know that cigarette smoking is not good for their health but why are they still smoking? I guess that’s how addictive it is. According to most smokers, it’s difficult to quit smoking easily. They will undergo a long process like the withdrawal syndrome. An electronic cigarettes has been invented to have a safer and lesser risk to smoking. It has the same sensation and nicotine sometimes with flavorings but the difference is the smoke is vaporized. To some people, this is a good alternative for quitting smoking but there are health organizations who oppose it since it still contains nicotine. What do you think?

Apr 3, 2012


Last week, my friend and I went job hunting. We also dropped by at POEA to check out some job openings for us. In the back of my mind, I'm still torn between choosing my profession or just pursue a business. We all know that nurses are having hard times on finding a job in our country especially when you don't have a backer or "kakilala" in hospitals. I'm not getting any younger anymore so I need to decide which is which. Somehow there's still a part of me who wants to pursue my career as a nurse. I wanted to start a business but something's holding me back. I feel incomplete if I didn't pursue my nursing career but luck is very tough for me in our country. I need some clinical experience before I can go abroad. But I'm still hoping and praying for a miracle.

Afterwards, we went to find something to drink since it was very hot that day. We craved for a milk tea and this is what we found in Robinson's Galleria. Obviously milk tea drinks are everywhere and I'm lovin' it since I'm a milk tea addict. LOL

Just a piece of advice for those who are planning to take BS Nursing. If you don't really like it especially when your family or friends just convinced you then think twice. But if you really want it then go for it. Follow what your heart desires. Do not think about how much a nurse would earn abroad. Before that happens, a nurse would undergo a very long process. Lots of trainings, volunteer/clinical experience before they can go abroad. Hindi lang sa nursing ang pera. If you are really good in what you are doing then I believe that you can achieve your goals.

In my case, what made me decide to take up nursing is that it can be a good pre-med course but unfortunately, tinamad na akong mag-aral. Hahaha! My bad! I should've pursued medicine. I'm now a doctor sana. =(


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