Nov 5, 2013


Here I go again! I'm always a confused girl, who doesn't know where to go and which to choose. If I'm not mistaken, I''ve already blogged about this matter and I'm blogging about this again. Hahaha!

There are many factors why I can't decide on which path to choose. First, my family. It's difficult when they wanted something for me that I'm not really interested in doing. Secondly, peer pressure (LOL) but it's true. One of my friend wants me to join her to work again with our profession but that's when I decided to switch to a new profession which I think I will really enjoy and love doing. Thirdly, I'm just insane. PERIOD!

It's never to late to take a new path, right? I know in a few years, I would turn 30 but it's just now that I've realized what I really want for myself. Something that I've decided all by myself without other people's influence nor advice.

We only live once and I want to do what makes me happy. I want to know what's my purpose and I want to make my life worth living and meaningful. I hope everything will be okay. I trust everything to our dear Lord!

Jun 26, 2013

Outfit: Romper Dress

I just simply love this pair of dress. I called it romper dress because it's like a combination of a romper and a dress.LOL I feel comfortable wearing it. I'm still thinking about on where to wear this. Do you have any idea?

By the way this dress is given by Pink City Shoppe. Hope you can also visit the store. They've got affordable and fashionable items. They also sell in wholesale which I think you can save a lot.

Jun 25, 2013

My Simple Birthday Celebration

Last June 12, I celebrated my 28th birthday without my family. My mother and siblings are all working abroad, and my father passed away just last year. So I wanted to keep it simple. Good thing my someone special is with me and he even cooked a special dish for me. The spicy chicken. I don't what's the name of the dish 'coz he didn't tell me. But it was really delicious and spicy. Hahaha!

Too bad, I got a minor burn while I was preparing the foods. It was a bit painful but I was thankful it wasn't that serious. It really turned reddish. This made my birthday somehow memorable. LOL

Jun 5, 2013

Nursing Week 2012

This is another late post. Last year, during my training in the hospital, my batch was lucky enough to experience the celebration of the nursing week. On the last day of the said event, there was a pageant for staff nurses called "Mr. and Ms. Nursing." Of course, our group was very supportive on our candidates. We were there to cheer them. And I can say that we were the noisiest group among the crowd. Hahaha!

While our candidates were preparing for the pageant and us, preparing for the props, we had a lot of photo ops. As in a looottt!!! We used a vacant room while preparing so other people especially patients and their family won't see us and won't be disturbed. We were lucky that time because there was a vacant suite room. LOL... We even used the bed for photo op.

Pauso lang. Hahaha! Since I am small, I can fit into this small space.

 See, we even made our own banners. The materials are made of recycled materials except the colored cartolinas and balloons.LOL The boxes are from Kabiven (TPN Brand) and the sticks are I think borrowed from the mops. Hahaha!!!

Before the pageant begun, Rodjun Cruz did a special number. I didn't know that he's handsome pala. Most girls really should and got "kilig" when they saw her.

Our representative in our ward. Our group were really supportive that everytime they were on the stage we were cheering on them. Too bad, they didn't make it but at least we were happy and proud for them.

If I'm not mistaken the lady in the middle was Janine Tugonon, and the girl on the right was Empress Schuck. They were the judges. I wasn't paying attention when they're names are being called and my friends too so I couldn't confirm if that's really her.

We were lucky to have a picture with Empress Schuck. She was a bit near to where we were seated that's why we were able to approach her. 

This event was really fun even if both our candidates didn't win. But our escort made it to top five. So it wasn't bad at all. Having events like this in hospitals help nurses to take a little break from their busy duty days. Besides, all work is not good for every employee, right? Sometimes we need to relax and have some fun.

-October, 2012

Jun 3, 2013

Outfit: Boots vs. Slippers

This photo was really taken early last year. Since June is the start of rainy season, I decided to post this outfit even if it's too late. Better than never. Hehe...

We were on our way to Clark, Pampanga that time and we decided to stop over to refill gas from Lakeshore. Before leaving the gas station, we decided to explore the place and we saw this nice man made lake which is perfect for photo op. Hahaha! I wore slippers because they're comfy and my feet were relaxed.


I was wearing slippers while we were on our way to our destination but I changed it to boots when the evening came. I think boots are perfect for rainy and cold days. I really love boots. Too bad we don't have winter here in the Philippines. But when cold weather comes, I really do wear boots. They're very comfy and fashionable.

Top - Bazaar
Jeggings - Bazzar
Slippers - Birkenstock 
Boots - Payless

May 29, 2013

Our Little Angel


On April 7, 2013, our little angel was born. Everyone was really excited to see her especially my brother (yep! she's our brother's first baby =)). She's just a day old on that picture and I really wanted to kiss and cuddle her but the hospital didn't allow visitors to carry her except the mother. So what I did is to just stare at her while she was asleep.

Feb 1, 2013

Outfit: Semi-formal for the Seminar

We had only a minimal amount of time to prepare for the seminar to be organized by our group. Since I didn't have the time to buy clothes for our attire, I just tried to find some nice clothes to wear in my closet. Luckily, I found a nice skirt that has been hanging in my closet for almost a year now. I was thankful that I could wear it. You know, sometimes I become an impulsive buyer so that's the reason why I bought this skirt. LOL 

My outfit was semi-formal. I opted to wear skirt rather than wear slacks since it is too common and it was a good decision because I was the only one who wore a skirt. 

After the seminar, I changed my skirt to jeans so I could move comfortably around the hospital. It's a bit difficult to move around wearing a skirt especially when you're carrying a lot of stuff and you were always in a hurry, right? By the way, I borrowed the bouquet of flowers from our speaker for photo op. Hahaha!!! 

Blouse - Bazaar 
Skirt - Bazaar 
Jeans - Herbench 
Shoes - Figliarina

The Seminar

We were really glad that we almost had a celebration when we finished the seminar. It was a blast. It went well though there were some minor flaws but it happens unexpectedly. At least we can now breathe freely without the feeling of butterflies in our stomach...

Date: October 9, 2012

Jan 28, 2013

Different Hair Styles: Part of Moving On

I really love my long hair but you know sometimes I have to learn how to let go of my treasured "crowning glory" just to make me feel good and stronger... and to start anew. 

I used to have a long hair with a straight across bangs. This is my all time favorite hairdo. I just love my bangs. 

Then I got tired of maintaining my bangs so I had it side swept. But unexpectedly, crazy things happen in our life, right? So sometimes we had to do some crazy things just to make ourselves feel good just in a while so I decided to experiment with my hair. I think it's what most women do when they wanted to move on. 

I decided to have a Katie Holmes inspired hairdo. At that time, I didn't know why I wanted to cut my hair short. I just wanted to do it. I felt like it would help me feel better and would help in my moving on process. 

But it turned out to be Dora the Explorer. My co-trainings noticed it so most them called me Dora the Exploiter. Hahaha!!! But I loved my hairdo. 

Then I did some changes with my bangs. But when I was feeling down. Feeling stressed and depressed. There's this driving force inside of me that was telling me to have a new hairdo again. Maybe it's part of my moving on process... to feel good and look good. 

So I had my curls!!! Yes, this is my latest hairdo. And I really love it! Feeling Korean lang ang peg! Hahaha!!! I know this feeling I have right now is just temporary and I will surely just laugh about the crazy stuff I've done including my blog post about ehem... 

New hair... 
New life... 
New beginning... chos!!! 

How about you what crazy things did you do when you were moving on?

Jan 25, 2013

A Message to Someone

Sorry will never be enough especially when you intended to hurt someone..

Sure, you are forgiven but let's pretend as if we've never met each other...

At least somehow it could ease the pain you've caused me but it left a scar on my heart...

Jan 24, 2013

Bringing Back the Old Me

I'm such a hoarder, I bought 5 books in a day. Am really excited to read them all.
 I used to love reading books and for no reason (maybe it's because of my busy sked - not really sure), I didn't notice that I stopped doing this favorite hobby of mine. And now I realized that I should bring back my old habit. Reading books help a lot especially when in comes to knowledge and great ideas. 2012 wasn't really a great year for me. I've been through a lot of downs so I wanted to read inspirational books again to boost my self-esteem and confidence. I wanted to get up and be on track again... and erase those negative vibes in my life. 

Whoever had hurt me big time, I should forgive and forget them and start anew. I love this quote a lot. It's very short but meaningful. So instead of emoting, crying and thinking about how they've hurt me, I should work hard to be the best I can be. That way, it will help myself become the woman I don't expect I will be. 

Reading is indeed a priceless wealth... =)

Jan 10, 2013

New Found Friends

During my first few weeks in the hospital, I already met new people who would add some spice in my 4 month training. I didn't expect that I would meet more people in this place that would help me during my moving on/healing period. I didn't expect that my stay at NKTI would be fun and memorable eventhough we're toxic almost everyday.

Jan 6, 2013


Still asking myself why had I let SOMEONE hurt me big time? I know I had my fault but why does he had to abuse my weakness? Why does he had to do this to me when he already knew he will hurt me in the end? Did I hurt him, too? Or he just doesn't love me? Or he is just insensitive? But why did he played with my feelings when he knows he doesn't feel anything for me?

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