Sep 26, 2019

Finding The Right Aesthetic For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning a wedding, like anything, a nice aesthetic should be one of the main considerations you consider. Of course, even if you show up to your wedding in normal, comfortable clothes, without a big ceremony, or without a huge amount of pomp and circumstance, you will find that none of this actually matters provided the connection between you, your partner and your family is loving and whole. This is the most important thing.

That being said, it’s not truthful to ignore that many wish to design their best wedding, to enjoy a wonderful ceremony and keep in touch of how everything will go. It’s one of the most unique days of your life, so curating it a little can be a worthwhile and loving eventuality. But how do you find that right aesthetic for your wedding day? How on earth do you even begin to take inspiration for that? Is there a common theme, or a couple of simple tricks you can follow?

How might you progress from there?

With all this involved, you will likely find potential in the following:

Consider What You’d Like To Represent

What would you like to represent? Pure tradition? Fantastic. Would you like to perhaps wear a suit alongside your partner due to your same sex marriage? Also fantastic. Perhaps you’d like to go for a nautical theme because of coming from a long line of sailors, or maybe you and your partner are artists and wish to go for something just a little more bohemian than perhaps the couple next door might find appropriate.

It’s all up to you, but whatever you hope to go for, consider designing it ahead of time. Breaking convention without any good purpose can often just lead you into bad taste, and so while tradition is not always the default you may want to follow, it can serve as a nice baseline to help guide your unsure and disparate ideas right now. Remember, planning a wedding is a learning process. You needn’t have absolutely everything you know you would like achieved within the first week of planning. This is what this process is for, and why (hopefully) you have a good amount of time between accepting the engagement and actually standing in front of the person tasked with legitimizing your wedding.

Connecting To Your Roots

Perhaps you’d like to connect to your roots and give all of yourself through that process. To some, this can be an extremely freeing enterprise. If that sounds like you, it’s important to know what those roots might symbolize. Would you prefer to have a truly Jewish wedding adhering to all of the customs? How about a wedding ceremony from another culture, dressed in the attire that your ancestors once wore? Of course, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that you or your partner needs to share some connection to the culture you wish to represent when connecting to their roots.

While some feel cultural appropriation is a real issue and many others feel cultures complimenting and appreciating one another is a vital step towards world peace, going for a full Native American-themed wedding procession when no one in your entire wedding party and much less you share absolutely anything to do with this culture? It may not be illegal per se, but it can be in bad taste. That being said, paying respect to cultural roots can work well for some people, especially if they wish to acknowledge their family tree.

It’s More Than Just The Clothes

A wedding aesthetic isn’t just what you wear or how nicely you decorate the functional hall. It’s also in how you craft beautiful DIY wedding invites, or what language you use to invite someone to the wedding with. It’s in the music you select for your wedding entertainment, the seating plan you design for your wedding meal, or what you choose for your first song to dance to.

It’s also in what honeymoon you may wish to select, or what approach you wish to take to receiving wedding gifts in the first place from your attendees. All of this is much more than just the clothes. It’s how you craft the entire experience to your tastes and the tastes of your partner to help celebrate the coming together of two people. In that frame of mind, these efforts are truly beautiful and not a small amount of wholesome.

We hope that this advice can help you find the best result possible.

Sep 22, 2019

Blogging since 2007

I checked my past blog posts and the very first one that I've made was dated on September 25, 2007. Yep! I've been blogging for already 12 years. My blog has undergone a lot of things like countless blog theme/skin changes (hoping to keep the present one for a lifetime 'coz I love it so much) and URL changes. I've gone through different URL changes because there were times that I feel like it is not unique or corny. Then I've come up with, I think this is very me and so unique. I think I can also make it my brand name in the future if I wanted to start a business. What do you think?

I know I've been so inconsistent in posting stories on my blog. In fact, there's a lot of pictures  (especially old ones)  that I have kept in my laptop and cellphone which I'm planning to share in my blog but until now, to no avail, they are still stucked to where they are. But I will still share most of them on my blog sooner or later. I'm planning to be more consistent and to make time for my blog in spite of my busy schedule.

Why am I blogging?
My blog is like my online diary wherein I write about random things that I want to share to people. I love keeping memories with my family, friends, pets and the things I love doing. Sometimes when I feel down, I just browse my blog and read my past blog posts. It gives me a smile to my face 'coz it brings back memories.

Oh! It also gave me somehow a small income. This helps me maintain my domain name. Sometimes I use my earnings to buy stuff like make-up which sometimes I post reviews about.

To my readers (if I have any), blogging is really fun especially if you love writing. This is a wonderful therapy for me during my free time. 

Thanks for taking the time in reading my blog. 

Happy Blogging!!!

Sep 20, 2019

3 Ways to Buy a Used Car

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence 

Buying a used car is a good way to save money and still get a car in great condition. While some used cars have a bad reputation, the reality is that, after a quick check over by a qualified mechanic, most used cars are just as safe and reliable as their new counterparts.

So how can you find the right used car for you and where should you buy?

Buying at Auction

Car auctions are brilliant for bagging a deal and presenting a wide range of different used cars too. For example, the auto auction near van buren often has a catalog packed with great cars for auction and you can go and view all the cars before the bidding starts too, to get a feel for what you might like. 

However, it is worth keeping a few bidding tips in mind before you start. Firstly, you must set a budget and stick to it. This is really important because it is easy to get caught up in the moment while bidding and blow way past your budget, landing you in a mess when you’re expected to pay up. You must also try to stay calm. Don’t give your position away to other bidders - maintain your best poker face throughout. 

Buying from a Used Car Dealer

A used car dealer is often a good idea if you have a particular kind of car in mind or you need some advice to cover all your needs. So, if you’re struggling to decide between a hatchback or coupe, they will be able to help! Used car dealers often know where to source cars and use their network to find the perfect one for you. 

Because used car dealers are running a business, they are much less likely to want to rip you off. However, you should still ask a trusted mechanic to take a look at any car you are hoping to buy to make sure that the price is reasonable and the car will run properly. If you are still feeling nervous, your mechanic will probably be able to recommend a used car dealer to you. 

Buying from a Friend

If your friend is selling their car and you’ve got your eye on it, you could definitely make a deal. But please be cautious. While your friend might have the best intentions, you should still make sure that the car is in good condition and is worth the money they are asking. Money can quickly become problematic between friends so if you think buying their car might cause an issue, it’s better to back out now. 

If you do decide to go ahead, make sure that you fill out all the legal paperwork to prove purchase and your new ownership. This is really important because however much you trust your friend, cars cost a lot of money and you need to make sure that you have the rights to it in place. 

Buying a used car is a good way to get the wheels you need without spending a fortune but whatever you do, always get the car checked by a mechanic and make sure that the legal stuff is taken care of. 

Foodie: The Lost Bread's 2 Brewed Black Thai Tea with Booky App

A friend of mine had discovered a new app which is Booky, wherein you can see different promos and offers of foods, services and other stuffs. We love this app since we love to eat. We love theirvBuy 1 Take 1 deals. So we immediately checked which offers they have and we saw that The Lost Bread is a member of Book app. 

We tried their Brewed Black Thai Tea which is 2 for P 144 and we didn't have any regret trying this new flavor. It is not so sweet and I loved the taste. Me and my friend only paid P72 each which is really a good price especially for students. This is our second time to buy here in The Lost Bread.

You can download this app on your Android or iOS phone:


Foodie: The Lost Bread's Haw Haw Ice Cream

This new flavor of The Lost Bread brings so much childhood memories as this is one of my favorite candy when I was a kid. Until now, I buy a pack everytime I have cravings. For me, there's no "umay" factor in eating this candy and I couldn't stop eating until I finish them all.

Introducing: Haw Haw Ice Cream from The Lost Bread. It really indeed tastes like the real Haw Haw candy but it's an ice cream. I enjoyed eating my cup of ice cream and I feel like I wanted to buy another one. I think I will keep coming back to this store because of their Haw Haw ice cream. I think they also have other delicious flavors of ice creams and shakes. I will definitely try them.

I chose the cup and my friends opted to have the cone. They have the same price so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

We bought them in Robinson's Galleria Manila branch and here are their other branches:
  • Ayala Malls Cloverleaf
  • Ayala Malls Feliz
  • Evia Lifestyle Center
  • Festival Mall
  • Glorietta 4
  • Robinsons Galleria Ortigas
  • SM Bacoor
  • SM Dasma
  • SM East Ortigas
  • SM Fairview
  • SM Megamall
  • SM North Edsa
  • Southwoods Mall
  • Maginhawa Street
You can also visit their website for more details: The Lost Bread

Sep 5, 2019

Foodie: Tokyo Tokyo Beef and Tomato Ramen

This is something new from Tokyo Tokyo so I gave it a try. This new flavor of ramen is just okay for me. But what I like about it is that it is a little bit spicy since I love spicy foods. I ordered the regular one with a side dish and red iced tea. 

What made me enjoy my late lunch was eating with my new found friends. We had so much laughter at that time because we shared funny moments and jokes which made most of us laugh most of the time.

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