Aug 7, 2008

Problem with My Schedule

I've been busy this past few days and I had hard times adjusting with my new schedule. You know, I have to work 10 pm to 6 am in the hospital and I hate it 'coz I work for free. And after at least 5 hours of sleep, I have to work with my online job. And after that, I have to take a little rest and prepare for my work in the hospital again.

At first, I really had hard times to manage this and I even wasn't able to work with my online job during my first few weeks. It's really hard to work at night especially when you are used to sleep with this time.

Sometimes, I wanna give up with this kind of routine but sayang... if I would give up one of my work because I both love them.

I'm working hard on my online job right now, so I could afford to get a maid so there would be someone to prepare my meal and clean our house. You know, it's really difficult when your companions at home are all boys. They don't know how to cook and clean the house.

Oh well... If you got nobody to ask for help at home, you will really gonna surrender even if you don't want to, your body will...

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