Jun 30, 2014

NOTD: Pink Polka Dots


It's been a while since I last did my nails. Whether nail art, plain nail polish or just a simple cleaning. My mind is very busy with a lot of things like work, working abroad, career, love life, etc. So that made me lazy posting on my blog lately. But I don't want to have a very dramatic life forever. So slowly, I'm trying to move on and recover; be the person I used to be. I'm trying to be strong and pray to God that everything's going to be alright. I hope He will guide me in my decisions and to the people I will meet in the future.

I hate dramas. LOL So I'll try my best to post about happy stuff here in my blog. ;)

Jun 16, 2014

My 29th Birthday

Last June 12, I celebrated my 29th birthday. This time no eating at fancy restaurant nor blowing a cake. We simply went to Manaoag for me to offer thanksgiving for the blessings that I've received lately. Actually, I don't really celebrate my birthday extravagantly so I'm used to it. LOL 

The weather was gloomy that time. Mt. Arayat was cloudy. It was raining that time. It was like there's storm coming. 

Raindrops. Finally, we arrived at Pangasinan. 

Before attending the mass, we headed first to have my sister and BIL's new car for blessing. We waited for a couple of minutes. A lot of people were there too for blessing of their cars. 

Afterwards, we offered prayers for the soul, prayer for the sick, thanksgiving, etc. Then we went to the church to attend the mass. 

Before leaving,  light candles and did my petition prayer.

I may not have a fancy birthday this year, the blessings I have received is enough for me. I know there are more things/surprises for me this year and I am looking forward on it. I am really happy right now though my life is not perfect. As they say, learn to count your blessing than complaining on the things you can't have. :)

Jun 11, 2014

My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

My former dentist already advised me to have my wisdom teeth removed. But being the stubborn me, I didn't listen to her and voila! My dooms day came. Last April, my right wisdom tooth started to become painful and I can't tolerate it. I became a bit dependent to pain medication so I decided to see a dentist. I researched the internet for a dentist who is good/reputable and doesn't charge that much. Thankfully, I found a dentist who got a lot of raves over the internet especially in forums. So without thinking twice, I called their clinic and I was thankful I got to talk to him right away and gave me his schedule for me to have a check-up.

During my check-up I told Doc Uy (the dentist) about my concern so I had Panoramic X-ray right away for him to have a view on my wisdom tooth. Afterwards, he explained to me that I need to have it pulled and I will undergo a minor surgery. I know I have no choice and since I already knew about this (as what my first dentist advised me), I told him to have my left wisdom tooth to be removed also. He asked me, "Are you sure?" Of course, I said yes even if I'm scared with injections and the pain.

I decided to have both of my wisdom teeth removed so I would experience the pain just once and for me to spend less for the medications and for me to undergo with the recovery period (which is 1 week) just once. LOL Since it was already aching, Doc Uy told me to take antibiotics first because undergoing the surgery because it might have infection. Also, both of my wisdom teeth have already dental caries especially the right one. Ewww!

This is the panoramic x-ray of my teeth. Here, you can see my wisdom teeth encircled in red. (Sorry for the picture, I tried my best to get a clearer picture but I failed)

On the day of my surgery, I was really nervous especially when I arrived at the clinic. My level of anxiety became high and I could feel my heart beating so fast. I got more scared when I saw Doc Uy getting prepared and he was wearing a gown. I'm really scared to undergo any type of surgery. As if I'm not a nurse. Hahaha! I'm scared because I know I will be injected with anesthesia (not just once but a lot of times), there will be incision on the site and it will be sutured.

My my name was called and I got seated on the dental chair, I just thought to myself that everything's going to be fine after this and at least I'll get rid of my two decayed teeth. The surgery took about more or less 2 hours. During the surgery, I closed my eyes most of the times so I wouldn't see what was going on. I felt very comfortable with Doc Uy because he was explaining everything that he was doing and I felt like a little child on how he treated me that time. He was very nice actually. I didn't feel the pain all throughout the surgery except with my first two dose of anesthesia and my whole mouth was really numb. When the surgery finished, I was relieved but I knew this is the beginning of my agony. Doc Uy gave me my last dose of anesthesia before leaving the clinic so I wouldn't feel the pain while I was traveling back home. He even asked me if I want to keep my teeth as a souvenir and I gave him a thumbs up respond since I couldn't talk that time.

My wisdom teeth, I really kept it as a remembrance. LOL. Sorry, it looks gross so I made it blurry and in black and white. 

When the anesthesia was starting to wear off, I could feel the pain. I had difficulty in swallowing but I had to eat so I can take my antibiotics. I was on a soft diet for one week and Doc Uy gave me post-op instructions. The first two days after the surgery was really painful so I was on bed rest.

My swollen face. This was the day after the surgery. 

I spent around 8000 pesos ($186) for the surgery and 1000 pesos ($23)  for the medications so it was a good decision for me to have both of my wisdom teeth pulled. LOL It was costly but I was really satisfied with Doc Uy and his price was fair enough compared to other dentists that I've inquired to. And since I like their service, I had my pasta (filling), root canal and crown done here this time with Doc Sarah. She is also nice and approachable like Doc Uy.

April 11, 2014

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