Sep 25, 2010

Gold as an Investment

My mom loves to buy jewelries and she loves to wear the expensive ones. I guess she wants to make it as her investment because someday those precious jewelries will have an undeniable value.

So I suggested that she might as well try to purchase silver, gold or other kind of metals and coins since she can put it in storage if ever she’s afraid that it might get robbed. There are a lot of banks or depository to keep your treasured investments into.

If you want to design your own jewelry, you can also buy it in bullion. Owning gold or silver is really a preservation of wealth and this has been practiced since the ancient times that sometimes it’s a status symbol.

I think this is the best time to buy silver or gold since there is a big demand for silver and more people are fascinated with it that’s why the annual production exceeds every year.

Women love accessories such as jewelries made of gold or silver. You can also get benefits from it as an investment so when you buy silver ingots or gold, it would be worth your money.

Sep 19, 2010

Freebie from Smartbro

I went to Smart Center today to pay my Smartbro bill. The cashier advised me to renew my subscription since it was more than 2 years already. The reason for the renewal is that they're giving freebies to Smartbro subscribers when they reach their 2 years contract. That means I will get another freebie by 2012.

I chose portable hard drive because it will be useful for my work. I'll be able to back up my files from my desktop just in case it will need a reboot. I can also use it if I'm going to work on my laptop.

Sep 17, 2010

A Day Off From Virtual World

I took a day off yesterday to get rid of my busy schedule with work and review. I went to Subic yesterday with a friend to enjoy the heat of the sun. While on my way to Subic, I was enjoying the beauty of the sky and clouds. Everytime I see these clouds, I imagine cotton candies. LOL

I went to the beach but unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures since I can't leave my valuable things on the cottage. The water was so clean that I saw many fishes swimming with me. Good thing I brought my goggles.

Before leaving the beach, I decided to pick up some sort of acorns (It's not really acorns but they look almost like acorns). Yes! I saw small acorns on the sand. They're so cute that I can't help but get some of them. I'm thinking of using them as a decoration for Christmas.
Before going home, we decided to go to Clark to eat dinner on our favorite Mexican resto - Zapata's. They have the best margarita. I love drinking their frozen margarita. It's my favorite margarita. Of course, I love their Burritos and Quesadillas with salsa and jalapeƱos on the side. You'll gonna enjoy eating at Zapata's. They have the best authentic Mexican food.

Taking a vacation on my busy schedule is really a good escape from stress in a little while. It relaxes my mind and body. I hope I could go back to the beach to relax and chase fishes again.

Sep 15, 2010

Congratulations to FEU Cheering Squad 2010

I would like to congratulate FEU Cheering Squad for winning the First Runner-up in the Cheer Dance Competition. They had a wonderful and great routine. They are very flexible. I love their costume. It's cute and very oriental.

Congratulations to the Champion - UP! And of course, UST on the 2nd Runner-up position.

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