Mar 28, 2012

Self Defense

For the past few months, I've noticed that most of the headlines in news are about children, students, and women being abused, raped, or worse; get killed. This is quite alarming on my part since I am also a woman. Sometimes, I get scared to go out alone because of the following incidence. I once remembered my cousin told me to always bring a pepper spray with me or if I can afford, to own a stun gun. At least I can somehow defend myself when I'm in trouble. It's still better to be prepared because we will never know when this criminals attack us.

Weight Problems

For the past few years, I've been battling with myself on losing weight. I really missed my old body. I used to have a flat tummy and small arms. I can say that I had a healthy body before, not too flabby but not too thin. I've been trying different types of diet and workouts but I guess they wouldn't work if I'm not doing it religiously and I don't have eagerness in achieving my goal. Sometimes I wanted to try supplements like Evogen Evp and go back to the gym in order to have my nice shaped arms and abs. I really missed going to the beach without any worries on what kind of swimsuit to wear. Now, I have to use coverups to hide my big tummy and arms. I guess I should work hard on this to help myself lose weight and be fit. =)

Mar 27, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I would like to thank Bechay for giving me this lovely blog award. I haven't received one for a very long time already that's why I'm so glad to about it. 

Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers who has less than 200 followers. When you are given an award, you have to say some facts about yourself so that your followers will have an idea of the real you.

Here's a little something about me:

1. I am unpredictable. 

2. It's my dream to travel the world (how I wish).

3. I am adventurous.

4. I love sports especially volleyball, taekwondo, and swimming.

5. My favorite color is pink.

6. Shoes are my weakness. =)

7. I'm an animal lover.

8. I love eating that's why I have gained weight since 2010.

9. I'm a fan of anything classic, vintage, old school or whatever you call them especially music. 

10. Still confused on whether to pursue my profession or not anymore. It sucks to be a nurse here in the Philippines especially when you don't have backer, relative or kakilala in any hospitals. C'mon! Be fair!

I want to share it to my randomly selected followers. Just ignore it if you already received this award. =)

Mish Rendon of LBD & Onesies

Abhie F. of The Grace Catcher

Happy blogging ^_^

Mar 24, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Blue Maxi Dress

Since summer is already here, I'm so excited to wear this lovely dress for our getaway. I bought this from the mall near our village for only P129. That store sells affordable and fashionable clothes for men and women. The cloth was thin but I don't mind since I'm planning to wear it on the beach with my swimsuit underneath. =)

Mar 21, 2012

Pinked: Hello Kitty Suzuki Celerio

I saw this cute little car while we were on our way to Clark, Pampanga. I can say that it's really an eye turner. I wish I could own carros like that. It's really a dream come true for me to own a pink car. I don't know why but I'm very attracted to pink cars especially when it's small and compact. I'm really drooling to see cute small cars in noticias automotivas and I'm wishful thinking to be able to afford one someday. I'm still looking forward on having my own old school pink Volkswagen beetle. I know it sounds impossible since I have other priorities but we can ever tell, right?

Mar 15, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Wedge Shoes from

Have you heard about I saw this Chinese online store from other bloggers and I read some good reviews about it. Out of curiosity, I browsed their website and I found a lot of stylish and fashionable clothes and shoes. They got good items and they are really cheap. I decided to purchase a pair of sandals to check their product. I tried to Google their website and saw a lot of negative feedback which made me paranoid since I already placed my order. I was glad I didn't have a terrible experience with them and I'm planning to order again from them.

This is the picture from their website. This is only $6.76 which is really cheap.

I'm so happy and satisfied with my order. It looks exactly as what can be seen on the picture from their website.

Another thing I like about them is that they have a size 34 or 4.5 so it really fits on my small feet.

Their shipping fee is a bit pricey for me which is around $13 (via Depex). The shipping fee is more expensive than the item I bought. Well I guess that's because they're based in China. I'm looking forward to try their other products like blouses, dresses, and accessories. But for now, I've a lot of pretty shoe designs that I'd like to buy. I hope I wouldn't get addicted with online shopping. I need to save, save and save.

Mar 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Am I Pretty?

Mar 13, 2012

Stop Cruelty to Animals

If you can't treat your pets right then better not own one!

Chic&Cheap: Wet n Wild Red Velvet

: I wasn't really that confident in wearing red lipstick I feel like it doesn't suit me but with some encouragement from my friends, I finally gave in. One day, I went alone to the mall to unwind. I always do this everytime I feel burned out from my stressful work. I was doing window shopping in a department store when I suddenly thought of looking for a red lipstick. I'm not that good in choosing a good brand since I'm not really brand conscious type of person. I first went to ELF section since it's my favorite make-up brand but I haven't found a nice shade. Then I went to Wet n Wild and luckily, I found two nice shades of red lipstick.

Since I can't decide on which shade to choose, I asked the very nice and attentive salesgirl on which is nice for my complexion and according to her it's the 910D Red Velvet. I loved it and it's very affordable for me at only P299.

When I got home, I was so excited to try my new lippie. ^_^ Feel na feel ko talaga and everytime I go out, I use this shade. Red lipstick is very addicting pala.

PS: I will label my blog posts with Chic&Cheap for anything fashion and beauty finds that are affordable, cheap, or on sale but with fair to good quality. I've been wanting to make blog posts about this but it's just now that I had the confidence to do it. =)

Mar 12, 2012

Starbucks in a Bottle

Maybe some of you already know this but it's my first time to see bottled Starbucks coffee. Saw them when we were strolling around Puregold Clark. I was amazed so we bought 2 bottles at around $1.40 each. Too bad they are not being sold in supermarkets/groceries in our place. =( 

I chose the Mocha flavor and Paul opted for the Vanilla. I thought the Vanilla one will be too sweet but I was wrong. The sweetness was just right that's perfect for my tongue. I am not a huge fan of sweets. 

Mar 10, 2012

Spot the Difference

I bought some fishes from the grocery when I found out that there was this small fish that didn't belong to the group. So cute. =)

Mar 8, 2012

Homemade Nachos

I made Nachos for our merienda yesterday. Instead of ground beef, I've put canned tuna to lessen the time of preparation. Of course, I added some jalapeƱos to put some kick on my recipe. I'm glad people in the house enjoyed my nacho. =)

Mar 6, 2012

A Date at the Red Crab

Paul and I had a dinner date at The Red Crab in Timog. I was craving for seafoods that night so the moment we saw this restaurant, we didn't think twice.

The got a nice ambiance inside the resto. We chose to sit on their couch because I have the habit of slouching while waiting for our orders.  We were facing this part of the resto so I was able to take a shot of it. On the upper part of the wall it has the lyrics of the song "Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong" written.

Crab shaped plate.

 Photo op before eating. =)

Finally, our food arrived on the table. We only ordered one dish since we both know that we cannot eat all of them. And we were right, we're not able to finish the whole crab. We ordered 'schezuan crab.' I was very much satisfied with their service and they are really nice. One of the waiters even offered himself to take a picture of us when he saw us having a hard time holding the camera for taking a shot.

Mar 1, 2012

Bechay's First Giveaway Contest

Bechay is having a her first giveaway. The mechanics are very easy and anybody can join.

Here are the items she will be be giving away:

If you want to join, please visit her blog for the instructions on how to join - Straight from Bechay

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