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A wife's Online Abode A wife’s place on the web where she can talk about home and family, love and marriage, personal tales and experiences, current life and world events, her wife-hood journey and the ups and downs of her married life.
Blogger's Notes Blogger's Notes is an online personal diary that records my offline and online activities. It records my blogging journey and everything that I've learned along the way. It holds and shares my (no longer) secrets and anything about me that I feel like worth-sharing.
Canadian Doomer's Blog What will YOU do when oil is $300/barrel? Preparing for a resource-scarce world - emergency preparation, food storage, self-sufficiency, simple living and more!
Candy Colored Glasses Motherhood with a touch of flair and a splash of spunk.
ceemee's cazzapoeia Ceemee's Cazzapoeia is my online constellation where I chronicle the stars - God, family, interests, hobbies and poetry - of my life as a Christian daughter, friend, wife, and mommy.
Celebrity Diary Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up
Chromatic Note Notes of our lives
Chuchie's Hideaway A place online where I can rant and share my thoughts, views and unbiased opinions. Basically, it serves as the online refuge of my thoughts. Also, it's where I share personal experiences and worth sharing happenings of my life.
Dadedidodu Daddy blog
Describe Her Lifestyle Blog
Draide's Travel Adventures Draide's travel adventures around the globe.
Eileen's Cooking Adventure A food blog that chronicles my cooking and eating adventures and misadventures.
First Time Mom A blog documenting the journey of a first time mom.
Flairs and Flares TV land, wonders and wanders, what's on-stage, girly stuff, heavenly food, fun and positivity, Filipino pride. A blog on anything that adds flair and flare to life! :)
From wala to okay A basic mommy blog from nothing into something...
Fun and Entertainment It is all about fun and entertainment offline and online. It talks about movies, TV shows, and dramas I've watched, music I've listened to, books I've read, online and offline games I've played and memes and survey's I've participated. From time to time, it talks about some of my personal fun and entertaining experiences.
Handy Reviews Handy reviews on everything that matters
Happy Thoughts happy thoughts, happy tot
Itsberyllicious Eat. Love. Travel- A gastronomic journal of food adventures and stories.
Mei Chagas A personal blog of a simple girl who has big dreams in life. online diary of my travel, food trip, motherhood and anything under the sun
Mommy Diary Not your average mommy's diary
Morning Raindrops Morning Raindrops is a Mayya's blog, stay-at-home mom based in Indonesia shared her knowledge about motherhood, breastfeeding, family life, gardening, design and especially blogging. She desires to change her status from stay-at-home mom become work-at-home-mom and she has dream that her struggle can be an inspiration for other moms.
Pagaspas Family Blog A Family blog detailing our adventures,misadventures peppered in with the challenges of Autism
Promo Pilipinas Promo in the Philippines.
Sissy's Pastime Virtual Pastime
Sweet LifeStream a blog of a housewife with 2 kids that tackles about her experiences as a stay-at-home mom especially to her special little one,
Sweety Paula Personal journal
The Average Jane The Average Jane blog is anything and everything under the sun that I feel people might find interesting.
The Purplecious Life A blog that focuses on personality development and personal growth. I also want to impart spiritual inspirations through this blog.
The Three Chies It's a blog about the three sisters - Chie, Cheem and Cheep that is authored by the eldest Chie. It records the sad and memories of the three sisters. Apart from the sisters' stories, it as well talk about beauty, health, shopping and any other girly stuffs.
Travel Yums A Perfect Combination of Travel Stories & Yummy Foodies
WAHM sa Pinas work at home mom in the philippines
Whims and Craze This blog is a fashion slash shopping (and I may add) slash beauty blog of a capricious woman but definitely "not too" impulsive shopper. Being one whose WHIMS and CRAZE for all things expensive and beautiful is unfathomable (although I can't afford), it is just write to create a corner on the web where I can pour my heart out. Thus this blog came to life.

It's All About Life beauty, make up, fashion, and more
Blogaholic Mom I blog
Hawaiian Cruise Your online resource to hawaiian cruises
Maid of Honor Dress Your online guide to choosing your maid of honor dress
Pink Spree personal journal
What's Hot Manila Everything that's hot in Manila
American Idol American idol guide
Zykies personal journal
That's Life personal journal
Geca's Realm Revelations from the everlasting sunrise of a woman's cosmic mind. Confused? Me, too! Not to mention the random views, I write about my gorgeous and loving son and a little about thought-provoking personal events. But I write mostly about anything that inspires or makes me happy, life improvement, defining happiness and believing in the principles of The Secret.
RandomThoughts! of Gil Camporazo Gil Camporazo's personal blog on lifestyles, news and commentaries on various subjects and topics, worth-emulating works and of general interests.
Life Unexpected by BigHotMomma A blogsite intented for my personal musings about life, love, photography, food and places. My personal takes on music, movies and social media news. Sharing some insights about what is new and what is the buzz.
Green Eggs & Moms Green Eggs & Moms is a parenting blog that serves up practical parenting tips and fresh family news. All these are here to guide you while you navigate through the crazy but fulfilling world of parenthood.
These and Those These and Those is a blog about anything, about life in general. From a mom's point of view, this blog tackles about almost anything under the sun.
Hands Full of Life Hands Full of Life is a blog about family and parenting. A mom's hands are always full and moms never go out of things to do. So this is where I can share about my family.
Hey Lady Spring This is a journal of life and happy things.

Simply Me - Travel... Food... Lifestyle... Entertainment... Technology... Blog

The Harassed Mom and Her Food Journey - Quick kitchen recipes for the harassed mom

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