Oct 24, 2007

i miss them so much

I miss all of my students at Easy Academy so much. They're so cute and fun to be with. I wish I could see these kids again. I'm so happy that I've met them. If I could only visit them all in Korea.. hehe... I hope so...

My sweetest student JIM. He is very cute and lovable. He's my most patient and polite student. He would always follow my instructions during our class.

Scrabble addict!!! Sometimes it pisses 'coz she always wanted to play scrabble and she gets sleepy when we start our class. But she's funny though, By the way, her name is Jenny.

She's not actually my student but I substituted one of her teacher. She's very smart and friendly. I got attached to this student because she's very nice. She's also a fashionista. She's tall and beautiful... as you can see her on her pic. She's Jessica...

She's Katie and she loves to talk about her bestfriend and at the same her crush. But unfortunately, she wasn't able to study for last 3 days. She got allergies all over her body. I wasn't able to say goodbye to her. I hope she will not forget me.

I would never forget this student. Her name is Jewel. She's so "pasaway."
It's very hard to please her. Buti na lang she's cute. If she doesn't want to study, she will not. I have to think for a strategy to catch her attention. She's very naughty but a very smart student. She can talk in English fluently. She's sweet... She would give me a snack during our class with matching surprise... Hehe... She even gave me a goodbye letter when she was leaving.

Oct 23, 2007

do you really have to be HOOOOTTTTT?????

Do you really have to be HOT in order to be noticed by guys? The first time I went to a bar I've noticed that most girls are dressed in sexy clothes, most of them are wearing short shorts or mini skirts. Some are wearing tank tops (I can already see their nipples with my naked eye). I even saw a girl dancing with a guy, she's wearing a spaghetti strap blouse with her cleavage out, she didn't it if her boobs are popping out her blouse. And yeah... the guy was touching her boobs but the girl didn't mind it. She just enjoyed dancing.

Then it came to my mind, is this really happening??? Well... It was my first time in a bar that time, so I had no idea about those things. But I thought to myself... ?Do you really have to be HOT so that cute guys will notice you?

Oct 22, 2007


I just bumped with my former suitor just last Wednesday and my gosh... I remember the times when he was courting me... Well... that was justt the past... and I have a boyfriend now. Sure... my boyfriend will get jealous the moment he knew that we saw each other... but hey!!! It was just accidental... Nobody's fault...Aight??!!!

But I was thinking to my self that time... what if he was boyfriend??? Will I be happier???

Oct 15, 2007

My Honey Got Sick

My boyfriend got a fever for three days. Even if he was sick, he still went in our house. I got alarmed when his fever was burning hot. He said that his head is aching and he can't bear it anymore. He told me to bring him to the hospital. But I had no money that time. My brother didn't even lent me a money and he didn't even want us to drive him to the hospital. I called his mom to inform her about my boyfriend's condition but it was already late night and she was in her sister's house that time.

I had no choice but to take a cab to East Avenue Hospital. We had decided to pick his mom up first before going to the Hospital. But on our way to the hospital, his fever went down. But we had to make sure if he's okay so we still headed to the hospital. The doctor just gave him a request for laboratory test for urinalysis and cbc. He was also given a prescription. He was given antibiotic which is ciprofloxacin; and paracetamol. The doctor advised us to come back by Monday but his mom was already worrying...

We got home at about 2 in the morning and we were all very tired. My boyfriend got a little fever. We were thinking if he had already a dengue fever or just a UTI.

It was almost lunch time when we woke up. We had to take him to the laboratory for his urinalysis and cbc. We took him to Medical City clinic which was located in SM Fairview. We had to wait for an hour for his Laboratory Results.

Thank God he didn't have Dengue or UTI but he had a viral infection. The doctor advised him to take Gatorade with ORS as many as he can in one day. They had to anticipate his WBC level. It was normal but it wasn't that high. So our goal for him was to make is WBC level go up. He had to go back to the Clinic for has CBC on Monday to check his WBC leve.

I hope his platelet level will increase so that he will be okay and he will not come back to the clinic anymore.

Oct 13, 2007

Bling Blings are In!!!

More and more women are now wearing bling bling necklaces, so I though to myself why not buy myself one. Besides, I like bling blings, too. They're so cute... and they're. I feel like I'm gangsta... Ya dig!!!

skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are sooo hooootttttttttttttt.... I just can't resist to wear one.

happy 7th monthsary to you HONEY

it's our 7th monthsary with my boyfriend...

i hope our relationship will last forever...

i love him so much...

Oct 10, 2007

i like paula deanda's fashion styles

i like watching these videos of paula deanda... her fashion styles really make sense.

luv these songs so muccchhhh...

i luv her videos...

i luv her fasion styles...

go girl!!!

i visited my beloved alma mater

I just visited my school to get my diploma. But I have to return tomorrow to claim it. I still have to get my alumni card and my Transcript of Records for my NCLEX. I still have to get a certification from our Dean... it is one of the requirements for NCLEX...

How I miss my Alma Mater so much. I can still remember those days when I was just a student... so busy doing all the stuffs like reviewing for the exams and quizzes, preparing for the role play, waiting for my classmates for our duty, meeting for our group activity, and etc... We used to hang around to what we call Pavilion, it was where we do our assignments and other stuffs...

When I saw the students in my school... doing their assignments, I just smiled. I thought to myself... I used to be like them...

When I sat in the Pavilion, the students on my table were discussing about their role play... they were also practicing their lines... I remember our days when we were also doing our role play... We even laughed during our practice and make fun with our roles. We even said to ourselves that we were not just nursing students but we were also mass communication students at the same time we ended up calling our course as Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Major in Theater Arts... because we always had our role playing may it be a minor or major subject.

I wish I could go back to my college days... but I have to fulfill my career as a nurse... so after that recalling my college days thing, I went straight to the Administration to process my diploma. But unfortunately, I had to return tomorrow.

Oct 8, 2007

factors that causes stress to kids

These are the factors that aggravates to stress. I hope this would be able to help the parents.

1. Parent having problems.
2. Fight with a friend or a sibling.
3. Taking a test.
4. Wondering if someone thinks you're attractive (teens especially).
5. Not having enough privacy.
6. Birth of a brother or sister.
7. Moving to a new school.
8. Re/marriage of a parent.
9. Not having enough money.
10. A teacher who doesn't like you.

The best way to keep stress away is to have a balanced life. You should make a time for your kids for them to feel that they are special. Prepare them their favorite meal during weekends. Go out with them like going to the mall for shopping or going to a movie house to watch their favorite movie. Treat them like your friend so that they could open up with you what stresses them most so you could give them advises especially about school. In this way, you could prevent any further problem that your child might experience.

Oct 7, 2007

congratulations to pacquiao

I wanted to congratulated Manny "PACMAN" Paquiao for winning the fight with Marco Antonio Barrera. The Filipino people are very proud of you especially the attitude that you showed in front of many people during your fight. The Filipino people are united again...

Philippines is a stressful country, with so many problems that Filipino people face each day, they were able to forget it and set them aside for just one day to watch Pacquiao's battle with Barrera. It's funny to say but even the snatchers and holduppers stop searching for their victims and they watch Pacquiaos fight. Yes, it's true because it is reported in the news during his last game that there is 0% crime rate during his game. I'm not sure if it's still 0% (I wasn't able to watch the news today... sorry)

Pacquiao deserves to win. He is really a winner in every Filipino's heart...

Congratulations to you...

Oct 6, 2007

sorry guys

Well, you've noticed that my blog's topic is not related to my blog's title. I've been busy these past few days. But when I have the time I will post topics that are related to stress. But somehow my topics has relation to stress, right? Because I'm so stressed these days.

I'm really sorry. I hope you would still visit my site even if I'm just a newbie.

so many numbers in my mind...

I've been thinking a lot these past few days... and I hate to think about it.... It's all because of the money. Well... I hate having problems especially when the root cause is money... Money is just money. But I need cash to get my license in Nursing. I also need cash for my Red Cross (I need to pay at least 1,500 bucks in order to join that) and I need cash to pay my debts.

I just received my salary tonight. Instead of receiving 3,500 bucks as the usual amount, I only got 2,800 because of the two-day Korean Holiday. I didn't even have a bonus because I had a late. I really pity myself. How am I going to get my license? How am I going to join the Red Cross? And how am I going to pay my debts.

Im broke...

Oct 5, 2007

extend for work

Well, my boss ask me if I could extend my work until November 15. (I already filed a resignation and informed him that I would be working until November 8. ) I feel like I wanted to accept my boss' offer. I still wanted to stay in his company. Actually, I'm thining that what if I would just extend my contract until December. I wanted to save money because I still don't have any savings until now. I'm only earning P7,000 a month and that's a very small amount. I have to pay my debts and sometimes I spend for my boyfriend because he's still studying. Whew!!! It's really a very tough decision to make, because I have to apply as a nurse. I have to start my clinical experience so that I could complete my 2 years experience and so that I could apply abroad as a nurse (preferrably in California because my Aunt and her family lives there.)

Oct 4, 2007

mah cat

I feel relaxed when I arrive at home and see my cat. I feel like my feeling of tiredness has been relieved. Having a pet is really rewarding especially when I arrive at home from school and my brain is really drained because of the traffic and long hour that I've been traveling just to get home. Whenever I see my cat I just hug him. I really feel happy to have a pet like him even if sometimes he's a being a very naughty cat. He's cute right? I've got a lot of pictures of him. I always take a picture of him because I find him cute eventhough I'm not really sure about his breed. His a very photogenic cat. I will post some cute pictures of him so could you could see how cut he is.... hehe

Oct 3, 2007


Yesterday, we had our oath taking ceremony at Araneta Coliseum. I am now a registered nurse... Yeah I feel great when I hear that... But I feel bad about our oath taking ceremony. It wasn't that organized. We didn't which entrance door are we going to enter.

I admit that I was late yesterday... But damn! It was so traffic... Starting from our place until Cubao... It was also difficult to find a parking space.

Oct 1, 2007

an alternative insurance

Stress, stress, and stress... All you think about is stress when it comes to paying bills. You would always think about the comfort in paying your bills. There are some unexpected situation that you really have to spend. Like when someone is hospitalized in your family. Of course, you really have to spend a cash in order to restore the health of your loved one or to prevent any further health problem.

There are lots of car insurance nowadays, even educational plans or may it be life insurance. People are now aware that there are different health insurances that they may choose from. I think that

can be an alternative insurance. I just visited this site and I think they've got a great offer when it comes to medical, dental, vision and others. I think they are also offering great discounts.

I am really thinking of having a health insurance because who knows when we are going to need it. Only our health can say. As long as we still have the budget for it, why not try to get one. Wacha think, guys?





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